Aero AIR Can Sprayer

Aero AIR Can Sprayer

Pressurized canister transforms liquids into a convenient aerosol for effortless dispensing.

Griot’s Garage Aero AIR Can Sprayer is a rechargeable, slim, precision machined aluminum canister
which comfortably fits in your hand for effortless dispensing of a wide range of Griot’s Garage formulas. Finely crafted, this electroplated sprayer shares the same form as a common aerosol can, transforming traditional trigger dispensed formulas into a conveniently applied fine mist or stream spray. With a quick charge from your air compressor, this aerosol sprayer delivers most Griot’s Garage non-corrosive, water-based and solvent-based thin-viscosity products. Fill with our spray waxes & detailers, Window Cleaner, and more! The sprayer bottom is shielded with a silicone-rubber boot to prevent marring on delicate surfaces.

Features and Benefits
•Lightweight aircraft spun aluminum canister
•Rechargeable through Schrader valve via your air compressor
•Electroplated inside and out for chemical & corrosion resistance
•Pressure range 80-116 psi
•Pressure release valve prevents overcharge
•Silicone bottom boot protects surfaces
•Compatible with water & solvent based liquids
•7-ounce capacity

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