UPPF Celebrates the Grand Opening of Their Houston Texas Headquarters

UPPF has now announced that the Houston headquarters is officially established. This is a significant milestone in UPPF's mission which is to develop innovative concepts for high-performance Paint Protection Film.

UPPF is a leading global supplier of vehicle Paint Protection Film products. This strategic investment will enable UPPF to enhance its global product and service offerings and provide customized services to its global customer base.

UPPF is a market leader in the Paint Protection Film industry in China's vehicle aftermarket. UPPF runs a world-class operation that specializes in high-end vehicle paint protection film research and development, production, and sales. Moreover, our facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art production equipment, patented technology, an automated production line, and follow rigorous quality assurance measures. All of these factors contribute to the production of a high-quality film that is consistent from roll to roll. UPPF products have been exported to more than 85 countries and regions worldwide. In China, we have over 1000 retail stores and over 2000 cooperative high-end car dealerships.

With increased demand for paint protection films worldwide, UPPF products are increasingly recognized as a high-performance film formulation for protecting paint from scratches, stone chipping, insect platters, and other exterior damages. The results and outcomes are clear; UPPF provides their customers with the peace-of-mind and confidence that their products will perform under difficult environmental conditions ensuring their long-term paint protection while maintaining the vehicle's original paint luster. UPPF is positioned to support the ever-changing PPF market as heightened awareness of the importance of having paint protection and its benefits grows worldwide.

After extensive research, UPPF selected Houston, TX as its global headquarters to better support and meet the needs of their partners and customers. Houston, TX provides them with one of the largest Ports in the world, International Airports, and access to a wide range of logistic/freight providers that will have a positive impact on their delivery times and ability to expedite critical shipments.

The shift in consumer preference towards keeping the finish of their vehicles intact, coupled with the rising awareness among them for ensuring proper maintenance of their vehicles, coupled with the growing industrial investments in the automotive sector, is expected to increase the demand for paint protection films worldwide.
“We will further immerse ourselves in the US local automotive industry, establishing new connections and discovering local resources and opportunities for recognition that can empower us in the automotive industry,” says Peter Peng, CEO of UPPF.

UPPF will continue to focus on the automotive industry, advancing their PPF products towards higher-end, smarter, and greener production. Additionally, UPPF aims to enhance its interaction with the global automotive market. We will also be reaching out and making contact with local automotive companies to engage in communication and exchange ideas and insights about the automotive industry.

Visit UPPF at the SEMA Show 2023. Booth Number #52229 at West Hall.

Global Headquarters: 1631 S Hwy 6 Bldg B Houston, TX 77077 USA
P: +1 (832) 786-3388 | F: +1 (832) 786-3113
Website: https://www.uppf.com/
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