New Products Entry Form


The New Products Showcase at SEMA360 provides exhibitors with an outstanding opportunity to introduce new products, packaging and merchandising displays to industry buyers and media.

Increase Exposure—To provide exhibitors with even more exposure during and after the Show, and for buyers and media interested in the products they see in the Showcase, the following product information will be detailed on SEMA360 New Product Showcase:

  • Product Name
  • Company Name
  • Part #
  • MSRP
  • Product Description (as provided on New Product entry form)

Additional Publicity—Product photographs will be featured in SEMA News. They will also be promoted to the media and available to buyers.


All SEMA360 manufacturers are invited to include their products in the showcase.

For the purposes of this program, a New Product is defined as one that is manufactured or exclusively distributed by a company exhibiting at this year's SEMA360, was introduced to the marketplace after last year's SEMA Show, and is available for shipment within 90 days after the close of this year's SEMA360.

Products not meeting the above criteria may be entered as a Featured Product and will be displayed in the Showcase. Featured Products are not eligible for a New Products Award.

Prototypes, mock-ups and vehicles are not allowed.

Please note tires entered into the Tire & Related category may be mounted on an unbranded wheel, or a wheel from one of our confirmed exhibitors.


The first four (4) products entered in one category in the New Products Showcase are free, all additional entries are $29 per product category before October 9, 2020 and $59 per entry thereafter.


Enter your company's product(s) online at

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