Award Winner KECO Returns to SEMA 2022

KECO Body Repair Products is returning to SEMA 2022 as the winner of the 2021 SEMA New Product of the year in collision & refinish. KECO’s Level 2 System grabbed the award last year and is now upgraded with a focus on EFFICIENCY. The L2E is a comprehensive piece of equipment, providing you with the ability to correct everything from large damage to door dings, and everything in-between. The L2E collision system creates an efficient work cell and is a result of multiple additions and enhancements working in unison for collision techs, shop owners and operators including:

• 150-piece array of KECO tabs organized from rough-out to finish in a foam shadow board
• Intermediate tabs added to allow more fluid metal movement between rough and finish tabs
• Rough-out tab selection modified to include multiples of key tabs to create more efficient metal flow on large damage such as rocker panels, quarter panels, and fenders
• New Centipedes with a new lateral-pull option added to aid in unlocking very large damage
• Longer 300mm version of TabTrax adaptor added to allow more fluid metal movement of multiple tabs on rockers, quarters, fenders, doors, etc.
• (2) new curved TabTrax adapters for use with curved tabs around fender wells and contours
• Addition of longer modular knockdowns for ease of use around bridge lifters
• 3rd-panel added to collision cart for additional tools and space for organization
• Z-Channel accessory platform added to organize key accessories such as glue gun, heat gun, thermometer, and glue sticks

These enhancements are a result of listening to our customers, watching how the system is used, and innovating components to help speed tool selection, and ultimately, the repair.

Additionally, KECO released an L2E Upgrade Kit allowing current Level 2 owners access to all the advanced functionality of the new L2E Collision System. The ability to upgrade a shop’s tool is not typical, but KECO delivered.

The use of Glue Pull Repair (GPR) in the collision repair industry has seen tremendous growth over the past couple years. Body shop owners and operators are seeing the multiple benefits of GPR when it comes to collision repair by doing less harm to autobody surfaces, protective coatings, insulation, sensors, and other critical features - ultimately increasing shop efficiency and profitability.

KECO’s GPR system facilitates a ‘Do No Harm’ mantra by minimizing collateral damage in the process of executing a repair with significant advantages over traditional collision repair techniques. GPR does not remove e-coatings or corrosion protection applied to the panel by vehicle manufacturers. As well, the use of larger tabs result in larger contact surface area and create less material distortion versus traditional welding.

Shrinking the size of the repair results in directly proportional savings in filler, primer, and paint. Leaving the paint intact and beginning to straighten the panel with glue tabs—while utilizing knock-down tools—reduces the repair area immediately. This allows a technician to move a lot of metal quickly, then chose smaller or different shaped tabs to make additional pulls, bringing the damage to a prep-for-paint faster - driving efficiency for any shop.

The KECO GPR system also meets the challenges of today’s newer cars such as EVs and those with Aluminum panels and components. Typically requiring specific welders and equipment, the GPR system is not phased and will repair less-forgiving aluminum substrates as well as steel. KECO GPR can also perform on EVs without powering down the vehicle in many cases, saving a shop time and money.

At KECO, we are dedicated to serving the automotive industry. GPR is our business, and our passion is making auto collision repairs more efficient. With over 60 years of manufacturing expertise, unrivaled post-purchase support, and in-house advanced training options, we ensure your success and stand by your pursuit of the highest quality repair for your customer.

Visit KECO at SEMA Booth #32227 or outside at Rig Space #84040 to try GPR and have all your questions answered about how your shop can implement the least invasive repair method.




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