Ceramic Wash & Coat - The easy way to add ceramic protection every time you wash!

Ceramic Wash & Coat’s ultra-slick formula offers versatile application, adaptable to your preferred method of washing including the traditional contact bucket wash or in a foaming tool such as a Foaming Sprayer or Foam Cannon. The concentrated, pH balanced, low-sudsing formula can be
used to maintain existing wax, sealed, or coated finishes or as your sole source of protection. It’s so hydrophobic, your car will have substantially less water on the paint after a wash, saving tons of time in the drying process. Ceramic Wash & Coat is safe on all exterior materials and will impart ceramic protection to paint, exterior trim, wheels, and glass. Layering Ceramic Wash & Coat, Ceramic 3-in-1 Wax and Ceramic Speed Shine delivers a winning combo for best in class ceramic protection.

Features and Benefits
• Add SiO2 ceramic protection every time you wash your vehicle
• Versatile formula can be used with a multitude of wash tools
• Low sudsing, lubricant rich formula imparts durable protection
• Use with other Griot’s Garage ceramic products for ultimate protection
• Safe on paint, exterior trim, wheels & glass
• 48 oz clear PET bottle with Flip-Top Dome Cap

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