Kindred Motorworks has selected MuxWiring Inc. to Provide Advanced Electric Features

October 28, 2022

Kindred Motorworks has selected MuxWiring Inc. to provide advanced electric features for their restorations of vintage vehicles starting in November 2022. Kindred Motorworks is working to deliver the highest end, meticulously restored vehicles, and their customers expect advanced, modern features updating their “old-school” cars.

MuxWiring has “Rapid Prototyping” devices that can be used for volume mass production fleet. This will allow Kindred Motorworks to rapidly test out new ideas and concepts minimizing development expense and time. The modules feature a RTOS ( Real Time Operating System ) and robust CAN network capability. Inputs and outputs can be configured rapidly for simple or complex operations. Additionally, MuxWiring modules have a robust diagnostic interface output and easily pairs with a tablet or laptop with easy-to-use UI for quick troubleshooting. This can also be used over WIFI for wireless use.

MuxWiring Inc. specializes in modern features like express power windows, self-cancelling turn signals and headlight off delays, as well as reading OBD and CAN bus from modern engines, preserving, and controlling “Old School Analog” gauges and indicators with precision and accuracy. MuxWiring modules are ultra-compact and use almost nonexistent battery current in sleep mode with advanced rapid wakeup on inputs. MuxWiring provides a distributive control system, where modules are placed close to items they control, reducing costly and messy wiring. Each module feature six high power PWM outputs and 7 inputs. Up to 21 modules can be used in a single car build, so a car could host a total of 126 high powered PWM outputs and 147 full range inputs. Any number of inputs can drive any number of outputs. The heart of multiplexing which gives you the ability to reduce wires and much more.

MuxWiring Inc. will be at the 2022 SEMA show in Las Vegas this November, Booth 22797. A rich array of real-world demo devices will be there for viewing and hands-on testing of many of the functions listed above.

About MuxWiring
MuxWiring Inc. was founded when Mostafa Kashi, CEO and President decided to build a Component based vehicle and was not happy with any of the wiring options on the market. Being an electrical engineer, he decided he could do better, so together with Steven Van Gent, Vice President, set out to make the best car control system on the market today. Together, Mostafa and Steven have a combined 50 years of electrical engineering experience. MuxWiring’s modules are designed to be able to solve whatever electrical problem a car builder needs solved, from one touch up-down power windows, air conditioner wiring, digital dashboards, one wire steering wheel controllers, digital to analog gauge drivers, and so much more. MuxWiring can solve all your “body control” needs!

MuxWiring’s specialty is business to business design and sales, we will gladly work with you to customize a solution for your needs, from as small as one module for a simple application to as much as wiring an entire car!

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