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Wilwood Disc Brake’s Introduces New Ford F-250/F-350 Truck Brake Kit Upgrades

Wilwood’s TX6R Tactical Xtreme front and rear brake kit upgrades are now available for all single rear wheel (SRW) 2013-2017 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty four-wheel drive trucks. Using components and technology originally developed by Wilwood for tactical, armored and extreme-duty specialized applications, TX6R kits provide unmatched braking capacity and durability. These kits are ideal for all types of high-demand highway, towing, hauling, commercial and heavy load off-road applications.

Supplied with BP-20 composite-metallic SmartPads, all the necessary hardware, and a detailed installation guide, these application-specific systems are designed for full compatibility with the OE hydraulics and ABS system controls.

MSRP starts at $2,127.94 each for the front and rear kits.

MEK Magnet – Love your Jeep!

MEK Magnet – Love your Jeep!
Product and Company Profile

First Time SEMA exhibitor MEK Magnet is a California company specializing in customizable magnetic Jeep Armor. MEK Magnet was started by a Jeep enthusiast, who after driving some unsafe lines to avoid scratching her Jeep's paint realized the added danger in off-roading a little vanity brings. Stylish, high-performing, durable & customizable Jeep Armor was created to address this very need and a company from the love of off-roading & Jeeps was born.

About MEK Magnet
MEK Magnet is owned and operated by Monika Kalenski and based out of San Diego. Monika is a fitness and outdoors enthusiast, dog lover and avid off-roader with favorite wheeling trails in California’s Big Bear and Rubicon Areas. Monika’s love for Jeeps and passion to create innovative, purposeful and fun products will definitely make MEK Magnet a brand to watch.

Product Information

Ceramic Pro Partners With Carfax To Protect Vehicle Values

Ceramic Pro is helping maximize the resale value of their customers' vehicles by reporting product installation details to Carfax. Vehicles treated with Ceramic Pro, the revolutionary liquid nanotechnology that protects paint and eliminates the need to wax your car, now are identified on Carfax Vehicle History Reports and the myCarfax.com mobile app.

Ceramic Pro protects a vehicle's paint from corrosion, UV damage and oxidation while simultaneously enhancing its gloss finish. Making this information available through Carfax is beneficial for both buyers and sellers. Shoppers can buy with more confidence knowing that these are vehicles a previous owner invested in to protect, and may be willing to pay a premium for them.

Autopromotec “FOLLOW ME” - International Projects | An Italian arena of excellences in automotive aftermarket| Come and meet the Italian companies at SEMA Show, Oct 30th - Nov 2nd 2018, Global Tire Expo section, Booth 43286

Autopromotec “FOLLOW ME” - International Projects
An Italian arena of excellences in automotive aftermarket
Come and meet the Italian companies at SEMA Show, Oct 30th - Nov 2nd 2018, Global Tire Expo section, Booth 43286

Why Autopromotec FOLLOW ME?!

Autopromotec is the most specialized exhibition of garage equipment and aftermarket products that takes place every other year in Bologna, Italy (next edition: May 22-26, 2019). It hosts the finest of the Italian production in these fields, known for its top level of quality, research, innovation and reliability.


Aug. 2, 2018 (Corona, CA.) – The new JEEP Wrangler JL has been a knockout home run and anyone who owns one claims it as their favorite ride. The JL by itself, off the factory floor, is a true marvel and all the new aftermarket upgrades make it that much better. The latest products from ZROADZ Dynamic LED Mounting Solutions is the suite of Front Roof LED Mounting Systems and like always, every system is available as a complete kit or as brackets only.

ZROADZ, the innovative market leader in LED Mounting Solutions, is offering vehicle specific LED light brackets & mounting kits. The collection includes various hood mounted brackets, A-Pillar Pod Mounts, A-Pillar / Front Roof LED Mounts, Rear Roof Modular System, Rear Hatch LED Brackets, Spare Tire LED Mounts, and a Rear Bumper LED Mount.

American Made and built to last, ZROADZ has tastefully addressed the need for quality LED mounts. You really can go all out with full forward projecting and perimeter LED Lighting options.

Stop Screwing With Your Nuts… Get The Thread Detective®

Innovative Components Inc. will be unveiling the new All-In-One Thread Detective® thread pitch identifying tool at the 2018 SEMA/AAPEX Show in booth 52217. This unique device is the most useful and necessary tool in any mechanic's tool box, tire shop, automotive repair shop, and in every gearhead’s garage. The Thread Detective® is a precise, portable and easy-to-use thread identifier for nuts, bolts, tapped holes, mounted or affixed studs, including lug nuts and wheel bolts.

DU-HA with Lockable Lid

DU-HA, Inc of Fergus Falls, MN has released their underseat storage unit with lockable lid for the 14-18 GM/Chevy LD and 15-18 HD Crew Cab.

We've all tried to store the gear we keep in our truck - in the console, on the seat, or thrown under the back seat. Yet, we never seem to have enough storage room and we are never fully organized. That's why we made the original truck storage - the DU-HA. The DU-HA allows you to store your guns, gear, power tools, tie down straps, and so much more under the back seat of your truck. Now, with the new lockable lid, your gear and valuables will be even more secure. The new DU-HA's with lockable lids are still manufactured from heavy duty polyethylene, include organizer/gun rack set, and are made in the USA.

The DU-HA with lid retails for $349.95 and includes a lifetime warranty. For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit www.du-ha.com, or call 1-866-306-3842.

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent Gets An Outdoorsy Facelift


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Niagara Falls, NY (2018) – Napier Outdoors is excited to unveil a fresh new look for the Backroadz Truck Tent! Launching March 2019, the Backroadz Truck Tent will feature earth tones of green and grey and storm flaps built into the windows for privacy and additional weather protection. Change is hard, but the new color scheme and functional improvements make the redesigned Backroadz Truck Tent a welcome addition to the Napier line.

The 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler Maintains Style With 10 Unique Looks From T-REX Grilles

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 07/23/2018 - Corona, CA: The 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL may be the most advanced & well rounded Wrangler ever produced. New sophisticated sensors, improved off road capabilities, and refined comforts make this the Wrangler that everyone has ever wished for. The latest JL platform holds the Jeep’s legacy with a great beacon of achievement and now T-Rex Grilles is offering 10 unique grille upgrades that retain that distinguished Jeep look.

Every T-REX Grilles for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL is mounted as an insert behind the Vehicle’s factory grille. Designed for a quick and easy bolt-on installation, no drilling or no cutting is required.

Meyer Distributing is coming to SEMA!

Meyer Distributing is coming to SEMA!
You’ve heard the name, you’ve seen our trucks and now you can see us live at SEMA, booth #31309! Meyer Distributing is excited to announce we will have our first ever exhibitor booth. Starting in the small town of Haysville, IN and growing into the national company it is today, Meyer Distributing has been a family-owned and operated business. As a leading national aftermarket wholesaler, you will not find a better friend in the industry than Meyer Distributing. We are proud to treat each and every one of our customers as a valued friend and partner. Meyer Distributing’s network of trucks, focus on customer service, technology and 900+ product lines offer customers the total package.
Our product lines include:
• Truck and Jeep aftermarket accessories
• RV and towing parts and accessories
• Wheels, tires and suspension
• Gas and diesel performance
• Commercial, Fleet and snow parts and accessories

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