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Shark A7 is a innovative arm designed to speed up and simplify spot welding operations; in the most difficult to access area. Thanks to the patented "large opening" design the end section of the Shark A7 Arm opens 90 degrees by a quick release button. Shark A7 allows access to welding operations impossible to reach with traditional systems.

The Shark A7 is offered Exclusively by Telwin USA and Equip Automotive Systems. Please Visit our Booth 16707 for a full demostration on how this innovative Shark A7 Arm can save you more than time when making safe repairs.

-SURLY Soap- Throws a Curveball in the soap industry

Finally someone is changing how we clean up. Instead of using old pumice based soaps, SURLY is introducing its new scrub technology. A soap formula and mechanical scrubber that does the cleaning for you. Available in 3 different densities, AGGRESSIVE, MEDIUM, and MILD. Choose the right soap for the job!
See what it means to be SURLY @

Madico Debuts New Products and Dealer Support Initiatives at SEMA 2018

Stop by booth #12461 for live demos of the latest automotive films and a sneak peek of Madico’s new and improved dealer support programs.

LAS VEGAS – Madico, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of materials-based solutions, will be exhibiting at the 2018 SEMA Show, showcasing its new products Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic automotive film and Protekt® paint protection film as well as unveiling the company’s new dealer focused initiative, “The Madico Experience.”

There finally here!!! SURLY Soap MINIs

After much anticipation and many request SURLY is introducing the MINIs. The baby brother to our full size bars. Designed with the same scrubber for on-the-go or just someone with very tiny hands. Each MINI comes in its own resealable bag for multiple uses. Finally a small bar with a big punch. Remember to get your'Soap with Attitude!"

SURLY Soap "Soap with Attitude!" New Product 2018

SURLY Soap is the most innovative hand soap for removing paint, dirt, and grime. Designed with a built-in finger rail, this powerful hand soap combines a cleansing soap with a powerful infused scrub pad for a refreshing cleanse. This infused soap works from within to penetrate stubborn compounds and reveals itself the more you use it.

SURLY Soap is introduced at SEMA 2018

SURLY Soap is excited to be breaking into the Automotive industry @ SEMA 2018. Check out the "Soap With Attitude" while "Punishing the Dirt!"


Five-time Pro4 off-road racing champion Kyle LeDuc will make his SEMA Show debut this year in the WD-40® Brand booth where he’ll share how WD-40 Brand products help his vehicle withstand extreme racing conditions.

LeDuc’s 4,000-pound EVVO II Ford Raptor with 4-wheel drive, 900 horsepower, V8 carburetor and a chromoly tube chassis will be on display in the WD-40 Brand booth (#62129 located outside by South Hall) throughout the week-long show, October 30 – November 2. LeDuc will be at the WD-40 Brand Booth Friday, November 2 from 9 – 11 a.m.

The EVVO II will be a must-see for SEMA attendees as the paneling is made out of carbon fiber – which is the next level in a sport in which most race vehicles have aluminum paneling. With CNC cut frames, the carbon fiber exterior provides a lighter weight but more strength and reliability than most other competitor’s trucks.

The future at SATA starts with an X - introducing the SATAjet X 5500

The SATAjet X 5500 featuring the new X-nozzle system now defines a new application standard for the future.
Why a new nozzle technology system?
During recent years our industry has seen a lot of changes. Complementing the introduction of waterborne paints, primers, clearcoats and other paint materials too have also been adapted to comply with legislation. As a result, a wide range of paint system technologies with different viscosities as well as new paint application methods have been and are still being developed.

What was the situation up to now?
Depending on the recommendation of the paint manufacturer and on the properties of the paint material, painters could choose whether they wanted to use the HVLP or the RP technology.

Rock‘n‘Roll with the SATAjet 5000 B!

At SEMA 2018, the German manufacturer SATA, producer of high-performance spray guns, breathing protection equipment, filter regulator units, cup systems and accessories, displays its new product launches under the exciting motto: Welcome to the "Sweet Sixties".

BILSTEIN Offers New Shock Rebuilding Tools Plates, plugs, wrenches & more are designed to help racers with damper tuning.

Poway, California, May 16, 2018 - Global performance suspension company BILSTEIN introduces a new line of Motorsports Tools designed for shock tuners and race teams that perform their own maintenance, repair and tuning of BILSTEIN dampers.

Created to make servicing BILSTEIN’s take-apart and rebuildable products quicker and easier, the seven new tool offerings include:

Rod Guide Removal Plate

Spherical Bearing Insert Tool

Nitrogen Fill Tool Assembly


Rod Guide Insert Tool

46mm Tube Plug

Damper Vice Assembly

“We’re proud to introduce this lineup of Motorsports Tools for the tuners and racers who compete and win with BILSTEIN products at tracks everywhere,” said Aaron Morey of BILSTEIN. “These new, professional tools are just another way for us to build on our company’s 50-plus years of motorsports heritage.”

Some quick facts about the newly introduced tool lineup

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