Tar & Sap Remover

Tar & Sap Remover

Powerful solvent-based formula targets tar, sap, and asphalt with ease

Griot’s Garage® Tar & Sap Remover is a professional grade, powerful solvent blend formulated to remove stubborn road tar, grease, and tree-sap safely and easily from exterior vehicle surfaces. Excellent for rocker panels, wheels, door jambs, wheel wells, and more. Simply spray on a dry affected panel, allow to dwell, and wipe away. Specially blended solvents quickly dissolve oil-based contaminants and melts them for quick, residue-free wipe off. Safe and effective on clear coat, most plastics, and chrome.

Features and Benefits

•Quickly removes tar, sap, grease, and asphalt from exterior automotive surfaces
•Safe for use on paint, clearcoat, chrome, and most plastics
•Dries completely, leaving no residues, stains, or discoloration

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