Two-Piece Connecting Rod Presented by Transcend Energy Group at 2022 SEMA Show

PROVO, Utah (Oct 31, 2022) — Transcend Energy Group is innovating the combustion engine. Their latest product, the Thunder Rod, will make its debut at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 1-4, 2022. The Thunder Rod is the first-ever two-piece connecting rod. The new secondary joint causes the piston to drop faster and farther at 90 degree crank angle, which increases dynamic compression by 25 to 30%. Additionally, our patented connecting rod creates more leverage to the crankshaft, increases torque, and eliminates piston rock.

In booth #10219 (alongside their sister company GIG Performance) the Transcend Energy team will present a cross section of a combustion engine—one side featuring the Thunder Rod and the other a standard factory rod. Come see how the Thunder Rod compares to the standard rod and why it is able to produce so much more power.

Transcend Energy Group inventor Jon Woodward has decades of experience in automobile product innovation. He designed the new technology for innovative automobile manufacturers who strive to maximize performance from their engines.

The Thunder Rod is the latest engine advancement that increases power without increasing engine size. The combustion engine has remained relatively the same in its basic mechanical function over the years. This all changes with the Thunder Rod. This technology will drastically improve performance in the engines of tomorrow, allowing for better vehicle design with minimal cost, giving racers an edge over their competition to land them a space on the podium.

"Transcend Energy Group's combustion engine technology is revolutionary from an environmental and performance perspective,” said Desa Story. “By altering only a small piece of the piston rod, it will make remarkable changes in the OEM, racing, and aftermarket industries that we serve.”

The Thunder Rod will compete for the following awards at the 2022 SEMA Show:
Engineered New Product
Performance—Racing Product
Off-Road/4-Wheel-Drive Product
Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility Product

“Combustion engines are due for an update and the future of electricity is further away than you think. We're here to improve on what we currently have to maximize efficiency for the foreseeable future,“ shares Jon Woodward, Co-Owner and President of Transcend Energy Group. “It is a dream come true after so many years of iterations to finally see the technology of the Thunder Rod come to life and make a powerful impact.”

Come discover the revolutionary Thunder Rod product at booth #10219 during the SEMA Show. Pre-orders and distribution options will be available.

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