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REMA TIP TOP has designed and developed a Gooseneck Stitcher for the tire repair industry that has been tested for ergonomics. With this new design, tire technicians can achieve enhanced stitching performance and maneuverability with comfort and efficiency. The engineered design permits better control as the tire technician maneuvers the Gooseneck Stitcher inside the crown and sidewall area of the tire to ensure good adhesion while reducing stress to the wrist and hand.

“When we started the design phase of the Gooseneck Stitcher, it was important that we solve the challenges that tire technicians have been communicating to us. REMA TIP TOP focused on how to create a tool that gave the technician more control, but reduced the force they needed to exert.” states Brian Bennett, Business Development Manager at REMA TIP TOP.

Bray Group HQ Announces New Bray Product lines and its media FAQ

Release Date - May 14, 2018

California, USA - May 4, 2018

With the windshield protection industry steadily growing, more and more consumers are flocking towards the product. From dealers to installers to the everyday customer, people want windshield protection for their vehicles. However, very few individuals understand what it is all about. In an effort to reduce confusion and increase an overall understanding of what our windshield protection products have to offer, Bray Group has created two easily accessible media accounts to address the questions we receive the most ─ the Bray FAQ Instagram and Facebook pages.

Offering premium LED lighting for snow & ice removal equipment

GERMANTOWN, WI., July 25, 2018 — J.W. Speaker Corporation is pleased to announce its popular Model 9800 5” x 11” LED headlight, designed especially for municipal trucks engaged in snow and ice removal, has been upgraded to a new version called to the Model 9800 HS. This LED headlight is built specifically for heavy-duty trucks plowing interstate highways at higher speeds, and is also ideal for residential streets.
The Model 9800 HS offers 33% more heating power than its predecessor, thanks to the addition of heating traces to the outer edges of the unit. Its new streamlined lens deflects snow and ice bombardment that typically overwhelms headlights, especially those traveling at high speeds. As a result, this new LED headlight will de-ice faster while countering the effects of “ice bridging” experienced in high-speed plowing.

Daystar Leveling Jack Foot Pads

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Daystar's Leveling Jack Foot Pads allow you to level your RV, motor home, or 5th Wheel Trailer while providing a stable, rugged, and non slip platform for your leveling jacks to interface with the ground.

Manufactured using a Proprietary Polyurethane Blend these Leveling Jack Foot Pads will withstand the elements, and are impervious to grease, solvents, and liquids. State of the art manufacturing backed with a lifetime warranty assures you that not only are you buying the best products, you are covered for life!

We take great pride in our products, every Leveling Jack Foot Pads is proudly Made in the USA and inspected by hand to assure the quality you deserve.

So toss those heavy wooden blocks and clumsy jack leveling pads. No more crawling around on your hands and knees. Isn't it time for more fun and less work? Install your Leveling Jack Foot Pads and enjoy the ride!

- Lifetime Warranty
- Nearly Indestructible Proprietary Polyurethane Blend

Daystar Dual Wheel Chock with 3' Plasma Rope

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Daystar's Dual Wheel Chocks with 3' Plasma Rope Tether are simple to set and remove and prevent your vehicle or trailer from moving during camping, maintenance, or storage. Daystar's Wheel Chocks are securely tethered by 3' of Plasma Rope which ensures that you never misplace a chock and can be used to remove the chocks when ready to travel.

Daystar's Dual Wheel Chocks are made of a high-density, progressive polyurethane that is durable, anti-corrosive, and oil-resistant. The pad’s contact surface has a tire tread shape molded in to it, keeping the trailer's tires more secure.

- High-Density, Progressive Polyurethane Wheel Chock
- Dual Chock with 3' Plasma Rope Tether
- Durable, anti-corrosive, and oil resistant
- Easy placement, removal, and storage

VooDoo Offroad Leash

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Is your hound or child* out of control? Then you will certainly appreciate this little bit o' VooDoo! Introducing the new VooDoo Offroad Leash. Priced at $24.99 these leashes are produced using the same 1/2" Kinetic Recovery Rope we use to recover UTVs! With a breaking point of 11,700 lbs and a tough UV, Chew, and Slobber Resistant Coating, these leashes are strong enough for any hound or child*. VooDoo Offroad Leashes are available in VooDoo Green or Charcoal Black, have a loop handle on one end and an aluminum clasp on the other end to properly secure your hound or child*.

- 1/2" Kinetic Recovery Rope
- Die Cast Aluminum Clasp
- UV, Chew, and Slobber Resistant
- Strong Enough for any Hound or Child* with a Breaking Strength of 11,700 lbs.
- Stretches 10% Reducing Stress and Creating Pain-Free Corrections to your Hound or Child*
* Not seriously recommended for use on a children (yeah, we actually have to say that)

Ditch Hitch® Is Serious About Vehicle Recovery Safety

The Ditch Hitch® is the only vehicle recovery system on the market certified by a Professional Engineer to be shock loaded.

The forces involved in extracting a vehicle stuck in mud, snow or sand are enormous. The Ditch Hitch® is the safest way to free a vehicle because it’s designed specifically for handling dynamic loads. Towing chains, straps with hooks and other systems can easily support heavy weight but they are only suitable for static-load applications like winching and hoisting. They are prone to breaking under dynamic loads experienced during vehicle recovery. Used in conjunction with nylon recovery straps or ropes with eyelets, no metal fixtures, the Ditch Hitch® eliminates the use of chains, slings with tail chains, tow ropes with hooks, shackles, trailer balls and pintle hitches etc. These items were never intended to withstand dynamic, shock load forces often needed to get unstuck.

0% APR

Nitroheat has announced the launch of a new zero-percent APR program for Q3 of 2018.

According to the company, the demand for Nitromax and Nitroweld systems has allowed it to implement this new deal for customers.

With immediate effect, customers can now have their equipment financed at a 0% APR. All new clients will also receive a Nitro Stat Gun for every Nitromax system purchased during Q3 of 2018. This offer will end on Sept. 30, 2018. The program is structured to benefit the end user to offset the repayments with the financial benefits derived from material savings and improved productivity, according to the company.

Derek Naidoo CEO of Nitroheat states: “We realize the challenges of purchasing capital equipment and its impact on cash flow, therefore, through our leasing partnerships, we are now able to assist our clients by amortizing the cost of the equipment without incurring any interest on capital.”

HaulGauge delivers weight, payload, tongue weight and more to your smart phone via Bluetooth.

HaulGauge is returning to SEMA 2018 with a brand new product. After the initial success of HaulGauge 20 and 50, HaulGauge now wirelessly connects to an app.
HaulGauge displays GCW (gross combined weight) of your truck and/or trailer. In addition, HaulGauge now includes: Tongue Weight, Payload, Pin Weight and Weight Distribution.
Benefits of HaulGauge are convenience, peace of mind, confidence, and safety.
Simply plug the HaulGauge connector into the OBD2 port, download the app, and follow the instructions. The app is available on both iTunes and Google Play.
HaulGauge helps drivers to know what they tow and make informed decisions about their loads.
HaulGauge develops innovative Towing and RV products. The HaulGauge team of engineers and scientists, located in Provo, UT, has over 25 patents issued and pending. HaulGauge was founded in 2013 by Michael Hall, a veteran automotive engineer and grandson of Dr. Tracy Hall, inventor of the first man made diamond.

KISAE Expands Best Selling Charger Line-Up with Launch of DC-DC Models for RV’s, Van Conversions and Off-road

KISAE Technology has rapidly become a recognized name in the power electronics business, and their line of battery chargers is expanding with the launch of DC-DC battery chargers.
The KISAE smart DC-DC battery chargers can charge the auxiliary house bank from the engine alternator or from a solar panel. These compact chargers come in 30A (DMT1230) and 50A (DMT1250) sizes and provide a microprocessor controlled 3-stage battery charger to the auxiliary battery. The dual input may be either the engine battery alternator or MPPT (maximum power point tracking) solar which maximizes the solar panel input and shortens recharging time.

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