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About the Product
There is a new product available to kill 99.9% of the COVID and Flu virus. The Soldaguard Green Solutions product is an all natural organic product made with essential oils. Created by a military vet and his wife an ICU nurse just by accident. It is FDA and GSA approved as well as made in the USA.
Soldaguard GS is a created to be entered into the air duct or vents with a dry fogging machine which will then be an air born product killing mold & mildew bacteria, COVID/Influenza virus, cigarette, food and dog odors. The product lasts in the air for up to 30 days.
What makes this product unique and different from other products on the market claiming to be effective- is that Soldaguard GS is made from natural essential oils and is a dry fogging mist. The other products use bleach, chlorine dioxide or are water based.
Being an all natural fogging product allows you to use the Soldaguard GS which covers hard to reach places and without damaging fabric, furniture, electronics and safe for people, plants and animals. This makes the product an integral part of killing 99.9% of the COVID virus to help businesses keep their doors open, the community and staff healthy and safe.
Additionally, using Soldaguard GS:
• Keeps staff healthy by reducing the spread of the COVID or Flu viruses which help keep businesses open by having less employee’s out sick.
• Allows the public to feel safe by visiting and purchasing from businesses that use Soldaguard.
• 1 school with 17 classrooms were treated in less than hour-Cutting the current cleaning time.
The possibilities are endless for the use of Soldaguard GS in sports arena’s, hotels, hospitals, public transportation, auto dealerships, casino’s, financial institutions, schools and homes. Keep an eye out for the Soldaguard GSseal at local businesses.
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Contact: Angie Lasagna, 619.244.4688
About Soldaguard GS
Soldaguard GSdates back to 2008, when our founder (US Army Veteran) and his wife (ICU nurse), were part of a development team that was focusing on a product to neutralize odor causing bacteria, mold, fungi, and the common flu. With a passion to develop products that would make a difference in the world, they continued to push forward with research and development. In March 2020, they found themselves with an opportunity to apply their passion and expertise to the challenge the world was facing. In April 2020, Soldaguard GS was officially introduced to the market and named in honor of our founder’s military service background. The proprietary solution that Soldaguard GS offers, Soldamist, is the differentiating factor that separates it from a market flooded with water-based products. Prevention remains the goal, and we plan to be around for years to come.

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