P&S Detail Products releases the latest in paint and surface protection - Defender!

Well we all hate to use the term "Game Changer" BUT this most likely will be the one to seriously impact the detailing
industry. The TEAM at P&S have had a serious love affair through the development process of DEFENDER. Our next
move was to have this product professionally tested for durability, gloss, clarity, resistance to chemicals both as a stand
alone protectant and for its impact on ceramic coatings. The good news is DEFENDER checked all the boxes and
substantiated our field experiences during product development.

DEFENDER SiO2 Protectant is the ideal product for both professionals and enthusiast for use as a topper/maintenance
treatment for Inspiration Coatings as well as other coatings or as a stand alone SiO2 Protectant. Defender SiO2
Protectant (DSP) is very easy to apply and use in most environments. Defender creates incredible gloss, slickness and
durable protection. Although Defender is primarily for painted surfaces it also can be used on metal, glass and trim.
As a stand alone protectant clients can expect 6 months to a year worth of protection, incredible gloss and clarity.
DEFENDER is also exceptional as a coating topper/maintenance product.

The most unique characteristic of DEFENDER is it use as the final step in the coating process. We had professional
testing done with DEFENDER as the second coat on top of LEGEND within the 45 minutes to an hour. This process
allowed DEFENDER to seriously impact LEGEND and create a superior marriage between the two products.
When used in this manner DEFENDER added up to 50% more clarity, penetrated 30% in to the coating to form an
additional layer of protection, added 20% increase in thickness, sealed open pour count by as much as 40% and increases resistance to acid based cleaners by 300%. All the test results tell us this is one incredible product.

The even better news is DEFENDER does all of this and is EXTREMELY easy to use!

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