Fuel Injection Specialists ASNU release new Digital Flow Meter Kit for the ASNU Classic GDI Injector Testing Machine

ASNU, the World Specialists in Fuel Injection are proud to announce the release of the new Digital Flow Kit. This is an add-on kit to work in conjunction with the ever popular ASNU Classic GDI Injector testing machine to add more options and functions whilst testing gasoline injectors.

The Digital Flow Kit enables more accurate and specific measuring when testing injectors. The kit is supplied in 2 variants, the Aftermarket version and the Performance version with all the add-ons included. The Aftermarket kit can be purchased initially and then further upgraded at a later date to the full Performance variant if required.

Major features of the kit include higher accuracy digital pressure measurement, user defined RPM, Duty & Pulse Width whilst testing, Digital flow measurement, faster testing, comparing to target flows, temperature measurement and lots more!

Visit ASNU at booth 23321 to see the new kit in action!

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