VMP Performance debuts new supercharger lid upgrade at SEMA 2022

VMP Performance ups the ante - and the airflow and cooling - with their new Apex Predator Supercharger Lid Upgrade for Ford’s 2020+ Predator engine. The company debuts its new lid at the 2022 SEMA Show.

No stranger to supercharger technology, VMP has spent countless hours developing a lid upgrade that will make real-world differences in power and performance. What the company arrived at was a patent-pending design that improves high-RPM airflow. In turn, airflow limitations of the stock blower are eliminated. Furthermore, the lid is compatible with a variety of intercoolers, including the stock intercooler, VMP’s 81 mm Race Intercooler and VMP’s upcoming Apex Intercooler Upgrade. When coupled with VMP’s intercooler upgrades, it controls the inherently high intake air temperatures common when modifying the stock supercharger. The lid is packed with additional features. The lid fits under the stock strut-tower brace to maintain a factory-like appearance. The lid features a boost reference port for the most accurate data collection. Additionally, the lid includes eight 1/8th” NPT ports. These ports are for the true horsepower junkie, allowing nitrous or water-methanol direct injection for ultimate horsepower gains. For those GT500 owners looking to go as fast as possible, the lid is 1.5 pounds lighter than the stock lid. The company saw 20 rearwheel horsepower gains with the lid alone, and 40 rearwheel horsepower when the lid was coupled with their upgraded intercooler.

VMP’s Apex Predator Line of upgrades is for Ford’s 2020+ Predator engine, featured in the 2020+ GT500 and the 2023 Raptor. The Apex Predator Line also includes VMP’s upcoming larger displacement supercharger head unit upgrade - which the lid is compatible with! Featuring performance upgrades meant to keep you at the top of the food chain, the line stars shark-themed motifs. From the company’s machined Apex Predator Shark logo, to the dorsal-fin shaped NPT ports, to the tooth shaped ribbing, shark-themed Easter eggs enhance the lid’s looks and functionality. For those of you looking for a less oceanic aesthetic, the stock supercharger plaque fits directly over the machined shark. The lid is available in black powdercoat or stock-style silver powdercoat to complement any engine bay.

The new lids are available from www.vmpperfromance.com and www.Turn14.com.

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