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Exhibitors must deliver their products themselves, on-site. This can be done by bringing the product with them to the Show, or shipping the product in advance to the Freeman warehouse*. All entries must be personally checked-in at the Skybridge Meeting Room 5 on Saturday, October 31st, from 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.; Sunday, November 1, from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; or Monday, November 2, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.  (products not completely checked in by 10 a.m. Monday will not be judged.)

*Exhibitors who ship their products prior to the Show must unpack the product themselves. Pre-shipped products must be received at the Freeman Warehouse by October 24, with the shipping label (provided online when registering your product) affixed to each box. Pre-shipped products will be delivered to the Showcase area on Saturday, October 31st, where they must be retrieved and checked in by a representative of the exhibiting company.


A small display stand is permitted. Products that contain small parts or multiple pieces should be mounted on a display board. The product should fill the entire display board and not take away from the product being displayed. The only graphics permitted on the product display board or stand are company or brand name and logo. No marketing, advertising, sales or description copy will be allowed. Show Management has the right to disallow or remove any displays.

Entry may not be mounted onto another part to show how it works. However a single photo may accompany a product in the Showcase. The photo may be no larger than 8 ½”x11” and may not contain any marketing, advertising, sales or description copy. The photo may only show usage or application of the product. Exhibitor must provide an easel or standing frame that is no larger than the photo. Show Management reserves the right to remove any photo not meeting these requirements.

Prototypes, mock-ups and vehicles are not allowed.

Large products may be placed on the floor or a table. Exhibitors may bring a printed photo to display if the product is too large.

Due to display space limits, if your product is available in more than one color we request you display it only in one color when possible.  Alternately, a chart (no larger than 8 ½”x11”) of additional colors may be displayed next to the product. The color chart cannot contain any marketing, advertising, sales or description copy. Exhibitor must provide an easel or standing frame no larger than the color chart. Show Management reserves the right to remove any chart not meeting these requirements

Please bring bulk items pre-assembled, the way you would like them displayed. This will greatly minimize your check-in time onsite.

Products with movement are permitted with Show Management approval, as long as the movement pertains to the usage of product and does not create a safety hazard. A rendering, description and dimensions of the displays involved must be e-mailed to newproducts@sema.org prior to the show for approval.

No flammable liquid is accepted in the showcases.

Computers and Software—Entrants who wish to display a home page, application, or computer catalog may do so. Software may be displayed on a laptop computer or mobile device.  Entrants must arrange for their own electrical power through Freeman. Devices must be self-sufficient and set to run for the entire Show. Running presentations must only demonstrate the product and may not include sales or advertising content. Devices must be set to display themselves and may not be interactive. The SEMA Show, the SEMA Judging Committee and Show Management are not responsible for any equipment or software on display during the Show. Show Management reserves the right to prohibit presentations deemed inappropriate at their sole discretion.

If a product entry is purely or primarily digital in nature (i.e. GPS unit, ECU tuner, diagnostic tool, etc.) exhibitor may display a single sign explaining the programming and/or functionality alongside the product. Such signage may not exceed 8 ½”x11” and exhibitor must provide at easel or standing frame no larger than the signage itself. This signage cannot contain any marketing, advertising or sales copy. Show Management reserves the right to remove any signage not meeting these requirements.

Showcase Signs—Show Management will provide a sign for each entry. Only signs prepared by Show Management are permitted. Signs will include exhibiting-company name, booth number, product name, part number, retail price, and a product description that exhibitor provides.  Exhibitors are encouraged to provide a comprehensive description in the space provided on the form.

Samples of Entries—Exhibitor must supply one product sample per each New Product category entered, to be on display in each of the showcases entered. Each entry must also be displayed in the exhibitor's booth.


Exhibitors have the option to have their New Product(s) packaged and shipped back to them by UPS at the end of the SEMA Show. Instead of exhibitors returning to the New Products area on Friday afternoon, they can arrange during check-in (see times above) for on-site UPS personnel to handle this.

Exhibitors may instead pick up their New Products between 3 p.m.- 7 p.m. on Friday, November 6. If you do not pick up your product during this time you may go to the Show Office in Room C102 between 8 a.m. - noon on Saturday, November 7 to retrieve your product. Products not picked up by noon on Saturday, November 7 will be considered abandoned and destroyed.


While security is provided at the New Products Showcase, SEMA and Show Management cannot accept any responsibility for entries. By completing the entry form, you expressly waive and release SEMA and Show Management, their respective directors, officers, employees, agents and/or servants from and against any and all liability for damage, destruction or loss of the entry submitted to the New Products Showcase or any consequential loss or damage whatsoever.


Freeman will handle all labor for New Products. If your product requires a cart or labor for check-in, complete the Labor Order form located in your Online Exhibitor Services Manual. Carts will be provided during check-out on Friday, November 7 until 8 p.m.


Installation and the cost of electricity are the exhibitor's responsibility. Contact Freeman at 702/579-1700 to arrange service.


Enter your company’s product(s) online at www.SEMAshow.com/newproducts.

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