Increase Electric Vehicle Range With the Roadkil 5000 by Gig Performance; Product Showcasing at 2022 SEMA Show

PROVO, Utah (Oct 31, 2022) — Gig Performance is bringing 100% green technology with their newest product named the Roadkil 5000 to the 55th annual SEMA trade show on Nov. 1-4, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gig Performance’s trade show booth #10219 will feature a regenerative power system. Attendees will have the opportunity to demo the product by imitating bumps in the road with their hands to power an LED display in the booth. Come power up the electric generator yourself to see how this technology can extend your vehicle’s range.

The Roadkil 5000 (name inspired by kilowatt, the electrical unit of measurement) directs energy to the electric motor and/or batteries in any vehicle—from semi truck to ATV—over any terrain to extend battery life. It provides greater performance in mileage and compliments the standard EV.

"Gig Performance is going to revolutionize how we capture lost energy in vehicles across America,” said CEO Brandon Barkdull. “Our product is helping EVs charge on the go so you can stay on the road longer. Range is the biggest obstacle to EV adoption—we're excited to help solve this issue with our technology."

Gig Performance’s patent-pending technology is easy to install and monitor. While the installation is different for every vehicle type, it works smoothly with each vehicle’s unique suspension system, attaching wherever it can hook in. Users can also connect as many units as there are axles.

The Roadkil 5000 captures lost energy within the suspension system and redirects it back into the battery, dramatically increasing energy efficiency. In addition to power generation, the device also functions as a dynamic shocking system. The electrical resistance in the generator has a damping effect similar to shock absorbers. This resistance lessens the impact on a vehicle's suspension, extending the life of those parts. This resistance lessens the impact on a vehicle's suspension, which extends the life of those parts.

"The Roadkil 5000 from GIG Performance helps keep vehicles powered, especially electric vehicles, without the need to recharge. The road beneath your wheels funnels energy to the batteries that increases your power on the move,” says Jon Woodward, President and Co-Founder.

The Roadkil 5000 will compete for the following awards at the 2022 SEMA Show:
● Engineered New Product
● Performance—Racing Product
● Off-Road/4-Wheel-Drive Product
● Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility Product
● Electric Vehicle Product

"Taking my industry experience of over 50 years in the EV industry and helping create the wiring and connections to power the Roadkill 5000 is exhilarating,” says Craig Cod, CTO. “It is an intricate system and process. This has been one of the greatest solutions of my career."
Come discover the revolutionary Roadkil 5000 technology at booth #10219 during the SEMA Show. Pre-orders and distribution options will be available.

For media or sales inquiries, contact Daria Jones at Access the media kit and learn more by visiting

About Gig Performance
At Gig Performance we are improving electric efficiency for the auto industry with the Roadkil 5000. Our patent-pending technology for fully electric and hybrid vehicles converts electricity to power the electric motor and recharge batteries on any vehicle over any terrain. ###

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