American-Made Automotive Lifts Make an Appearance at SEMA

American-Made Automotive Lifts Make an Appearance at SEMA

Las Vega, Nevada. November 1, 2022 — The automotive world roars to life as SEMA bursts onto the Vegas Convention Center scene the first week of November. America’s premier automotive lift company, Advantage Lifts will feature its American made Backyard Buddy Lifts line at SEMA. Advantage Lifts, LLC, headquartered in Hanover, Pennsylvania offers the highest quality automotive lifts and accessories on the market.

Backyard Buddy Lifts are American-made and American-strong, manufactured and assembled in Warren, Ohio by American workers. Advantage Lifts brings commercial-grade automotive equipment to everyday enthusiasts, classic car collectors, and professional garages. Whether you want to double garage space by storing your classic cars on multiple levels, or want to work underneath your truck without straining your back, Advantage has a lift to meet your needs.

“Advantage and Backyard Buddy Lifts offer a full lift line for both home and commercial customers,” states owner and CEO Stacey Mack. “Our Advantage Lifts principles of Quality, Safety, and Strength align well with Backyard Buddy Lifts and their long-standing manufacturing excellence. And since Backyard Buddy is manufactured in America, we’re proud and happy to continue to support American workers through these efforts.” With stellar customer service and an unbeatable warranty included with every Backyard Buddy purchase, it’s clear that they hold these principles above all else.

Industry professional Wayne Carini, star of Chasing Classic Cars, makes Advantage Lifts his preferred automotive lift. “After seeing Advantage Lifts and how they’re made, everything about them is really first-class and heavy duty... I want to make sure I’m aligned with companies with products I believe in that I can tell people with my heart that the product is a superb product that will work for them like it’s working for me.”

Wayne uses Advantage Lifts for his personal car collection in Portland, CT. He goes on to discuss their impeccable performance. “The lifts are manufactured in such a way that they look sturdy, they act sturdy. When we’re putting 5, 6-million-dollar cars under a lift or on top of a lift, we certainly want it to be strong and reliable.”

Advantage Lifts maintains small-town American values while providing outstanding service. With warehouses spanning the lower 48 states and installers nationwide, customers across America have access to premier lifts and accessories.

Advantage Lifts and Backyard Buddy will be at SEMA Tuesday, November 1 through Friday, November 4 in the South Upper Hall, Tools and Equipment Section Booth # 38185. The CEO and COO will be there, along with other lift experts to answer questions and demonstrate the lifts. Swing by their booth to learn more and also enter to win a heavy-duty Advantage Lifts Toolbox priced at over $2000.

For more information Visit or Facebook or Instagram at @advantage_lifts or call: 763-300-5730

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