The Engaged Media Auto Group Brings New Omni-Media Capabilities to SEMA 2021

For Immediate Release Nov. 2, 2021 | Media Contact: Kevin LaTorre |

Las Vegas, NV — After experimenting with live events, event streams and digital offerings throughout the pandemic, Engaged Media brings its auto group (Street Trucks, Diesel World and TREAD) to SEMA 2021 to showcase its new capabilities for its peers and clients.
“We had 246% event sales growth year-over year,” said CEO Emil Reister, “and the year-over-year traffic on the websites is up 100% going into 2022. Coming out of the pandemic, we wanted to provide more for our audience.”
Engaged Media now reaches over 2 million consistent viewers with robust social media, video capabilities and event streams, in addition to the print magazines the company has long mastered for thousands more. The three editors attending SEMA this week led the company's evolution: Adam Blattenberg at Diesel World; Chris Hamilton at Street Trucks; and Kelly Nomura at TREAD. The editors, along with Reister, are happy to comment on the company’s new omni-media philosophy at Booth 23097 in the Central Hall throughout SEMA.
Blattenberg thanks the disruptions of COVID-19 for spurring the digital growth: “When everyone was locked down,” he says, “no one could see anything. The event streams were necessary in 2020, and for the future, they’re a good addition. They help more people see the events, and they keep our enthusiasts enthused.”
Hamilton adds that Engaged Media had needed outside-the-box digital coverage for a while. “Times have changed,” he says. He means the customers, not just the technologies. “Now their attention is quicker, with things like social media. We had to document the industry in new ways, to hit the younger, fast-moving audiences digitally.” Street Trucks (like the other Engaged auto brands) gears its social media and event stream coverage toward what the viewers like: “The camera is their buddy, the even stream is just like hanging out with your buddy,” says Hamilton.
All three brands in the Auto Group will bring large monitors putting their websites, social media profiles and SEMA event streams on display for anyone passing by. “The main goal is to show people what we can do now,” says Reister.
According to Kelly Nomura, this evidence of the magazine’s digital future is overdue. “We’re handing out TREAD issues but also our digital offerings,” Nomura says. “In the past we just had magazines. It doesn’t represent our video work, website and social media, everything we’ve done to become more than a magazine.”

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