Introducing ExoShield ULTRA DIY Kits: 60% Thicker, 100% Clear!

Ontario, Canada, September 13, 2023 – ExoShield, a leading manufacturer & supplier of automotive protection solutions, well-known for its windshield protection film, ExoShield GT3, is proud to announce the release of ExoShield ULTRA DIY Kits, an easy-install, high-impact protection film exclusively designed for chip-prone Jeep and Bronco models, providing a crucial protection for these at-risk vehicles.

Off-road vehicles, known for their flat, near-vertical windshields, face higher breakage rates than standard vehicles. Traditional windshield protection films have fallen short in tackling this challenge. Now, ExoShield ULTRA has changed the game as the first and only windshield protection film on the market, boasting 60% greater thickness than other single-ply films, all while maintaining exceptional durability and clarity.

Its effortless installation eliminates the need for shrinking, making it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts and installers. The film's longevity is unparalleled, thanks to superior top-coat durability and outstanding abrasion resistance, ensuring your vehicle remains protected and pristine in the face of harsh conditions.

With the introduction of easy-install windshield protection film kits, consumers now have two convenient options to access the protection they need: either through select automotive restyling shops for professional installation or by purchasing it directly at or through one of our trusted retail partners.

Supreme Thickness. Effortless Installation. Exceptional Durability. High-Impact Protection.

ExoShield ULTRA is another testament to ExoShield's commitment to putting industry professionals and drivers at the heart of everything they do. "At Exoshield, we are dedicated to providing top-tier protection solutions to the automotive community," stated Khanjan Desai, CEO of ExoShield. "Exoshield ULTRA represents a significant leap forward in vehicle protection, offering unmatched durability and ease of installation to Jeep and Bronco enthusiasts."

For more information about Exoshield ULTRA DIY Kits, please visit ExoShield Ultra.

About ExoShield:

ExoShield is a Canadian nanotechnology company dedicated to crafting cutting-edge solutions for the automotive and defence sectors. We’re transforming legacy industries by vertically integrating our innovative coatings into category-leading, ready-to-use solutions. Our core mission is to help our customers access these solutions empowered by cutting-edge nanotechnology while placing their needs at the forefront, no matter what.

For more information, visit ExoShield.

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