ClearPro to Unveil UltraClear at SEMA Show 2023

ClearPro is a professional PPF (Paint Protection Film) brand serving the automotive industry. With the purpose of providing high-quality PPF products to its automotive distributors and vehicle owners, ClearPro will bring UltraClear, its featured product, to all automotive enthusiasts and will be present at this year’s SEMA Show 2023.

ClearPro has developed a special film formulation called Polyoptico™, which is a coating technology and non-yellowing optical TPU for their PPF product line to ensure enhanced clarity and high gloss, hence, where we came up with our brand slogan ‘Feel The New Clarity’. This allows ClearPro to offer a series of cutting-edge paint protection film products and solutions to its distributors, ensuring that they can find the product that best meets the needs of the customer.

Product Features:

  • UltraClear is a premium quality paint protection film known for its crystal-clear finish and, its super self-healing properties which help to maintain the vehicle’s original glossy shine finish.
  • UltraSatin is a satin paint protection film for exceptional stain resistance, and self-healing properties. Through a unique surface effect treatment, it has the same satin texture as the original car paint.
  • Cosmoblack is a self-healing, high-gloss, black paint protection film, consisting of black inorganic pigments which are similar to Vantablack and make it appear darker, brighter and deeper. It is the product of choice for high-end performance cars and high-end commercial vehicles.
  • Carbon Fiber Black is a high-performance, carbon fiber protection film. It has ultra-high brightness, hydrophobicity, self-healing, and the texture provides a 3D appearance. The actual effect is comparable to that of real carbon fiber.
  • Headlamp Protection Film (HP70) is a protective film made of TPU material applied to the outside of the headlights, which gives the headlights and taillights a customized appearance while preventing fragmentation, cracking, and aging.
  • Skylight Protection Film (SP70) is a thermal insulation protective film attached to the outside of the skylight glass. It has high infrared barrier, 99% UV barrier, high definition, high impact resistance, and self-healing performance.
  • Windshield Protection Film (WP90) is a protective film applied to the outside of the windshield. It has high clarity, 99% UV barrier, high transmittance, high impact resistance, and self-healing performance.

    ClearPro sincerely welcomes distributors and car owners to communicate and cooperate with us globally. You can find more information about ClearPro PPF products on its social media platforms.
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