Protect your truck, boat and R.V. from rocks, snow and mud with DuraFlap Mud Flaps

DuraFlap LLC manufactures the only full size drill-less installation mud flaps. They are manufactured and assembled here in the United States in Medford, Oregon.

They are designed to hang straight and centered to stock wheels and tires. If you have aftermarket rims or a lift you are in luck. The mud flaps can be custom cut to end up right behind your modified wheels and tires, as well as having enough length to provide the protection you need.
There are no new rust areas created by drilling into the metal of the truck.

They offer these mud flaps with or without the stainless steel weights on the bottom. They even have custom artwork laser cut from the stainless. Want your own design created and cut? That is not a problem.

With a 5 year guarantee how can you go wrong? Check them out at

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