Parkit360 Electric Trailer Dollies

Parkit360 Electric Trailer Dollies

Simple Parking for Every Trailer

Parking a trailer into a tight spot? Move RV’s, Boats and Utility Trailers of all kinds with a Parkit360 Motorized Electric Trailer Dolly. Choose from a variety of high quality powder-coated steel models with maximum weight capacities ranging from 3,000 to 15,000 lbs.

Ultimate Compatibility

All Force, Carrier and Scout models are ball-mounted using Parkit360’s Stablelock technology, which provides a secure connection for many bumper pull trailers right out of the box. For heavier fifth wheel trailers, the Transformer model connects to the trailer’s kingpin and is secured with one set of Universal Stabilizer Bars. For other hitch types, they also offer a customized gooseneck adapter, or pintle hitch adapter for lighter applications. Parkit360 also provides alternative connection options, including their Telescopic Frame Adapter and Thrust Washer for more unique trailer hitches.

Park with Precision

Unlike a driver that relies on mirrors and backup cameras, a Parkit360 user faces the trailer, giving them complete visibility and control. They can see exactly where the trailer is at all times and steer within inches of an obstacle if needed. If there’s any doubt, it’s simply a matter of walking over to check. And unlike using a car or truck, the trailer can be parked with the hitch end forward as a serious theft deterrent.

Intelligent Speed Control™

All electric models start and stop gradually for a safe, smooth parking experience. This option reduces trailer damage from sudden stopping, a common issue with competitor’s dollies. Switch between High and Low-Speed at the push of a button for fast or more precise parking.

Product Lineup

Scout 3K

3,000 lbs GVWR / 300 lbs Tongue

Let the Scout lead the way. Parkit360’s Scout 3K Trailer Dolly is a lightweight, cost effective way to move trailers through tight areas manually. The single-wheeled design allows this dolly to turn on a dime, while providing plenty of traction on firm, level terrain. This model can move ball mounted trailers on asphalt, firm grass, or packed gravel, and on a maximum grade of 3%. Great for moving small boats, campers and utility trailers by hand.

Force Base, 5K and 10K

5,000 or 10,000 lbs GVWR / 900 lbs Tongue

The Force trailer dolly has been a frontrunner in Parkit360’s electric dolly lineup for over 15 years. Force 5K and 10K packages include heavy duty 6.5” wide tires for optimal traction on mixed terrains, around tight corners, and on inclines of up to 6% grade. Each Force mover comes with the standard 20” Ball Mount Adapter and Two customized Hitch Balls. Use the included on-board battery for portable parking power, or connect to a trailer’s power source with the Force 5K Base package.

Carrier 13K

13,000 lbs GVWR / 1,300 lbs Tongue

Get a true Drop & Go connection with the Carrier 13K, Parkit360’s most intuitive, lowest profile model to date. Simply lower the trailer onto the dolly, lock the hitch and go - no tightening required. Park heavier ball-mounted trailers from a distance and change speeds on the fly with the included wireless remote. Six heavy-duty tires provide plenty of traction on firm grass, packed gravel, asphalt, and on a maximum grade of 4%. The center tires sit slightly lower than the rest, giving this dolly the ability to scale small obstacles and garage thresholds with ease. Powered by two U1 Interstate® batteries, this dual-motored model includes a built-in battery charger and brake control plug for added safety and convenience.

Transformer 15K

Weight Capacity: 15,000 lbs GVWR / 3,000 lbs Tongue

Optimized for today’s rigorous moving standards, the Transformer 15K Trailer Dolly is designed to move heavier recreational camping trailers with Fifth Wheel or Gooseneck hitches. Controlled by a rechargeable wireless remote and powered by two 12 volt Interstate® batteries, this model has two separate motors for multidirectional operation. Built strong and secure to safely move on firm grass, packed gravel and 4% inclines.

Personalized Parking Since 2009

Have a unique parking situation or questions about selecting the right Trailer Dolly Model? Their experts can recommend a dolly that’s customized to fit your needs. Make maneuvering around obstacles and tight corners a breeze. Visit for more information.

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