Smartop Platform truck bed cover launches at SEMA 2022

Big Country 4x4 (Pty) Ltd, based in Kempton Park, South Africa, is proud to announce the introduction to the US market of the Smartop Platform truck bed cover at SEMA Show ‘22. It is featured in the SEMA 2022 New Product Showcase and exhibiting in the North Hall Booth # 12523.

The US launch marks an evolution in the truck bed cover market by offering unmatched functionality and versatility and is the result of a 2-year R&D journey in South Africa at the Smartop factory in Pretoria, South Africa.

The design requirements demanded a bed cover that can open while loaded, does not require additional load bars to mount accessories, remained weatherproof and secure while being able to carry a 550lbs payload but also have a light product weight. The Smartop Platform truck bed cover ticks all the boxes.

The Smartop Platform is constructed from custom slotted aluminum extrusions, welded and sealed to create a weatherproof, loadable, hard cover platform. It boasts 17 x M8 T-slots on top and 4 x M8 T-slots below deck - effectively eliminating the need for load bars. Accessories can be bolted directly to the Smartop by using standard M8 hardware run in the T-slots. The variety of nesting configurations is virtually endless thanks to the novel patent pending deck extrusions that provide structural support as well as tie-down functionality.

The Smartop can also be opened while it is loaded with accessories - making it truly unique. With the relevant gas strut configuration, the Smartop can be opened with 250lbs payload, well-distributed across the deck. This novel feature sets it apart as the only loadable cover capable of this useful functionality.

The Smartop Platform does not use C-clamps for the bed sides. Instead, Smartop developed custom mounting chassis, anchor and locking brackets for each model vehicle. This ensures a consistent dynamic load rating and minimizes potential for truck bed damage at clamp points.
Smartop offers a growing list of accessories for direct bolt-on solutions but is truly versatile and can accommodate most roof rack accessories from various brands, allowing customers to continue using any accessory hardware they may already own.

Current offering includes current generation short bed Toyota Tundra & Tacoma, Ford Ranger and F150 and Jeep Gladiator. Ram, GMC and Chevrolet short bed trucks are planned for launch by Q1 2023 and Nissan Frontier and Titan by Q2 2023.

Installs in 45 minutes. Fully removable in 5 minutes with 2 people.
No-drill installation for most vehicles*
*RAM, Gladiator require limited number of holes drilled for plus-nut anchor points
Payload Capacity 550lbs (dynamic)
Midsize Short Bed version: 90 lbs.
½ Ton Short Bed version: 100 lbs.
Material: 6063 T6 Aluminum

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