Maintenance Tips That will Extend the Life of Your Customer's Car

Nanoceramic coating for matte/glossy paintwork or paint protection film provides resistance to scratches, a high level of water repellency, and the ability to prevent staining from natural factors such as dirt, dust, and bird droppings. Maintenance is essential to ensure long-term benefit from all these features.

Scratches and bird droppings are not the only enemies of the surface of an automobile. UV rays, especially in areas of the world where there is a substantial amount of sun and heat, can cause sunburn or the color to fade much sooner than originally intended.

In areas where the winters tend to be harsh and where there is a significant amount of snow and ice, the immediate damaging effect you will see on your vehicle’s surface will be much higher. Another enemy of cars in areas where the winters are harsh is the road salt used to melt the snow on roads and highways.

Unlike traditional waxes, nano-ceramic coatings can ward off any potential threat that can come from sun rays and other natural factors. Besides, ceramic coatings need minimal maintenance to perform their best. If the care is not performed properly, this may lead to a loss of shine and a reduced hydrophobic effect. Following the directions provided by the manufacturer of the ceramic coating will give you the chance to get the best experience from the product.

- Wash and dry your car professionally.
- Provided that it has been over a year since the ceramic coating was applied, and depending on the coating condition and compatibility, you can re-coat the surface with a product such as Nasiol MetalCoat F2 sprayable ceramic coating treatment to keep the existing coating fresh.
- Once a year, check your car into the detailer where it was originally coated.


After the application, if you need to wash your vehicle, please wait 2 days for the nano ceramic coating to cure before any detergent-based washing.
When your car paint is hot, it becomes softer, allowing swirls and scratches to be inflicted much more easily. So always try and wash your vehicle in a cool, shaded area away from direct sunlight.
If possible, clean the surface of your vehicle yourself bi-weekly.
If you must use a car wash station, use a brushless washing station.
Please don’t forget to wash your car with a mitt or sponge instead of a brush to avoid leaving scratches on the surface. The bristles of the brush can leave small scratches on the clear coat of paint or ceramic coating.
Use a shampoo dedicated to exterior automotive cleaning and to surfaces treated with ceramic coatings, like Nasiol Cleanion Pro.
It is recommended to work in small sections from top to bottom in straight lines while shampooing. It is also suggested to use a two or three-bucket car wash method with a grit guard, which is the best way to avoid wash scratches on your car.
Wheels can often be the dirtiest part of the car. It’s better to wash them last if using the same mitt or sponge. A wheel cleaning brush is the most recommended tool for this process.
Please remember to use clean and soft microfiber towels when drying your vehicle.

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