The Best Performance Brake for Trucks, SUVs & Jeeps

Truck culture started in America, from early 20th century till now, truck manufacturers have improved the quality in interior design, engine performance for generations. But when it comes to braking performance, barely can see some huge improvement.

American Power Brakes dedicates to bring the strongest, most safe brake system for Trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps as the last missing puzzle.

Why APB Brakes?
● APB Big Brake Kit fitment is 100% bolt-on, no additional washer needed, easy & fast installation.
● Forged calipers with the largest pistons provide the strongest stopping force. A firm pedal feels with precise brake feedback provides the driver with safety & confidence.
● 2-Piece slotted vented rotors, with the hardest structure, provide better-stopping performance, a longer duration for heavy-duty use.
● APB kit comes with the largest off-the-shelf pads, easy to get when you need pad replacement.

Product Specification & Features
Caliper: Forged aluminum body with 4 pistons / 6 pistons. It’s lighter, stronger when you need a better stopping power performance in off-roading or towing. Each piston has a double dust seal to protect from extreme on-road & off-road conditions.
Rotor: 2-piece slotted rotors in 14”, 15”, and 16”. Directional vented design for best heat dissipation.
Bracket: Iron cast bracket. The iron cast is much stronger than the aluminum CNC bracket for off-roading, heavy-duty use.
Brake Pads: Largest contact surface on the pads and rotors makes the stopping power more efficient and stronger. When it comes to replacing brake pads, the off-the-shelf brake pads are easy to get in any local or online shop.

Most trucks, jeeps, and 4x4 vehicles are loaded with huge wheels and tires, some even must tow a trailer for work or traveling. Stopping power matters when your unsprung weight is heavier. APB Brakes makes a better performance brake kit for people who never knew they needed the brake.

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