Reducing ICE Emissions by 80 to 90 % - Possibly creating the first zero emissions ICE powered vehicle

Vaness LLC and its Velvet Comfort Heater Division announces its ICE Emissions Reduction System
Reducing ICE Emissions by 80 to 90 %

“This product will warm the cold exhaust coming from the manifold exhaust and heat it before it reaches the catalytic converter. This will greatly reduce pollutants from being released into the atmosphere,” said Kit Whipple, VP of Marketing at Velvet Comfort Heating.
It is estimated over 90 percent of a vehicle’s pollutive emissions emanates during the first 60 seconds after a vehicle is started. This is because the engine is not warm enough for the pollutants to be purified by the catalytic converter. Vaness’ patent pending heating system uses patented heating devices which warm to over 600 F in less than 7 seconds. Two units were used in testing the effectiveness of the system. This high-powered, low-cost system has a powerful economic and environmental potential.

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