A New Overlanding Market Takes Root

It's no secret that overlanding has been one of the fastest-growing segments in the automotive aftermarket, and as it has gained popularity over time, the market has diversified. This can be seen in the types of vehicles employed as build platforms. Once dominated by midsize Toyotas, the overlanding segment has grown to include Jeeps and, increasingly, fullsize HD pickups with their superior load-carrying capability.

Now, yet another vehicle type has entered the sector, and it has ushered a new generation of backcountry enthusiasts into the pastime of overlanding. Known as adventure vans, camper vans or, occasionally, "glamper" vans, these vehicles represent a fast-growing segment of the overlanding market and offer a potential new revenue stream for aftermarket outfitters looking to partner with existing van builders, for established coach builders looking to diversify their product lineups, or for startups looking to capitalize on new opportunities in a fresh market.

For the purposes of this article, vehicles referred to as "adventure vans" generally fall into the category of Class B motorhomes. They are smaller in size—typically 17–23 ft. in length—and generally less luxuriously apportioned than the more expansive Class A and C motorhomes manufactured by companies such as Winnebago and Thor Motor Coach. Also, unlike their larger counterparts, they utilize existing OE light-truck chassis and bodywork, making them a more attractive alternative for consumers on a budget. They're also more economical to own, thanks to better fuel economy, and their smaller size makes them easier to maneuver and park.

In the North American market, the preferred platforms for these vehicles are typically 1-ton Ford Transit, RAM Pro Master or, most commonly, Mercedes Sprinter chassis, all offering all-wheel drive as the standard drive configuration, and base prices for these vehicles in stock (unmodified) trim start in the $45,000 range. Fully equipped, an outback-ready unit can list for six figures, so this segment represents a potentially lucrative source of income for businesses in the specialty-equipment market.

The State of The Market

Whatever their classification, RV sales are at an all-time high. According to a 2021 manufacturer survey conducted by the RV Industry Association, an industry record 600,240 wholesale shipments were recorded in 2021, an increase of nearly 20% since 2017. At present, the adventure van segment alone represents a $16.8 billion global market, a figure that is forecast to reach $24.8 billion by 2027, according to a 2022 survey from Marketwatch.

"The adventure van market continues to grow rapidly," said Scott Brady, Overland Journal publisher, "but the primary markers of success are differentiating features, unique manufacturing processes, or improvements to backcountry performance. Van builders are creating a unique offering or a performance advantage are continuing to garner long lead-times and full production schedules."

"The market has seen rapid growth over the recent five years, with new builders coming online almost every month," said Eric Miller, co-funder of TouRig, a Colorado-based van conversion company. "We're seeing new accessory companies introducing new product innovations that are directly catered towards the Adventure Van consumer. We are also seeing very nice cross-pollination with the outdoor industry, something that for years was somewhat a controversial subject."

"It's my understanding that Class Bs are the fastest-growing segment of the RV market," said Neil Morse, owner/promoter of the nationwide Adventure Van Expo series. "We still have tons of new people coming to our shows that have never seen them."

"It's a market that's really been growing the last few years here," said Oliver Bahr, president for the Americas with Dometic, a manufacturer of products for the adventure-lifestyle market. "The van market has really been growing well for us."

How well? "When we entered the market in 2014, there were around 10–12 real players in the space, excluding the behemoth RV brands," Miller recalled. "Today, there could be as many as 150-plus builders contributing to the adventure van space."

Owner Demographics

According to our experts, adventure van owners tend to differ from conventional RV owners by their desire to travel further afield than what's allowed by a bigger, bulkier Class A motorhome. "All-wheel-drive vans allow access to more remote campsites, hiking trails and similar points of interest," said Brady. "Adventure vans tend to correlate with hikers, mountain bikers and outdoor photographers."

"It's usually an active couple or family," Morse said, with varied outdoor interests: "Biking, skiing, paddle boarding, surfing and the like." Miller concurred: "Our biggest demographic is the outdoor enthusiast with a strong passion for outdoor recreation such as fishing, hunting, biking, skiing, etc."

Despite a sometimes-steep price of entry, the segment exerts a strong appeal on younger consumers. "We get customers in their 20s, but more frequently they're people in their 30s who've been working an office job for 10 years, and now they just want to travel," said Duran Morley, founder and CEO of The Van Mart, a California-based van conversion company.

As a rule, though, the typical adventure van consumer base skews somewhat older. "We generally see a middle-aged consumer with an adventurous spirit looking to enhance their journey through travel," said Miller. "This new category has made the journey as much fun as the destination."

What They Buy

Overlanders have higher-than-average levels of disposable income (see "Backcountry Business Tips," SEMA News October 2022), and players in the adventure van segment can benefit from an enthusiast customer base that's willing to spend plenty of money to customize their vehicles to their exact liking.

"The segment's growth is focused around accessories that improve the capability and appearance of the vans," said Brady. "Lift kits, bumpers, racks and even snorkels abound." Miller agreed, mentioning upgraded suspension packages, larger wheel/tire combinations, rear tire carriers, rear storage boxes, roof racks and ladders as popular items.

Morse similarly pointed to tires and wheels along with "anything battery-powered" such as cellphone boosters, and Bahr mentioned products that offer "modularity—being able to take that freezer, refrigerator or a cooktop from the inside to the outside of the van."

Most of our experts agreed that price is secondary in importance to quality for most adventure van owners, so manufacturers of higher-end componentry can find opportunities for growth. "People are willing to pay for the quality, and they want to make sure that they have the right product for when they're off grid," Bahr noted. "They don't want to be in a difficult position out in the wild."

COVID and Campervans

All of our sources agreed that the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 turbocharged growth in the market as locked-down consumers with extra time on their hands looked for recreational opportunities away from crowded spaces. The pandemic "sent [business] through the roof!," Morse exclaimed.

While COVID played a part, Brady also noted that growth "began with the availability of the AWD Mercedes Sprinter," while adding a caveat. "As return to work has increased and financing has become more expensive, we have seen some reduction in growth. In particular, the standard van builders are seeing a reduction in order rates. However, the vans with more bespoke interiors or improved capability are still performing well."

Adventure travelers often utilize social media to share their travel experiences with others, and our panel of experts recommended maintaining a robust social presence to optimize consumer outreach.

"People enjoy a sense of community, and they like to share within that community," Bahr said. "We have a distinct set of users in this side of the business, where they like to share their ideas, they like to share their experiences, they like to show what they've done, what they've built and what they're using. So engaging with that community is a really critical aspect for a brand like us."

Future Challenges and Opportunities

While our experts were optimistic for the near-term future, some expressed concerns about a slowing economy. Morse had an eye out for the consequences of the Federal Reserve's recent inflation-fighting measures given their affect on financing costs. "A rise in interest rates may take some players out of the van market," he said.

Still, most of our experts agreed that the smaller Class-B platform would prove resilient in the face of competition from the bigger vehicle classes. "It's still headed favorably in our direction," Morse said. "We have a very economical and maneuverable platform with the diesel Sprinter. For couples, you can't beat it. You can get into 19-ft. spaces and still have a bed, bath and shower."

"The majority of the growth will come from the brand name offerings as they have access to the dealer networks and financing required for volume sales," Brady said. "The most pressing challenge is chassis availability, with demand for Mercedes AWD Sprinters exceeding allocations. We need more AWD van options from companies like Nissan and RAM."

As bigger players such as Airstream and Thor bring their own Class-B vans to market, our experts agreed that adventure vans' public profile only figures to increase in the near term.

For the future, Morse pointed to electrification as the next big potential growth driver. "I think we need to work on E-vans sooner than later. If we get them into the 400-mi. range (fully loaded), we will see an explosion in the market."

Bahr also noted the future movement "towards self-sustaining power, which has been massive, using solar energy to power the battery packs to then power up refrigerators, cooktops and whatever else may be within the van.

Overlanding Remains a Market Mover; EVs GAIN A FOOT HOLD

››› Besides having the capability to transport their owners to remote areas, adventure vans can also offer all the comforts of home—it all depends on what buyers want, and the size of their budget. Courtesy TouRig

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Flowmaster FlowFX Cat-Back Exhaust for '22–'23 Tundra 3.5L

This Flowmaster FlowFX Cat-Back Exhaust System for the '22–'23 Toyota Tundra trucks with the 3.5L engine is manufactured using durable 409 stainless steel throughout and features dual 2.50-in. mandrel-bent pipes for better exhaust gas flow, and a FlowFX "straight-through" muffler is used for an aggressive to moderate sound level and maximum performance. This system exits out both sides, behind the rear wheels, with dual 4.00-in. black ceramic tips for added style and a custom look. The system uses all the existing factory hanger locations and is backed by Flowmaster's lifetime limited warranty.

Sawtooth Industries Expandable Tonneau

The Sawtooth Tonneau is a groundbreaking and patented expandable truck bed cover designed to provide consumers with unmatched flexibility and utility. The stretchability of the Sawtooth tonneau cover offers a unique solution for a variety of situations, enabling customers to load more, haul more and do more. This expandable tonneau cover is a game-changer in the industry, providing an innovative alternative to traditional "flat-only" tonneaus. Sawtooth, a SEMA Launch Pad finalist, specializes in innovative automotive cargo management solutions.

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Superlift 3- to 4-in. Lift System for '21–'23 Broncos

This kit features FOX 2.5 Performance Elite series coilovers with dual-speed compression adjusters front and rear. Manufactured with aluminum bodies, 7/8-in. chrome shafts and compression adjusters, which allow easy tuning of high- and low-speed
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The Uber Lite Rooftop Tent is an option for campers who prioritize mobility, convenience and comfort. Its lightweight aluminum slat base and frame make it easy to carry, install and setup with a total weight of only 104 lbs. Ideal for smaller CUVs/SUVs that may not have the capacity to carry heavier rooftop tents. Features a 93x 47-in. mattress and made with high-density foam that is 1-in. thick. With a total open height of 39 in., there's plenty of headroom for sitting up and relaxing.

Warn Industries HD Electric Hoists

Available in 800-lb. (363 kg) and 1,000-lb. (454 kg) capacities, the DC800 and DC1000 hoists can be used on everything from work truck cranes to the back of large overlanding rigs that need a hoist to lift their large spare tires into place. The new DC-powered hoists are equipped with powerful 12- or 24-volt permanent magnet motors, and the reliable all-metal three-stage planetary gear train is smooth, quiet and super-durable.