Observations From the 2022 PRI Show

Saving the Speedway

Fire-Breathing Power

"As if there wasn't already enough interest in Ford's Godzilla engine platform, son of Godzilla will ensure the fire-breathing monster is in the forefront of aftermarket product development heading into the 2023 season," wrote automotive journalist Mike Magda, reporting on the trends he picked up on for the February 2023 issue of PRI Magazine.

Magda added that other priorities for performance and racing companies include improved fuel-delivery products to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of new power-adder engine combinations, as well as more use of sophisticated simulators to expedite driver development and preparation before races.

"With the horsepower level that we're seeing these days, the racers need a real fuel system in the car," confirmed Phillip VanBuskirk, national sales manager of Aeromotive, Lenexa, Kansas, which is developing high-performance fuel components for race cars and late-model production cars like the Ford Mustang. "We're really stepping up the game for stock fuel tanks. They want a high-horsepower pump that can go into a stock tank, and they want brushless with a speed controller that can be tied to the ECU."

"Driving simulators will be the wave of the future to help drive down costs," promised David Smith, driver for Shockwave Motorsports, Sidney, British Columbia, Canada, which manufactures race-car simulators suitable for NASCAR, ARCA, Trans-Am, late models and Sprint Car training. A typical setup includes body, roll cage, window net, dash, steering and seating similar to the desired race car. On-track realism is achieved through three 75-in. high-def TVs, fully programmable travel vibrations, adjustable torque steering and even in-helmet sound. "It's one more tool for developing drivers," added Smith.

Sharp-eyed Show observers also honed in on several more trends that race-equipment manufacturers say will be key to a successful 2023, and addressing high-horsepower demands is high among them. Transmissions will have to be more robust to handle the power that bigger turbos and superchargers will deliver. Hub dynos that measure that horsepower will be essential to some teams. Innovations that save time in the garage or pits will also be embraced, and even companies that simply help racers get the race cars from the shop to the track are promising more comfort and utility.

Saving the Speedway

What's more, if new-product releases are an indication of the most popular engine in the country right now, then many of those race trailers will have cars powered by the Ford Godzilla engine. Meanwhile, aftermarket companies are developing improved versions of every component in a fuel system, including fuel tanks, pumps, hoses, fittings, regulators, injectors, and carburetors—all to keep up with the power demands of the engine.

Additionally, demand for "late-model stuff," including newer Ford and LS platform products, as well as lighter-weight billet parts, and even kits for big-wheel drag cars is expected to intensify in the coming year.

Breakthroughs for Buyers

For many buyers, Machinery Row always ranks among the Show's top attractions—and Daniel Adams, with CT Race Worx in Monroe, North Carolina, was on a mission there. A welder and fabricator specializing in side-by-sides and powersports vehicles, he was looking for new and upcoming welders, CNC tube benders, and air-driven and cordless power tools.

"Those are big things in our industry now, and every time I turn around [here], I'm finding something that I need and want," he said. A seven-year veteran of the PRI Trade Show, Adams noted that Machinery Row consistently proves valuable to his business. "We're able to increase production times and also the quality of our end products because we're able to find the tools and equipment that help us produce better product in the end," he said.

With motorsports broadening its appeal, especially among younger demographics, experts say the market for racing apparel, helmets, and safety gear is expected to continue expanding through at least 2026. Of course, comfort, lighter weight, and fire protection remain key factors for buyers, with manufacturers jockeying to differentiate themselves in the areas of quality, regulatory compliance, aesthetics and innovation.

Saving the Speedway

When it comes to the racing and performance, the annual Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show in Indianapolis offers a concentrated glimpse of the category and a foretaste of trends seen at the SEMA Show. Billed as the "three biggest business days in motorsports," the Show roared back to the Indiana Convention Center late last year, its aisles bustling with exhibitors and attendees eager to gain a competitive edge for 2023. It offered many takeaways that attendees of this year's SEMA Show should also keep an eye on.


As of August 15, 2023

ABRO Industries 20730

ACE International 21228

ACEON 20771

ACL Race 23722

ACUiTY 24431

ADDCO 23735

Advance Adapters 22425

Advanced Clutch Technology 22351

Advertising Edge 20576

AEM EV 24916

AERA-Engine Builders Association 23422

Aero Exhaust-Street Series Performance 20669

The Aeromotive Group/PerTronix 22743

African American Automotive Association (AAAA) 23753

AFR-Procar-RaceTec-Scat-Vortech 23433

Air Lift Co. 23743

AkzoNobel 22957

Alcon Brakes 23159

Alientech Srl 20235

All Automotive Megahub Inc. 23814

Alliant Insurance Services Inc. 20757

Ampere EV LLC 24613

AMSOIL Inc. 23529

AMS Performance 23729

Anhui Ningguo Hantai New Materials Ltd. Co. 20145

Antigravity Lithium Batteries 23869

AnzoUSA 20323

ARP Inc. 23211

ASNU Europe 24427

Associated Electrics 21643

AST/MOTON Suspension 21203

Atech Motorsports 22533

Aurobay 23915

Auto Meter 23111

Autotech Engineering 20137

Autotuner 20641

Backdraft Racing 23547

Baier & Michels USA 20139

Baja Designs/sPOD 24561

Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. 21427

BASF Corp. 20365

Battery Tender 24413

Baxter Performance 20226

BBK Performance 23511

BD Diesel 21241

BendPak 24821

bFlash 23111

Bigboi International 23114

BKC Motorsport 20773

Blaze Performance 24831

BluePrint Engines 22553

BOLT Motorsports 21547

Borla Performance Industries Inc. 22965

BOSS HOG Torque Converters 23823

Braille Battery Inc. 23420

Brembo 23367

Buddy Bar Casting 23021

Bully Dog/SCT Performance 21603

Cam Motion Inc. 23561

CAMMUS 23715

Castrol 23811

Centerforce Clutches, a Division of Midway Industries 22620

CFR Performance 20004

Chevron 24023

Cleantools Inc. 23631

Clutch Industries 24650

Cobb Tuning 23111

COMP Cams 22443

Covercraft Industries LLC including Lloyd Mats 22943

Coverking 20313

CP-Carrillo 22523

Crank Motorsport Australia & USA 20256

CSF Cooling 21411

CTEK 23555


Currie Enterprises 23469

CUSCO USA Inc. 24533

CWI Performance 23969


DashLogic 20018

DeatschWerks 20577

Derale Performance 22419

Design Engineering Inc. 20613

Diesel Emission Technologies 24833

Different Trend Inc. 20619

Dimsport 20637

Disc Brakes Australia 23911

DNA Motoring 20343

Dongguan Susheng Manufacturing Technology Co. Ltd. 20022

Driven Racing Oil 22711

DSCsport 20173

DTE Systems USA 23329

Dynapack Dynamometers 20071


Dynocom Industries Inc. 20213

Eaton 22763

EBC Brakes USA Inc 24067

EcuTek 23111

Edelbrock Group 22443

eFlexFuel 20019


Elantec Industrial Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 20547

Emtron Australia Pty Ltd. 20014

ENEOS Motor Oil 24233

Equus 23111

Ercolina-CML USA Inc. 20223

ETL Performance Products Inc. 21529

EXEDY 20025

E-Z UP Instant Shelter 20269

Factory Five Racing 22453

Featherlite Trailers 20713

Federal New Power/FI performance 20064

Fidanza Performance 23225

Flash Drive Motors 24417

Flex-A-Lite 22511

Fortune Auto 21521

FTI Performance 22429

FuelTech ECU 24015

Fu Fei Converter & Muffler (Taishan) Co. Ltd. 20232

Fupower Co. Ltd. 23919

Gandrud Performance Parts 21415

Garage Collective 20052

Gintani 21341

Globaltech Auto Parts Co. Ltd 20244

GMB North America 24216

GNS Auto Parts 24529

Gofront Tudor Autoparts 24628

Gold Eagle Co/303 Products 21254

Goodridge 24064

Granatelli Motor Sports Inc. 23311, 23315

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine 23726

Greddy Performance Products Inc. 21539

Green Filter 22835


GTR Simulator 20046

Guangdong Meizhou KamLung Auto Parts Co. Ltd. 24212

Guangzhou Adtory (Minsheng) Automotive Technology Co. Ltd. 24014

Guangzhou ChiBenDa Automobile Radiator Co. Ltd 20050

Guangzhou Dekadi Auto Parts Co. Ltd. 24886

Guangzhou Wantian Industrial Co. Ltd. 20147

Hamburger's Superchargers Inc. 23455

Hangzhou DJ Machinery Co. Ltd. 20059

Hangzhou Haihua I&E Co. Ltd. 20032

Hangzhou Magic Power Racing Parts Ltd. 20527

Hangzhou Taimei Performance Ltd. 20157

Harrop Engineering USA 20531

Hastings Manufacturing 22927

Hawk Performance 22933

Heatshrink.com 24218

Hebei Kinglin Rubber & Plastic Tech Co. Ltd. 20230

Hedman Performance Group 22343

Hefei Deluxon Machining Co. Ltd. 20036

Helical Technology Ltd. 20063

HELLA 23643

Hengshui Haofa Rubber and Plastic Co. Ltd. 24880

Hengyi Turbocharger 20640

Hillco Fastener Warehouse 23418

HKI Air Suspension 23765

HKS USA Inc. 21553

Holley 22463

Hondata Inc. 22627

Hoppo's Hydraulics & Air Ride Suspension 20239

Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Foundation 80000

Hot Shoppe Designs Inc. 20753

Hot Shot's Secret 23261

Howards Cams 23223

HP Tuners 23351

HSD 20636

Hypercraft 24713


ICE Ignition 23614

Idemitsu Lubricants America Corp. 24267

iMohr Technic & Design 23818

ImportAlliance 21206

Injen Technology Co. Ltd. 22861

Innovate Motorsports 23111

Integrity Light Metals LLC 24884




Jagrow Performance 20057

Jamo Performance Exhaust 20731

JBOM 20755

JEGS High Performance 24119

Jiangsu Kaller Auto Parts Technology Co. Ltd. 24429

Jinhuan Auto Parts Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 20067

JMD Tubes LLC 20227

JMS CHIP Inc. 22515

JRZ Suspension Engineering 24328

Justice Brothers Inc. 22814

Kaeser Compressors Inc. 20119

K&N Engineering Inc. 22331

K&P Engineering 20012

Kano Labs-Makers of Kroil 23618

KC Specialty Tube 24528

KEMA Enterprise Co. Ltd. 20062

Keystone Automotive Operations 21249

KONI Shock Absorbers 24033

Kooks Headers & Exhaust 22631

KTS Turbobillet X 23719

KW Automotive 23143

L.A.SLEEVE 20079

Legend 7 Motorsports 24935

Leonardo Diagnostic Tool 20149

Lincoln Electric 23411


Lithium Pros 22715

Livernois Motorsports & Engineering 20270

Logpro 20252

LucasClassic 20024

LYKT 24878

Mackin Industries Inc. 22811, 22911

Magicmotorsport 20013

Magnaflow 23243

Magnuson Superchargers 22867

MAHLE Motorsport 22733


McLeod Racing-Silver Sport Transmissions-FTI Performance 22429

Meguiar's Inc. 22357

Melling Performance 23653

Meziere Enterprises 22614

Miller Electric Manufacturing LLC 23229

Milltek Corp. 24313


Minshine Auto Parts Co. Ltd. 21220

Mittler Bros Machine & Tool 20537


Mothers Polish 22843

Motive Gear | Richmond 23265

Motor State Distributing 22831

Multivictor Technology Co. Ltd. 20632

Mustang Dynamometer 21229

National Emblem Inc. 22719

National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) 10000, 10003

Neotech Co. Ltd. 24549

Netami USA Inc. 20735

NGR Performance 24210

Ningbo Govi Auto Parts Co. Ltd. 24995

Ningbo Henri Development Trade Co. Ltd. 20749

Ningbo Lingmai Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 20078

Ningbo Pino Metal Products Co. Ltd. 20739

Ningbo Racing Performance Products Co. Ltd. 20729

Ningbo Sunrising Silicone Hose Co. Ltd. 20571

Ningbo Xinlu Polyurethane Industrial Co. Ltd. 20563

Ningbo Yinzhou Moxin Auto Parts Co. Ltd. 20156

Ningguo BST Thermal Products Co Ltd. 20761

Nitron Suspension 23865

Northern Radiator 20249

Nostrum High Performance 23519

NRG Innovations 20113

ODYSSEY Battery 23659

Öhlins Racing AB 24929

OptiTorque Technologies 21208

ORACLE Lighting 20555

Orthene 24648

OS Giken USA 22725

O-Tech (Jiaxing) Inc. 21210

Pacific Performance Engineering 21351

Penske Racing Shocks 23569

Performance Design 23219

Performance Electronics 22524

Performance Plus 20278

Performance Racing Industry 22321

Performance Tube Bending 20038

Perma-Cool Inc. 22527

Pirngder Industry Co. Ltd. 20767

PML Inc. 21262

PolyDyn Performance Coatings 22626

Power Automedia 23664

PowerflexUSA 21224

Power Service Products 24117

PowerStop LLC 22611

Precision Engine Parts 20775

ProCharger Superchargers 23663

Prosport Gauges Inc. 22415

Pulsar Turbo Systems 24882

PWR Advanced Cooling Technology 23443

QA1 21357

Qingdao Greatwall Automotive Parts Co. Ltd. 20236

Qingdao JTLD Industrial and Commercial Co. Ltd. 20727

Qingdao Reliable &Trust Car Parts Co. Ltd. 20741

Qingdao Senho Tech Trade Co. Ltd. 24993

QTP Quick Time Performance 23935

Quarter Mile Foundation 10010

RaceDeck 21503

Race Ramps 23769


Race Winning Brands 22563

RacingJunk.com 24211

Ragazzon 20631

Ramair-We Are Filters 24223

RECARO Automotive 23447

Redcat 21215

Redi Global, Ltd. 20630

Red Line Synthetic Oil 23133

Red Roberts Inc. dba Driveline Components Co. 23220

Red Wood Enterprise Co. Ltd. 20745

Refone Auto Power Co. Ltd. 20626

Reliable Automotive Equipment Inc. 24827

Renegade Racing Fuels and Oils 23414

Revex International Co. Ltd. LLC 20155

Ridgeline Lubricants 23929

Robert Bosch LLC 23711

Rockstar Performance Garage 21403

Royal Purple Synthetic Oil 23343

RS Racing Auto Parts Co. Ltd. 23622

Ruffian Cars 21653

Ruian Dofi Modifted Co. Ltd. 20055

Ruian Jia Beir Auto parts Co. Ltd. 23965

Ruian Niki Trade Co. Ltd. 24779

RYNO Classifieds 23463

SamcoSport 22518

SAMGTOS Auto Spare Parts Co. Ltd. 20769

S&B Filters 23165


Scorpion EV 24513

Scotchman Industries 20178

Sea Foam Sales Co. 20238

Seamless Tanks 23660

Seibon Carbon Anderson Composites 21451

SEMA Data 20678

Shanghai Jiawen Performance Industries Co. Ltd. 21533

Shanghai Kaizuo Auto Parts Co. Ltd. 20246

Shenyang Xinjin Auto Parts Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 20131

Shenzhen JDDTECH New Material Co. Ltd. 24111

ShiftPower-USA 23427

THE SHOP Magazine 22628

SHW Performance 22521

Silver Sport Transmissions 22429

Smeding Diesel LLC 21209

Sonnax 20255

Sound Ware (Liang Fei) Industry Co. Ltd. 20672

Spaceloc Corp. 21260

SPAL USA 24543

SPA Performance USA 23515

Spec-D Tuning 20331

Specialty Auto Parts/Proform 23035

Specialty Products Co./Peterson Fluid Systems 20519

Speed Dawg Shift Knobs 20176

Speedhut 24622

Speedmaster 22753

Sprint Booster/JRP Inc. 23333

Sprintex Superchargers & E-Compressors 20217

Spyder Auto 20353

Stage 8 Locking Fasteners Inc. 22730

Stainless Headers Manufacturing Inc. 23623

Summit Racing Equipment 81180

Sunoco Race Fuels 20567

Sun Top Hi-Tech Manufacturing Inc. 20743

SuperFlow Dynamometers & Flowbenches 21256

Supertech 24029


Suzhou Hualaimei Auto Parts Technology Co. Ltd. 24214

Suzhou Linker Automotive Co. Ltd. 20159


Swisstrax 21257

The SWITCH Lab 24421

TAROX Brakes 24217

Team Plus 21218

Techflex 23543

Tech Line Coatings Industries Inc. 23624

TEIN USA Inc. 22823

Thorney Motorsport 24936

TILTON 23129

Timpte Inc. 20655

Topgear 23363

Topgear Tuning Ltd. 21216


Torque Trends 24813

TotalEnergies Quartz Engine Oil 24466

TPI Arcade Inc. 24835

Trans Am Worldwide 21221

Traxxas 21329

TREMEC 21441

Trickflow 23011

Turbosmart USA 21513

Turnkey Trailers 81010

Turn 14 Distribution 21303

U&C Auto Parts Co. Ltd. 23565

UCoat it 21237

UFI Filters 20158

United Engine & Machine 23523

Universal Air Suspension 21317

UpRev LLC 20647

Valvetronic Designs 20165

Valvoline Global 24342

Vance & Hines 23027

Vapor Trapper 24777

Versodeck 21663

Vibrant Performance 24129

VMP Performance 23922

Vorsteiner & Gunther Werks 21615

VP Racing Fuels 22315

Wagner Tuning Inc. 23829

Wavetrac Differentials 23321

Wenzhou Dongjinlong Safety Equipment Co. Ltd. 20077

Wenzhou Jeatu Safety Systems Co. Ltd. 20166

Wickedflow 21263

Wilwood Disc Brakes 24327

Winjet Automotive 20513

Woolf Aircraft Products Inc. 20263

World Union Supply Chain (USA) Inc. 24530

Wossner Pistons 23521

Wuxi Booshiwheel Power Technology Co. Ltd. 20127

Wuxi Speed Automotive & New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. 21230


XForce Performance Exhaust 23015

Yellowspeed Racing Co. Ltd. (TCR International Co. Ltd.) 21507

Yibai Auto Parts 20747

Yi Jeong Industrial Co. Ltd. 20154

Yin Ching Auto Parts Co. Ltd. 20234

Yuhuan Jiuren Machinery Co. Ltd. 20020


Zeitronix 24435

ZF 20024

Zhejiang Kylight Industry Co. Ltd. 20037

Zhejiang Yazhixing Automobile Components Co. Ltd. 20625

ZING-KING Inc. 24555