LandAirSea Systems Set to Unveil Advanced GPS Tracking Solutions at 2023 SEMA Show

WOODSTOCK, IL -- September 14th, 2023 -- LandAirSea Systems, a trailblazer in GPS tracking solutions for more than two decades, is set to make its debut at the 2023 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. (October 31st - November 3rd). The innovative company will be making a grand entrance at booth number 11149, where they will display their comprehensive suite of products, including The 54, The Overdrive, and The Sync.

LandAirSea, founded by Robert Wagner, began developing GPS based tracking equipment for small planes. In 1994, he introduced Flight-Trac; hardware and software for tracking the time, position, speed, and altitude of small aircraft. Since its inception, LandAirSea has been pioneering the manufacturing and development of both historical and real-time GPS tracking surveillance technology, supplying surveillance systems to law enforcement agencies, governmental agencies, fleet management services, dealerships, and individual consumers to help effectively track, locate, and protect their assets and inventory.

The 54, one of the products to be showcased at the SEMA show, is a testament to LandAirSea System's commitment to technological advancement. It is a tiny and powerful GPS tracker that provides real-time location updates, precise tracking and location sharing. The 54 is notable for being compact, waterproof, rechargeable and its ability to connect via 4G LTE for superior coverage.

Next in the line-up is The Overdrive, a tracker known for its long-lasting rechargeable battery. This device represents a major leap in GPS tracking technology, offering an impressive battery life that sets it apart from competitors. With an easy-to-use interface and precise location updates, The Overdrive is a reliable and efficient tracking solution.

The third product, The Sync, is a real-time GPS tracker that plugs directly into the vehicle's OBD-II port for continuous power, tracking, and updates. With 4G LTE connectivity, The Sync offers an easy and efficient way to monitor vehicle movement and location.

The SEMA show offers a significant opportunity for LandAirSea Systems to display its innovative product line to a broad audience of potential investors, industry leaders, and customers. This event will serve as a platform for the company to demonstrate its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

In showcasing their products at the SEMA show, LandAirSea Systems continues to underscore their dedication to providing reliable, advanced, and user-friendly GPS tracking solutions. This debut appearance at SEMA is a testament to the company's growth and continued evolution in the industry.

LandAirSea Systems invites attendees to visit their booth to get a first-hand look at their groundbreaking technology and learn more about how their GPS trackers can transform their tracking needs. The company is confident that their high-quality products will speak for themselves and is looking forward to connecting with potential investors and customers at the SEMA show. “Theft is temporary!”

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