Malco® Automotive Launches EPIC® Hydrosheet™+ Ceramic Wash & Wax with Graphene

Malco® Automotive Launches EPIC® Hydrosheet™+ Ceramic Wash & Wax with Graphene
Advanced Formula Washes Away Contaminants, Speeds the Drying Process, and Adds Short- Term Protection

Barberton, OH—Today, Malco® Products, Inc. announced the introduction of EPIC® Hydrosheet™+ Ceramic Wash & Wax with Graphene to the Malco Automotive line of professional detailing products. This high-performance car wash removes dirt, grime, and soil, while advanced drying agents reduce the vehicle's surface tension and promote water sheeting during the rinse process, leaving a spot-free finish. The addition of Silicone wax and SiO2 sealants enhanced with graphene improve finish durability and provide ceramic-like properties by creating a hydrophobic barrier on the vehicle's surface.

"As part of our EPIC® Paint Correction and Protection product portfolio, EPIC Hydrosheet+ Ceramic Wash & Wax with Graphene provides customers with the perfect wash product to maintain a ceramic-coated vehicle. Ceramic coating is the most advanced protective coating offered for the automotive aftermarket and produces the "wet" look many luxury car owners desire," said Mike Goldstein, Malco Product Manager. "But to maintain that "wet" look, car owners need a wash product that enhances the hydrophobic properties of the coating. EPIC Hydrosheet+ is the answer."

EPIC Hydrosheet+ Ceramic Wash & Wax with Graphene is part of the EPIC® Ceramic Coating System which includes surface preparation products, EPIC® Pro Ceramic Coating, and EPIC® CR2 Hydro Protect spray. When used together, EPIC Hydrosheet+ and EPIC CR2 will boost the life of the ceramic coating and ensure the car owner gets the longest possible life out of the ceramic coating. EPIC Hydrosheet+ delivers up to 60 days of added SiO2 and graphene-enhanced hydrophobic protection on coated vehicles and up to 30 days of hydrophobic protection on uncoated vehicles. EPIC Hydrosheet+ Ceramic Wash & Wax with Graphene is available in 32 oz. and 1-gallon sizes.

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