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SBN's Forerunner Paved the Way

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The SEMA Businesswomen's Network (SBN) is celebrating a milestone: Three decades devoted to advancing women's professional careers through networking, mentoring and education. From Gear-Up Girl events, awards recognition and member spotlights to the Women's Leadership Forum and acclaimed all-female builds, the accomplishments rack up.

But SBN's roots can be traced to the mid-'80s—a time when men had the inside track on opportunities to build personal and professional connections. And few such opportunities existed for women. That is, until four determined industry pros took up the challenge.

Amy Faulk, Martha Doyle, Ellen McKoy and Charlie Van Cleve spearheaded the formation of the Professional Women's League (PWL), the forerunner to SBN. A subcommittee of SEMA's Women's Activities Committee (WAC)—a spouse group—PWL was founded in 1987. Its mission: to provide professional women in the aftermarket with a venue through which they can enhance and strengthen their position and role in the performance and appearance segments of the industry.

"When I started in the industry, there were few women who had professional positions in the industry," said Hypertech CEO Amy Faulk, then employed at TCI Automotive. "It was important to give professional women the same career-
advancement opportunities that men had."

Hailing PWL's inaugural newsletter, then-SEMA President Chuck Blum wrote: "The Board of Directors of SEMA and staff support with zeal the new periodical. Of more importance is the opportunity, through PWL Network, to serve businesswomen who play a vital role in the progress and success of our industry.". Courtesy Ellen McKoy, EMK Marketing
The first Women's Directory of Members and Services. The four founding members, and company affiliations at the time: Amy Faulk, TCI Automotive; Martha Doyle, Argus Publishing; Ellen McKoy, EMK Marketing; and Charlie Van Cleve, Hedman Manufacturing. Courtesy Ellen McKoy, EMK Marketing.

Faulk and her colleagues lobbied for a professional women's forum. Not surprisingly, some male colleagues were skeptical that women would be interested. Within a year, membership ballooned from 25 businesswomen to more than 160.

In keeping with its mission, PWL began rolling out assets. The group published its first newsletter, PWL Network, in 1988. At the SEMA/AI Show that year, PWL hosted roundtables on topics still relevant today: "How to Deal with Difficult People," "Imposter Syndrome: Do You Ever Feel You Don't Deserve to be Where You Are?," among others.

PWL also hosted an annual breakfast during Show Week featuring noted speakers, introduced the SEMA Woman of the Year Award (later renamed Athena Award), and was a driving force behind the SEMA Silent Auction, a fundraiser for the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund.

To better serve its members' needs and differentiate itself from WAC's social activities for wives, PWL was elevated to committee status in 1990. In November 1993, the SEMA Board approved changing the name to the SEMA Businesswomen's Network.

"There was a void and four determined women on a mission to fill the void and plant the seeds," recalled Faulk. "At the time, we never envisioned the powerhouse that SBN would become, from just a few to 735 members strong."

ETTN/SAE Career Fair Creates Pathways Into the Aftermarket

Cultivating the next generation of innovators, engineers, product developers, builders and others with advanced technical skills is essential to the future growth and success of the specialty-equipment industry.

And what better way to inspire students to pursue a career in the aftermarket industry than to open the doors of the SEMA Garage for a one-day event jointly hosted by SEMA, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) of Southern California and the Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN).

The ETTN/SAE Career Fair, held March 25, at the SEMA Garage in Diamond Bar, California, was a beehive of activity. More than 200 college and university students were joined by 50 industry leaders representing more than a dozen SEMA-member companies seeking to recruit the next generation of future graduates.

"It was a really great day," said Karen Salvaggio, chair of ETTN's Engineering and Technical Student Support Subcommittee. "This is what can happen when industry leaders, university staff and professional organizations link arms toward a common goal."

The ETTN/SAE Career Fair was a beehive of activity for the next generation of innovators, engineers, product developers and builders.

The Career Fair was first launched last year at the SoCal Garage, also in conjunction with SAE. The response was universally positive, noted Salvaggio, who credited Ian Lehn, ETTN's immediate past chair, with being the "brain master" behind the program.

"When we introduced the program last year, it gained traction immediately. It felt as though a lightning bolt had hit the ground—it was a new and innovative connection between SEMA and SAE. In our industry, when there's a need and someone begins to fill that need, it's amazing to see how people coalesce around
an idea."

This year's collaborative event again connected SEMA and SAE members with students who are part of Formula and SAE competition teams. Along with a firsthand look at the resources available through the Garage, the students interacted with industry pros who shared their expertise and offered guidance on their engineering and business presentations in advance of upcoming SAE competitions.

"We are grateful to the SEMA Garage staff, ETTN members, SAE SoCal and the universities for their support as well as the SEMA Board, which approved the program," she added.

To help foster camaraderie and build awareness of SEMA councils and networks, the Truck & Off-Road Alliance (TORA) collaborated with FLN, SBN and WTC to present a mixer at King of the Hammers (as seen above). At the Keystone Big Show, TORA teamed with FLN, SBN, WTC and PRO and capped off its mixers at Easter Jeep Safari and Jeep Beach Week.

FLN Prioritizes Professional Development, Networking

Following on the heels of a successful launch of the Professional Development Program last year, the Future Leaders Network (FLN) recently wrapped up this year's event. Held May 11–12 at the SEMA Garage in Detroit, the two-day interactive program was sponsored by FLN in partnership with Dale Carnegie.

Open exclusively to FLN members, and capped at 25 attendees, the intimate setting provided an unparalleled learning experience for aspiring leaders seeking to advance their industry careers. Following a kick-off networking mixer, held May 10, the program focused on sharpening personal and professional skillsets.

Under the guidance of experienced Dale Carnegie trainers, attendees were coached on how to enhance communication skills and express confidence in business settings and engage with others by building rapport. The program also touched on how to tackle complex workplace challenges and use new skills to achieve measurable results.

"Our mission is to help young professionals advance in the industry and the Professional Development Program is a critical piece of that," said newly installed FLN Chair Matt Beenen. "We know this program can really impact a lot of people. That's what motivates us to create these programs for our members."

Building Connections

Besides programs to nurture career growth, FLN centers on opportunities to connect members through networking. This year, FLN co-hosted in-person networking events in collaboration with other SEMA councils and networks.

At the King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley, California, in February, FLN partnered with TORA, SBN and WTC. In March, FLN joined forces with PRO, SBN, TORA and WTC at the Keystone Big Show, held at the Gaylord Rockies Resort in Aurora, Colorado.

While acknowledging that these events give FLN members a chance to broaden their professional networks, Beenen noted that West Coast locations tend to limit opportunities for young leaders who are often East Coast-based.

With that thought in mind, he said FLN is exploring ways to build similar value for East Coasters. "We need to get more members involved and engaged, to round up the troops," he said. "For young professionals it's often not realistic to attend a West Coast mixer. If we want to show East Coast members value in FLN, we need to look at new ways to help them build connections."

WTC: Building Brand Equity

To provide current and prospective members with a clear vision of the Wheel & Tire Council's (WTC's) value proposition, WTC has created a brand equity pyramid designed to provide a series of new and improved tools and resources.

The new initiative, "Build Your Personal Professional Traction," takes a three-step approach to helping members advance their careers through greater involvement with WTC. In identifying the core elements—connect, learn, grow—WTC took into consideration the importance of aligning its objectives with those of the SEMA Board, such as member engagement, regulatory issues, trade shows, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and so forth.

For example, the "connect" aspect of the pyramid aims to create a network of industry experts who members can lean on to solve problems and grow their connections. Recognizing that its membership is far-flung and there are limited in-person networking opportunities, WTC launched its "Coffee and Conversation" series.

The five-part virtual networking events are held on the first Thursday of the month. The sessions connect members with business talent from within the wheel and tire segment to discuss hot topics and issues and facilitate networking.

Step two focuses on the "learn" element—become an expert in your field through today's top talent. Key points include attending a webinar, participating in Industry Expert Insights online discussions and following WTC on Facebook.

To address the webinar component, WTC hosts virtual sessions. Topics include "How to Design the Latest Wheel Fashion," "Data Is the New Oil: How the Tire and Wheel Industry Can Benefit From Being More Data-Driven" and "Self-Certification: The How's and Why's of Bringing EV Wheels and Tires to Market."

The third leg of the pyramid is "grow," which centers on growing your reputation and career. Steps members can take include being featured in a WTC Member Spotlight or becoming a WTC Industry Expert.

"The purpose of this plan is to clearly define our objectives," said Chair Mike Lusso. "It's a three-step process to build brand awareness and show the true value of membership. We should talk about EVs and ADAS because they're important to the wheel and tire industry and also provide other resources that bring value to our members to improve their knowledge and expand their network."

Recognizing that its membership is far-flung and there are limited in-person networking opportunities, WTC launched its "Coffee and Conversation" series.

ARMO Hot Products Showcase Shines at Spring Carlisle

Set against a backdrop of sunny skies, balmy spring weather and record-breaking attendance, the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) presented its annual ARMO Hot Products Showcase at Spring Carlisle, the renowned classic car swap meet, car corral and auction held on the sprawling fairgrounds in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, April 19–21.

The showcase is an exclusive ARMO-member benefit. It offers a prime opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their latest products and catch the eye of the 100,000-plus classic-car enthusiasts and gearheads who flock to the event.

ARMO Chair Randall Bates (left), Chair-Elect Joanna Agosta Shere and SEMA staffer Jose Escobar welcomed enthusiasts to the ARMO Hot Products Showcase at Spring Carlisle.


Distinctive Industries' Custom CTX-60 Diamond Insert Full Backrest Bench Seat won the interior category and took top honors with the People's Choice Award.

This year, with a record-setting 81 products from 30 member companies, there was much to see. And though the Showcase has always been a popular draw, with its new, higher-visibility and high-traffic location across from the grandstand, the ARMO tent bustled with activity as a constant stream of guests viewed the many products on display.

Attendees who visited the tent had a chance to meet the ARMO select committee and other volunteer members to learn how SEMA and ARMO help to preserve and perpetuate the restoration hobby and the industry. Attendees also had a chance to vote for awards in six categories.

Vintage Air won the accessory category with its '64½–'66 Ford Mustang Deluxe Control Panel. The Showcase winners will be recognized at the ARMO Reception during the 2023 SEMA Show.

"Our volunteers made sure the products were beautifully displayed and the information made it easy for enthusiasts to learn about each product," said SEMA Council Director Marcy Yanus. "We made it tough to choose just one product in each category." With 290 ballots cast, the winners were announced.

  • Accessory: Vintage Air, '64½–'66 Ford Mustang Deluxe Control Panel
  • Interior: Distinctive Industries, Custom CTX-60 Diamond Insert Full Backrest Bench Seat
  • Exterior/Trim: Classic Industries, '67 Nova SS Trunk Lid Molding
  • Drivetrain/Brakes/Suspension: AGS Co. Automotive Solutions, Adjustable Tubing Straightener
  • Engine: Original Parts Group, '70–'72 Chevelle, El Camino and Monte Carlo Induction Air Cleaner

The sixth award, the People's Choice, went to interior product winner Distinctive Industries. All of the honorees will receive special recognition at the ARMO Industry Awards Reception on Tuesday, October 31, the first evening of the 2023 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

"The ARMO Hot Products Showcase is our flagship program," said ARMO Chair Randall Bates. "There was a lot of excitement leading up to Spring Carlisle. We anticipated it would be a great event, and it exceeded our expectations."

PRO Membership Meeting Highlights Benefits, Future Projects

The Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) held its first long-range planning (LRP) meeting in 1992. The meeting gave PRO members an opportunity to brainstorm and strategize ways to best meet members' needs.

Over time, the annual LRPs have produced some key initiatives: the SEMA/PRO restyling exhibit at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention, SEMA Installer Certification Program and codes of ethics for manufacturers and restylers/installers, among others.

In February the select committee held an in-person LRP, followed by a virtual general membership meeting. Topics included an overview of council subcommittees and taskforces, as well as a review of legislative matters, including the REPAIR Act.

Several resources were highlighted as well—the PRO Sales Training Manual, SEMA Accessory Sales Professional Certificate (SASP) program, the New-Vehicle Warranty packet and Vehicle Accessorization flyer—all outcomes of prior LRPs. They also touched on current and future programs.

The 2022 PRO Cup Challenge winner was Automotion Customs. The PRO Cup Challenge is another value-added benefit for its members.

Focus on Training, Vehicle Displays

Last year, PRO announced the SEMA/PRO New Car Show concept to connect consumers with the aftermarket industry through displays of customized vehicles at regional new-car shows. Though sidelined by the post-COVID economic impact on the shows, PRO anticipates relaunching the project this year.

Plans are also underway to expand installer training opportunities. Previously offered in conjunction with in-person membership meetings, the one-day sessions provided hands-on instruction in various accessory categories.

Though deemed successful, the training was hampered by time limitations. PRO now plans to offer one-week training sessions open exclusively to members, with each session dedicated to training on a specific product, noted Josh Poulson, immediate past chair.

"Ideally, the training would take place at a shop with a manufacturer providing the training," he said. "With week-long training, it would be of real value as a member benefit to the shops and the technicians."

The PRO Cup Challenge is another value-add benefit. It was recently chosen the number-one program by 75% of members who joined the virtual meeting. While the format and booth location will remain the same, some improvements are anticipated. For example, QR codes will appear on vehicle build sheets to make build information easier to scan and download. A new manufacturer portal will make it easier for suppliers to offer products to participating

Stay tuned for details on new activities and the PRO Cup Challenge. For more information on the Challenge or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, email SEMA Council Director Denise Waddingham at

TORA Eyes Feature Vehicle Program, Cohosts Networking Events

To help foster camaraderie and build awareness of SEMA councils and networks, the Truck & Off-Road Alliance (TORA) collaborated with FLN, SBN and WTC to present a mixer at King of the Hammers. At the Keystone Big Show, TORA teamed with FLN, SBN, WTC and PRO and capped off its mixers at Easter Jeep Safari and Jeep Beach Week.

"Networking is our strongest suit," said TORA Chair Matt Reasoner. "My hat's off to Mike Hallmark for his phenomenal job as chair of our Networking Events Task Force. Because of his efforts our networking events have been very successful.

"The number-one question I get asked is, 'What's the value in a TORA membership or even SEMA membership?' From a camaraderie aspect, networking is always beneficial. It's also an opportunity for people to understand who we are, what we do and how to get involved. And what better way to do that than at a mixer. It's the ideal platform."

Showcase Your Ride at the 2023 SEMA Show

The SEMA Show is also an ideal platform for builders to showcase their craftsmanship and creativity in the TORA Feature Vehicle Trail. The high-profile exhibit is located on the walkway between the West and North Halls.

The program is open solely to TORA members. This year's display will showcase 10 customized rides. Show attendees will vote for the fan favorite vehicle, with honors presented at the TORA Industry Awards Reception on Wednesday evening, November 1.

Vehicles will be selected by category—Jeep, off-road, overlander, Bronco, lifted, lowered, UTV or SUV/crossover. Candidates need to apply and provide a project description and photos and pay a premier feature vehicle fee of $1,500, of which $500 is donated to SEMA Cares, the association's nonprofit charity.

The exhibit is the centerpiece of the council's activities at the Show. And expectations are high that the display will again generate interest not only in the customized vehicles, but spark interest in TORA as well.

"The TORA Feature Vehicle Trail is a huge project for us," said Reasoner. He noted the plan is to heavily promote the vehicles through SEMA's social media channels both prior to and post-Show. "The more information prospective builders give us, the better we can maximize their exposure. By having their vehicle at the Show, builders gain recognition and opportunities for new business."

The application will go live in mid-summer. Vehicle selection to be announced in late summer–early fall. Stay tuned for details in SEMA News print and digital.

ETTN to Present New Engineering Awards at the SEMA Show

Calling all ETTN members and industry engineers!

Now for the first time at this year's SEMA Show, the Emerging Trends & Technology Network will present two new awards—Engineer of the Year and Best Engineered Vehicle of the Year. Two stellar opportunities to spotlight the engineering ingenuity that exists within the aftermarket industry.

The Engineer of the Year Award was established to honor outstanding engineering contributions to the industry, such as innovative breakthroughs in new technology or industry trends. To be eligible, candidates must present their reasoning as to what makes their product, approach to business or trend truly innovative.

The Best Engineered Vehicle of the Year Award has a different focus. The award's purpose is two-fold: To recognize the exceptional engineering quality of an entire vehicle or aspect of a vehicle that goes beyond just outward appearance. And by placing emphasis on engineers and their impact to the industry, the award will potentially draw more engineers into the aftermarket industry.

A key component of the award criteria requires that the vehicle be on display at the Show and that the vehicle build was completed this year. Because judging will take place at the Show, engineers are encouraged to furnish photos and a description of the engineering content prior to the Show—lest a qualified contender be overlooked.

A nomination form for Engineer of the Year will be available in June. A submission form for Best Engineered Vehicle will also be available in June. For more information or to request a nomination/submission form, email SEMA Council Director Nicole Bradle,

ETTN awards have always featured prominently at the SEMA Show. For 2023, the council adds Engineer of the Year and Engineered Vehicle of the Year awards. For more information or to request a nomination/submission form, email

Through service on the HRIA select committee, volunteer leaders play an essential role in advancing the Hot Rod Industry Alliance's (HRIA) agenda.

Following two years as chair-elect, Tim McCarthy is now chair. Jeff Grantmeyer is the chair-elect. McCarthy founded Hush Mat in 2003 and ZyCoat in 2018. Grantmeyer has spent his 14-year career at Borgeson Universal, where he serves as sales manager.

SEMA Member News invited them to talk about HRIA and its focus.

HRIA Welcomes New Leadership


HRIA hosts panel discussions on topics important to member companies, as seen here at an Education Days seminar at the NSRA Nationals that aimed at educating hot rodders on member-companies' products.

Tim McCarthy:
Harnessing Members' Voices

"The hot-rodding community has been at the forefront of the automotive customization culture since the beginning. We owe a debt of gratitude to the founding members. Joining HRIA was an opportunity to pay it forward.

Membership is nearly 300 strong and growing. We are the advocates for the hot-rod community. We bring resources that highlight issues important to our members.

Our focus is on the hot-rod builder—not just shops that end up in magazines, but the fabricator, upholsterer, painter, engine builder who are HRIA constituents. If builders are successful, everyone in the hot-rod channel will be successful.

Member benefits include networking and education events throughout the year. We host panel discussions on topics important to member companies. We host Education Days seminars at the NSRA Nationals to educate hot rodders on member-companies' products. And we provide input to the SEMA Board and staff on topics and issues confronting our

I hear people ask, 'What is HRIA?' Our select committee is led by volunteers committed to the betterment of the industry. We have numerous opportunities for members to join us. We are only as good as we are able to harness the involvement, power and voice of all members."

Jeff Grantmeyer:
Building the Builder Segment

"Borgeson was an HRIA member before I started with the company. When attending shows, I always attended open meetings and participated in HRIA Education Days as an attendee and a presenter.

This gave me a good idea of what HRIA is about and a chance to meet friends who were already involved. Having seen the value of HRIA programs and the camaraderie, I chose to give back and serve on the select committee.

Our primary focus is to ensure the future prosperity of the hot-rod industry and promote awareness of the hobby. As a select committee member, we advise SEMA as to what resources our industry needs and help to deliver those resources to benefit member companies.

The benefits include a biannual "Hot-Rod Industry Report," HRIA-sponsored seminars, member spotlights, industry and vehicle awards, panel discussions and feature vehicle opportunities at the SEMA Show. There are also meetings and mixers where members can network and share experiences.

Increasing membership, expanding existing programs and developing new programs are our priorities. To accomplish this, we are focused on the builder segment, increasing the number of builders who are HRIA members and on programs that will help the builder community—they are the heart of the hot-rod

Visit for more information on how to join HRIA.

Spotlight on MPMC Leadership

John Lambert

Brian Bohlander

The Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) has been the voice for performance parts makers since 1995. Volunteers serving on the MPMC Select Committee devote their time and expertise to guide the council and deliver resources.

Every two years, there's a leadership change. John Lambert is now council chair. Brian Bohlander is chair-elect.

Lambert has worked at Hypertech for 20 years. Now general manager, he was previously tuning manager and provided engineering support for Hypertech's sales team. During his 25-year career, Bohlander has been a race-car driver and team owner, worked with automotive brands and is currently Old World Industries' director of marketing and partnerships.

As they take on new roles, Lambert and Bohlander shared their thoughts with SEMA Member News.

SEMA Member News: What motivated you to get involved in MPMC?

John Lambert: During my time at Hypertech, I've been privileged to have Amy Faulk as a mentor. Amy advised that I get involved in MPMC. As one of MPMC's founders, that caught my attention. Being involved gives me the opportunity to ensure that motorsports parts manufacturers have a voice within SEMA.

Brian Bohlander: I've been fortunate to go from a race fan to a racer to a career in motorsports. The early years instilled a passion for this industry and introduced me to the importance of quality performance products. MPMC supports the continued growth of the motorsports industry for performance parts manufacturers. It's important to keep this segment in good hands and healthy for the
long term.

SMN: What makes MPMC valuable to the performance industry?

JL: MPMC was started to ensure that motorsports parts manufacturers have a seat at the table. SEMA incorporates all aspects of the aftermarket industry. Directing the SEMA train takes brain power and cooperation. MPMC gives our segment the opportunity to participate in that. I enjoy taking off my Hypertech hat and putting on my MPMC hat to represent all members.

BB: Now more than ever, it's important that we honor the history of the performance pioneers while still looking at new markets and technologies that will lead us into the future. MPMC has the opportunity to expand its focus beyond just hardcore racing components to also look at other automotive and off-road performance segments.

SMN: What are some key membership benefits?

JL: The MPMC Media Trade Conference is the crown jewel. Growing the conference and keeping the value high are top priorities. It offers an opportunity like no other—putting media and manufacturers together to brainstorm opportunities to create the best possible content.

The MPMC Business Guidelines Manual is an incredible reference document. We're generating webinar interactions based on the content to ensure it stays relevant. From liability insurance to the emissions certification process and all points in between, it is an amazing tool.

BB: MPMC is known for the Media Trade Conference but is much more. From best practices for performance parts manufacturers to education opportunities in the new-media landscape to networking with other manufacturers, MPMC is a valuable resource.

The MPMC Media Trade Conference held each January is the single largest event the council puts on to serve its member companies. For more information, visit

New SEMA Members
From January 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023

Advertising/Marketing Agency

Admark Inc.

Algorithm Digital Marketing


Lucid Media

Rachel Keenan Marketing

TimePiece PR & Marketing

Tread Partners


Tire Dealers Association of Canada


Automotive Solutions Corp.

Dimensional Engineering Inc.

EccoDrive Corp

First Buy Texas LLC

Hangzhou Xinyousheng Rubber Products Co. Ltd.

MP DEZGN Technology Solutions LLC


RCMJ Consulting LLC

S.D. Enterprises Inc.

Sitation LLC LLC

Torqata Data and Analytics

US Professional Funding

Vehicle Safety Research LLC


Dove Racing Enterprises

Nebula Tire USA Inc.


Alititude Speed and Fab

ESI Equipment Inc.

FC Racing LLC


Hononlulu Exotics

Icon Auto Pros


Mike's Tint Shop

RD Customs LLC

Unofficial Use Only

Wolfe Kustoms

Internet-Related Service

Atwix Inc.

Automotive Specialties USA



Slyng Inc. (Road Cartel)


Aces Fuel Injection

Advanced Resources

Alkota Cleaning Systems

Anhui Jagrow Auto Parts Co. Ltd.

Arksci Technologies LLC

Associated Electrics Inc.

Aufine Group Co. Ltd.

Autotech Engineering

Backwoods Builds/RR Frames

Balcrank Corp.

Bangin Headlights

Better Automotive Inc.

Boat Bling Inc.

Boomerang Rubber

Cali Raised LED

Caliber Products Inc.


Cascade Campers

ChargeDNA Corp. Ltd.

China Wheel (Taishan) Co. Ltd.

Cobra Engineering

Creative Products International Inc.

Custom Metal Shapes


Danyang Jinfeng Vehicle Technology Co. Ltd.

Danyang Spedking Auto Parts Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

DeLorean Motor Co. Inc.

Dezhou Fujiya Auto Accessories Technology Co. Ltd.

Drillforce Qianjun USA LLC

E5 Wheels

E-Auto Co. Ltd.


Enlighten Inc.

Extreme Canopy

Falcon Off-road Wheels

Foshan Baitai Auto Accessories Co. Ltd.

Foshan Chentong Cable Technology Co. Ltd.

Fu Fei Converter & Muffler (Taishan) Co. Ltd.

Full Throttle Wraps

Global Media Industry
Group Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Adtory (Minsheng) Automotive Technology Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Hongyi Zhiche Technology Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Jin Mai Ke Technology Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Kaqidun Auto Accessories Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Leeed Keakky Electronic Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Nuobei Auto
Part Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou OUGE Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Smart Cool Plastic Film Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Wantian Industrial Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Wonder Coating Technology Inc.

GuangZhou Zheyu Technology Co. Ltd.

Hamilton Cams Inc.

Hangzhou Ruika Technology Co. Ltd.

Hangzhou Taimei Performance Ltd.

Hanna Race & Design

Heat Seal LLC

Hebei Longrun Automotive Co. Ltd.

Hefei Deluxon Machining Co. Ltd.

Honey Polska Michal Urban

Hubei Shine Guys Auto Accessories Co. Ltd.

Huizhou Cartee Electric & Machinery Co. Ltd.

Iconic carbon

Inertia Lab


JApple International

JeliBuilt Performance LLC

Jeoutay Liu Industrial Co. Ltd.

Jiangsu Duhow Rubber Co. Ltd.

Joyall (Weihai) Tire Co. Ltd.


Key Technology

Kinghwa Toptrue Wheel Co. Ltd.

Klassic Keyless



Lucas Lighting YH LLC

Lumileds (Philips Automotive)

Lyon LLC

MadCraft Design and Fabrication LLC

Magicmotorsport Srl

Manti Manufacturing

MDV Truck & SUV Accessories

MegaPower Inc.

Metalmorphosis LLC

Minshine Auto Parts Co. Ltd.

MOTI 5 Inc.


Multivictor Technology Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Huasheng Air Compressors Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Kaisheng Auto Parts Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Kintop Autoparts Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Luxiang Autoparts Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Melbrio Machinery Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Phecda Internaltional Trading Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Suhao Autoparts Import and Export Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Weigao Auto Parts Co. Ltd.


ORZ GmbH & Co. KG

O-Tech (Jiaxing) Inc.

Overland Eagle Inc.

Paco Corp.


Phantom Offroad

Polycoat Products

Prince Precision

Proje Car Care Products

Qingdao Aonuo Group

Qingdao Aosheng Plastic Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Arivo Tyre Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Champ Tyre Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Juheng Rubber Products Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Marcher Rubber Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Wangyu Rubber Co. Ltd.

Race Candy Labs Inc.

RBL Products Inc.

Roadmarch Tyre Co. Ltd.

Rogue Van Co.

Ruc'd Up Industries

Ruffian Cars LLC

Sage Oil Vac/Acme Truck Body

Shandong Forlander Tyre Co. Ltd.

Shandong Hongyu Rubber Co. Ltd.

Shandong Luhe Group Co. Ltd.

Shandong Teraflex Tyre Co. Ltd.

Shandong Uniglory Tire Co. Ltd.

Shandong Yueheng Tyre Chemical Co. Ltd.

Shanghai GrandPaw Tools Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Sowell Industry Co. Ltd.

Shaoxing Huanxin Import Export Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen Gulin Power Technology Co. Ltd.


SpitFire Tuning

Starcke Abrasives USA Inc.

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Stromberg Speed Parts

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Total Fuel Systems

TRE 4X4 Productions

TW Tools

Ultra-Look Corp.

Uni-Power Tyre Co. Ltd.


Weller Racing LLC

Wenchi & Brothers Co. Ltd.

WestCoast Scooter

Westcott Designs Inc

WildLand International Inc.

Wilson Manifolds

Wolf 4X4 USA LLC

Yangzhou Haina Auto Parts Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Yin Ching Auto Parts Co. Ltd.

Yuelong Tire Group Co. Ltd.

Yuhuan Jiuren Machinery Co. Ltd.

Yuyao Shanfu Tools Co. Ltd.

Zen Automotive Suppliers Pty. Ltd.

Zhejiang Burley Tools Co. Ltd.

Zhejiang Guanxin Technology Co. Ltd.

Zhejiang Lianzhong Autoparts Co. Ltd.

Zhejiang Zhongyou Industry & Trade Ltd.

ZODO Tire Co. Ltd.

Manufacturers' Rep Firm

Modern Parts Sales and Marketing


Drift Indy

Jeep Beach Inc.

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Speiched Bliss Motorsports

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BoneYard Customs and Restoration Inc.

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Accent My Ride LLC

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Dark Trails Off Road Parts and Accessories DBA CargoMaxx Solutions

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