Biocide Systems Triumphs in Chloride Dioxide Technology Patent Infringement Lawsuit

The automotive industry disruptor will share more details at the 2022 SEMA show, November 1-4 in Booth #54165

LOS ANGELES, CA –NOVEMBER 3, 2022-- California-based SMM Distributors LLC and SMM Manufacturing Inc., which operate as Biocide Systems™, today announced that it has prevailed in an infringement fight with PureLine Treatment Systems LLC. The fight was over patents on a method to generate chlorine dioxide gas (ClO2). Biocide Systems serves the automotive, janitorial supply, hospitality, and lodging industries with deodorizing eco-friendly solutions using CIO2.

PureLine sued in May 2020, claiming that one of SMM's products, Room Shocker, infringed the two patents, which are directed to a simple and safe way to create a high yield of chlorine dioxide gas, according to the opinion. In its suit, PureLine said chlorine dioxide can be used to disinfect drinking water and clear airborne odors. Its products are used worldwide for water treatment, according to the suit. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez granted summary judgment of noninfringement to California-based SMM Distributors LLC and SMM Manufacturing Inc., which operate as Biocide Systems. The judge agreed with SMM that its products are not "blended" as the PureLine patents require, and so they cannot infringe.

According to Edward A. Pennington of Smith Gambrell & Russell LLP, who represents SMM, the ruling was a welcome development. "It is very satisfying to see a smaller 'David' defendant prevail against a larger 'Goliath' plaintiff," Pennington said. "Credit goes to SMM for sticking with their defense and refusing to take a license on a patent they didn't infringe."

Biocide Systems ClO2 Products such as Auto Shocker™ Room Shocker™, RV Shocker™, and Marine Shocker™ are widely accepted as the new "green” and very effective method of successfully eliminating severe odors.
During the lawsuit Biocide Systems continued its expansion and brought on invaluable clients in the Automotive and RV channels with their Bio-Shocker™ line of branded ClO2-based products. Valuable retail giants and distributors, as well as clients in the automotive industry and RV channels that now sell Biocide System’s branded ClO2-based product include Amazon, Home Depot, Keystone Automotive, Weisser Distributing, Matco Tools, ESI,, Duluth Trading Company, and most recently, Walmart.

"It is sad to see the number of great companies with important products and hardworking employees that end up failing as they do not have the resources to fight these types of legal challenges. Fortunately, we were the first to market, are the most recognized brand in the chlorine dioxide gas space, and continue to grow. As an industry disruptor, this has simply made us even stronger. In fact, we just signed a deal for distribution with a major retail chain,” said Biocide Systems™ CEO/co-founder, Juan Carlos.

“We were not overly concerned and felt we would triumph because our Chlorine Dioxide delivery system technology is known to be far superior to anything on the market. We are also very fortunate to have a stellar legal team in Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP, headed up by the senior lead council and partner Ed Pennington and Associate Sean T.C. Phelan", said Spencer Blua, Biocide Systems C.F.O.

Biocide Systems is now quickly expanding with other retail giants and distributors.

Biocide Systems™ co-founders Juan Carlos Baselli and Spencer Blua will be available to discuss the lawsuit as well as their product, Auto Shocker™ the safest and most effective product currently on the market for removing offensive smells from vehicles, during the 2022 SEMA Show, November 1-4, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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