Store, elevate, and conceal every Jeep & Truck needs these accessories.

The company was founded by the CEO, who has had a passion for Jeep Wranglers for over 30 years. He also had issues that every Jeep owner experiences: NO security, crawling under the rear soft-top window, and dealing with storing doors and Freedom tops. So he set out to solve these pain points with some simple EZ solutions.

When going to Home Depot, the grocery store, a hike, kayaking, or stopping for a quick bite to eat, we found that we were tied to a backpack filled with documents, computers, cash, and credit cards. Where could we put valuable stuff in the Jeep? How could we keep our property safe? That’s when the aha moment happened! Build a trunk, not a box that takes up all the space in your rear cargo area - a folding trunk. Almost three years after that aha moment, we went to work building and perfecting a folding trunk for Jeeps. 2021 proved to be the beginning of a new adventure. With the EZTRUNK developed, and a newly approved patent in hand, we are ready to unveil a product that truly gives you freedom, convenience, and security. Meet EZTRUNK!

The EZTRUNK is a safe, secure place to lock up valuables with your top up or down. EZTRUNK lies flat in the Jeep when not in use, and opens to a rock-solid secure locking trunk in seconds. Get EZ access to the Jeep trunk whenever it’s needed - EZTRUNK is never in the way!

- Available for all two and four-door Jeeps from 1997 to present
- Lays flat, opens, and locks securely in seconds
- Easy installation

Not only did we solve security problems, but we also came up with a solution for your rear soft-top window. One of the most significant pain points with a soft-top is rolling it up, crawling under it, or holding it up to get into the rear cargo area. After being hit on the head several times, an idea came to us - a bracket system that will hold your rear window up. This system allows easy access to your rear cargo area, and the ease of loading and unloading. As a bonus, you can ride with the window open. Say hello to EZWINDOW!

This bracket keeps your soft-top rear window up, even while driving. You can drive 60 to 80 mph with the rear window open.
- No more chipped or cracked windows
- No more getting hit on the head with the window
- Easy installation

We have also added numerous other products to the EZ4X4 line, including a rolling cart that allows you to easily carry and store your Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator doors, while preventing scratching and denting. A hinge system that takes your Freedom Top and turns it into a flip-top. Never run out in the rain again to retrieve your Freedom Top Panels. Never scratch or dent your Freedom Top Panels again.

Our goal is to partner with specialty & customization shops that want to carry our EZ4x4 products.

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