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Take your iPad to the next level with an enclosure that is rugged, attractive, and affordable.

Introducing the T3 Armor Enclosure, the new newest edition to the Mob Armor tablet line. This is Mob Armor's affordable solution to iPad protection and mounting. These enclosures are CNC laser cut from 0.10" 5052-H32 Aluminum, powder coated for durability, and assembled using high density closed cell EVA foam, and 18-8 Stainless Steel hardware.

T3 Armor Enclosures maintain access to the 3.5mm audio jack, front camera, charging/data port, rear camera, power button, volume buttons, home button, and feature 75mm VESA mounting pattern. The T3 Armor Enclosure is offered for iPad's 7.9, 9.7, 10.5, and 12.9 screen sizes. See and feel for yourself this year in SEMA's Upper South Hall.

All Mob Armor products are designed and manufactured in California, USA.

The Detail Guardz Dirtlock Bucket Insert - Prevent Swirl Marks

The Turbine Dirtlock bucket insert is the most powerful defense against swirl-marks and scratches. Each time your wash mitt touches the car you pickup millions of dirt particles. When you dunk your hand in the wash bucket they will float around, waiting to re-attach to the glove and scratch the vehicles paintwork. Effectively you are sanding the surface and dulling the finish.

The Turbine Dirtlock separates any debris and dirt particles that accumulate in your wash bucket. It does this by utilizing fluid dynamics and creating a suction effect in a downward motion. Each time you move your wash mitt in the bucket, it pulls debris and traps it under the screen. This gives you clean, filtered water to re-use and safely wash your vehicle with, without the fear of scratching the paint and dulling the surface.

Ingersoll Rand® 2850MAX 1” Impact Wrench

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The Ingersoll Rand® 2850MAX 1” D-Handle Impact Wrench is the most powerful 1” pneumatic impact wrench in the Ingersoll Rand vehicle service portfolio. The 2850MAX has 2,100 footpounds of maximum reverse torque to loosen stubborn lug nuts with less effort from the technician. It delivers 5,500 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 770 blows per minute (BPM) to complete heavy-duty tasks. The 2850MAX is available with a 6” anvil or a standard anvil.

The tool’s 6” anvil helps remove bolts from deep tire wells on large vehicles like semitrailers, buses, trailers and tractors. The tool is also available with a standard anvil to
accommodate a wide variety of heavy mechanical automotive applications. A steel core and optimized internal mechanism provide technicians the power they need without adding extra weight to the tool.

Other advantages of the 2850MAX 1” D-Handle Impact Wrench include:

Ingersoll Rand® IQV20 Series W7152 1/2” Impact Wrench

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The Ingersoll Rand® IQV20 Series™ W7152 1/2” Impact Wrench is the most powerful cordless impact
wrench in its class. It delivers 1,500 foot-pounds of nut-busting torque and 1,000 foot-pounds of max
reverse torque. The W7152 is a compact 8.1" long from tip to tail and has a 360-degree shadowless task
light to provide exceptional access and increased visibility in hard-to-reach spaces.
The Ingersoll Rand IQV power control system gives technicians the power
they want and the control they need to complete jobs accurately and
quickly. The compact brushless motor transfers energy efficiently,
delivering accurate torque for repair and maintenance applications
including work on transmissions, suspensions, sub-frame bolts,
transmission pans, struts and more.
Intuitive Power and Control Settings
The W7152 has four power and control settings. Each setting operates at
maximum reverse torque, so technicians don't need to switch settings to remove a stubborn fastener.

Seasoned Aftermarket Professional Ed Jones returns to Bartec USA!

Sterling Heights, MI [August 2018] – Bartec USA the North American leader in TPMS Diagnostic tools, announces the re-hiring of Ed Jones as National Sales Manager for their Eastern Region. Ed, recently with the JS Products, is widely known as a successful leader in the automotive aftermarket. He has rejoined the Bartec USA team and brings his vast knowledge of TPMS, Sales, and Customer Support to their team.

According to Bartec C.E.O. Scot Holloway, “Ed was integral part of our growth and success during his first tenure at Bartec, and we are looking forward to his assistance with the new opportunities that are ahead!” “Bartec has launched exciting new products and solutions for the aftermarket with many more coming, and we needed someone with an exceptional background; Ed is that guy!” continued Holloway.


• CAN Bus communication for easy connection and logging through other CAN Bus devices such as Dashes, ECUs and Loggers
• Flexible CAN Bus setup. User selectable:
• CAN Bus Speed: 1Mbps, 500 Kbps, 250 Kbps, 125 Kbps
• CAN Bus ID: Standard (11 bit) and Extended (29 bit)
• CAN Bus address: 0x0000 to 0x7FFF
• CAN Bus update rate: 1ms (1000Hz) to 250ms (4 Hz)

• Two 0-5 V analog outputs: Ethanol % and Fuel Temperature for use with Dashes, ECU and data loggers.
• Error indication in event of signal absence from the Flex Fuel Sensor
• Optional real time E% Ethanol Content Gauge.
• Digital output for Zeitronix ZR-1, ZR-3 Lambda / AFR Gauges
• High quality, high performance, low cost, and made in the U.S.A.

ZEITRONIX ANNOUNCES NEW Zt-3 CAN Bus WIDEBAND AIR/FUEL RATIO DATALOGGING SYSTEM Extra wide Lambda (AFR) range for lean burn and Diesel engines

• The Zt-3 CAN supports CAN Bus communication for an easy connection and logging through other CAN Bus devices such as Dashes, ECUs and Loggers
• Extra wide range CAN Bus 3 decimal 16 bit Lambda 0.625 to 4.000
(AFR 9.18 to 58.80) suitable for lean burn and Diesel engines

• Flexible CAN Bus setup. User selectable:
• CAN Bus Speed: 1Mbps, 500 Kbps, 250 Kbps, 125 Kbps
• CAN Bus ID: Standard (11 bit) and Extended (29 bit)
• CAN Bus address: 0x0000 to 0x7FFF
• CAN Bus update rate: 1ms (1000Hz) to 250ms (4 Hz)

• Precise wideband air/fuel ratio (lambda) measurements
• Sensor warm up and sensor errors indication
• Linear analog wideband output for use with 3rd party EUCs, loggers, and gauges
• Adjustable, simulated narrowband oxygen sensor output
• Digital output for Zeitronix ZR-1, ZR-3 Lambda / AFR Gauges
• High quality, high performance, low cost, and made in the U.S.A.


Battery Saver 6 & 12 Volt 50W Battery Charger, Maintainer and Tester! Part Number: #2365-LCD

UNION CITY, CA (2018) - The Battery Saver #2365-LCD is a fully automatic 6 and 12 Volt Battery Charger, Maintainer and Tester. This device is capable of quickly charging a battery, safely maintaining it for long periods of time and diagnosing any voltage related issue with its built-in LCD digital battery tester.

This versatile tool is perfect for maintaining batteries in cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s and motorsport applications.

About Battery Saver
BATTERY SAVER, a GRANITE DIGITAL company, is a California based manufacturer of high quality vehicle battery chargers, maintainers, testers and jump starters. They have provided superior quality products and customer service for over 30 years. To learn more, please visit

The lifting world is on the digital rise!

This summer we have developed at a rapid pace. Rolling out new features for shops, manufacturers and service providers.

For our shops we have spent many hours developing Lift Locker to create a safer and more efficient workplace. We now offer on the dashboard direct communication with service providers to receive and save estimates. This also allows for questions to be asked about your equipment or upcoming service work. Additionally offering, updated equipment and issue tracking to help optimize your service department at a level never before known.

A whole new view on spray gun design

SATA complemented their product portfolio with an extraordinary range topping model, the SATAjet® 5000 B® PHASER, developed in cooperation with the Porsche Design Studio.
Combining a unique look with high-quality materials and sophisticated technical features unusual for a piece of spray equipment, the SATAjet® 5000 B® PHASER™ offers a whole new view on spray gun design.
While maintaining the proven nozzle technology, the PHASER™ is identical to the SATAjet® 5000 B premium spray gun – utilizing the same nozzle concept, it also has all other proven technical features which already define the SATAjet® 5000 B series as an outstanding spray gun.
The PHASER™ – the perfect equipment for the exceptional moments.
Stop by and see this spray gun in our SEMA booth # 10609 North Hall. SATA /Dan-Am Company 800-533-8016

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