RetroPod® 6A: Surface-Mount Speaker Modules – New Slim Design

The RPOD6 has been re-designed to have a slimmer mounting depth of just 2.44” and accepts the same 6.5” speakers as before. With the new slimmer profile, the RPOD6A can be mounted in a variety of new locations to add speakers to any classic car that didn’t originally come with an audio system without the need to cut or modify the interior.

RetroPods are built with a rugged ABS plastic that can either be painted, wrapped in vinyl, or carpeted to match a vehicle’s interior for a fully customized look. The angled design directs sound towards the listener for better stereo imaging and an enjoyable listening experience. The RPOD6A accepts a 6.5” speaker and is available with RetroSound®’s S-62 Stereo Speakers or their Premium R-652N Stereo Speakers.
The RPOD6A is available now for $51.99 at

About Retro Manufacturing:
Retro Manufacturing is the industry leader in the manufacturing of radios, speakers, amplifiers, antennas, and audio accessories for the automotive restoration marketplace. RetroSound offers the very best solution for adding modern audio in a classic vehicle without altering the vehicle’s aesthetic. Retro Manufacturing has won numerous product awards from ARMO, SEMA, and has been a member of SEMA for over 11 years. Retro Manufacturing is passionate about the classic automotive industry and strives to bring all the latest technologies to classic cars and trucks with respect to OEM styling and official licensing.

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