ZIVENT films innovating windshield protection film

ZIVENT is a brand developed with the goal of entering the premium automotive protective film market. At the same time as the brand launch, it introduced a windshield protection film line called TYPE Series.

Among them ‘TYPE-R', uses advanced nano-ceramic materials to simultaneously block solar energy such as ultraviolet rays and infrared rays that are harmful to the human body. Its distinctive feature is that it improves driving comfort by securing a clear view. ZIVENT seems to be able to change the game of the existing window tinting market through its products.

Existing products were developed with the goal of strengthening scratch-resistant hardness, but ZIVENT was developed with a focus on strengthening the instantaneous self-recovery function. The breakage strength is improved by up to 138% compared to normal glass, which greatly reduces the risk of damage to the windshield of a car due to stones or sand (stone chips) that may occur while driving.

In addition, a special antisoil coating technology to prevent contamination from the external environment is applied, which suppresses oil film formation and has a water repellency function with a contact angle of 103 degrees. The water-repellent function is the angle of the contact surface between the surface and the liquid on the surface, and the higher the contact angle, the better the water-repellent function is evaluated.

The contact angle of 103 degrees means that it has water repellency that can secure the driver's view without using the wiper when driving at a speed of 80 km/h in rainy weather. ZIVENT realizes a high level of hydrophobicity without the use of a separate water repellent solution.

"The contact angle of the uncoated windshield (front glass) is usually only 20 to 30 degrees, but the glass surface is hydrophilic, so raindrops stick to the glass surface and spread widely to form a water film, if the thickness is non-uniform, the perspective image will be distorted. As distortion deteriorates the driver's visibility and causes safety problems, water repellency, which removes water from the windshield to secure the view.

ZIVENT has integrated its outstanding technology and know-how to develop the windshield protection film of the premium brand ZIVENT. It is expected to greatly contribute to the expansion of the base of the automotive windshield protective film market.”

On the other hand, global research institute Markets and Markets predicts that the global automotive windshield market will grow to about $22.3 billion (about 28 trillion won) by 2025.

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