Las Vegas, November 1st, 2022 – Scalar Performance, unveiled today the first all-electric amateur touring race car, the SCR1 at SEMA, the premier automotive specialty trade show.

Designed and built by tech entrepreneur, Brian Bourne, and car builder, Joel Fallaise, in collaboration with engineering partners Hypercraft and Ettractive, the SCR1 is the first club racing electric vehicle approved by the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) for road racing in their Super Touring Series.

“As an organization, NASA is constantly looking to evolve to provide the best amateur racing in the country. We are very excited to have worked with Scalar Performance to add the first all-electric touring race car to our Super Touring Series ensuring we continue innovating and attracting new drivers to motorsport,” said NASA Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Croiset.

The SCR1 has been engineered for motorsport to provide drivers with the same feeling of a midengine gas powered race car with similar weight distribution, while adding new technologies such as telemetry and driver data. The Hypercraft 800V powertrain provides an exhilarating 345 lb-ft of torque coming from its continuous 245kW (328hp equivalent) all-electric motor capable of a top speed of 165mph and 0-60mph in an estimated 3.9 seconds for the best driving experience. Though impressive, this car has been designed for lap times and not spec sheet numbers.

“Both Joel and myself are amateur racers, so it was natural for us to apply a user-centered design process in building the SCR1. We want a purist driving experience that requires minimal maintenance and allows the team to focus on course setup and driver development.” mentioned Brian Bourne, Scalar Performance co-founder.

The Scalar SCR1 comes equipped with Hypercraft’s industry leading battery management technology, which means the driver gets to enjoy every minute of racing possible out of the 65kWh battery pack,with a racing autonomy of 45 minutes and a recharge time of less than 20 minutes (Level 3 - 150kW). The power makes it to the ground via a Torsen limited slip differential and a bespoke suspension built by Öhlins specially tuned and developed for the SCR1.

Safety remains a top priority in the development of the SCR1, therefore this race car meets and exceeds FIA safety requirements. Industry leading thermal management and runaway prevention, make it one of the safest battery electric vehicles (BEV) ever built. The Lifeline fire suppression system with Novec 1230 integrated through the battery pack, is also another industry first included within the SCR1. An eight-point roll cage has been custom designed and built by VR3 Engineering for increased strength and rapid ingress/egress.

The first edition of the SCR1 will be limited to ten Founder Edition race cars ready to hit the track in summer 2023. For additional information and to become one of the first ten owners visit the website

SEMA 2022 attendees will be the first to see the SCR1 inside the SEMA Electrified section located in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center from November 1st to the 4th 2022.

Ownership Benefits
- First all-electric amateur touring race car
- Bespoke electric power train designed for racing
- Approved for competition in the NASA Super Touring Series
- Minimal scheduled maintenance (no engine, no transmission)
- Industry leading safety features
- Equipped with racing technologies such as advanced telemetry and driver data acquisition

Founders Limited Edition
- Unique opportunity to become a pioneer and define the future of EV racing
- Direct support from vehicle engineering team
- Secure over-the-air updates included
- No additional cost for hardware and/or software upgrades from Founder Limited Edition to Gen2 race car
- SCR1 Founder Limited Edition Plaque – “1 of 10 - Made for Your Name”
- Paint to sample roll cage

- Top Speed: 165mph / 267 kph
- Estimated 0-60 mph: 3.9s
- Power: 245kW continuous (328hp equivalent)
- Torque: 345 lb-ft
- Race Time: 45min +
- Recharge Time : < 20min (Level 3 - 150kW)
- Industry leading battery management, which means you get every minute of racing possible out of the 65kWh battery pack
- Curb Weight: 3,040 lbs
- Weight Distribution: similar to mid-engine race car
- Suspension: bespoke suspension developed by Öhlins
- Brakes: six piston front calipers and four piston rear calipers

- 800-volt Stealth EV motor by Hypercraft
- 65kWh custom battery pack specially designed for motorsport
- Level 2 and Level 3 DC fast charging capabilities
- Single Motor Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) configuration
- Ettractive 5.19:1 Gear Reduction with straight cut gears for added durability and sound
- Torsen (Torque Sensing) limited-slip differential

Safety Features
- Meets and exceeds FIA safety requirements (Appendix J, Section 18. Requirements for Electrically Powered Vehicles)
- Industry leading thermal management and runaway prevention, making it one of the safest battery electric vehicles (BEV) ever built
- Lifeline fire suppression system with Novec 1230 integrated through the battery pack, another industry first
- Eight-point VR3 Engineering roll cage, designed for increased strength and rapid ingress/egress
- Safecraft Racing FIA six-point safety harness, custom SFI safety racing net (windows) and tow strap

About Scalar Performance
Scalar Performance is a Canadian company specializing in the development of tools and technologies to support the evolution of club level racing as it enters the electric age of motor racing, from real time telemetry systems to a fully electric race car. We help club level drivers, race organizers and fans leverage technology. Scalar Performance is on a mission to modernize motorsports. To learn more visit

About National Auto Sport Association (NASA)
The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) was formed in 1991 to deliver high quality motorsports events to enthusiasts at major racing venues throughout the nation. NASA has created programs that allow owners of both racecars and high-performance street-driven vehicles to enjoy the full performance capabilities of their cars in a safe and controlled environment. NASA offers many different programs that will allow you to enjoy motorsports on a number of different levels, including our High Performance Driving Events (HPDE), Time Trial, and Road Racing programs. Visit the website

About Hypercraft
Hypercraft is the only EV industry supplier of complete, turn-key, electric powertrain systems built from new components and covered by a warranty. They also offer their in-house developed HyperPack™ — a platform agnostic, modular EV battery system available in capacities from 20–120 kWh. Hypercraft’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of EV technology by empowering manufacturers and builders with a complete electric powertrain solution. For more information visit

About Ettractive Inc.
Ettractive Inc. is a highly capable hardware and software development firm in Windsor Canada, minutes from Detroit. Ettractive handles full-vehicle integration projects including bespoke components and custom digital controllers, focused on solving complex problems for OEM, motorsport and commercial vehicle/fleet customers. Visit our website at

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