Griot's Garage: Nick Griot Named CEO

Griot’s Garage was started by placing flyers under windshields at Monterey Car Week back in 1989. Richard Griot asked people to fill out a postcard if they wanted to receive a catalog of automotive tools and the finest car care products. A catalog didn’t even exist to be sent out, but when the requests started to come in, Richard moved fast to create one. And as they say, “the rest is history”. That was over 33 years ago.

This year, Nick Griot has taken over as CEO of Griot’s Garage. Richard is not going anywhere, but the time had come after 32 years of dedicating his life into making Griot’s Garage the premier car-care brand of the world, to pass the baton. Richard will remain the biggest supporter, attend shows, be in videos, and help however Nick and the rest of the team need him. Nick will be leading Griot’s Garage into the next chapter and remain a family-owned business, which in this field, is a rarity.

As a youth, Nick had started “Best of Show Detailing” (yes, he ripped that trademark off of Richard) that would detail cars while the local club members golfed for the day. From there he was always working on or around cars. When he graduated college, he was encouraged to pave his own path. After 6 years working in the commercial real estate business, he went to Richard’s office and said “This is my passion, and I’m coming to work for Griot’s Garage.”

Over the last eight years, Nick has worked in all parts of the business to gain a deeper understanding in every aspect. He even went and obtained his Class A CDL license to hit the road to establish our national events program. He has done everything that had been asked. He has a unique and unmatchable passion for customers, cars, and the Griot’s Garage family of employees.

There won’t be a lot of difference from the outside; it’s always been about family, customers, and the best products that deserve the Griot’s name on them. We are excited to see Nick take Griot’s to the next chapter of success.

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