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Why TuxMat Is the Preferred Car Accessory of Tesla Model 3 Owners

It is in the nature of the EV industry to always be seeking innovative ideas, and to focus on constant evolution. How can a vehicle be faster, cheaper, safer, more comfortable, more sustainable...? TuxMat Inc. makes a unique product that has the ability to keep up with the ever-evolving EV market. It is in TuxMat’s nature to be aligned with change, as they are always quickto add the newest vehicle models to their roster of custom fit car mats.

With laser scanning technology, TuxMat takes the scanning data of your car floor to produce custom-fit mats that mold to your car like a second skin. TuxMat’s method of development is particularly beneficial to EV drivers. Due to their lack of a transmission, these new-age cars haveflat floors, so conventional car mats aren’t cutting it. This is a key reason why Model 3 owners are choosing TuxMat, for precise fitting mats that provide them with maximum coverage, efficiency, extra safety features, and added luxury for their EV.

How TuxMat is Trendsetting with Their Ultimate Car Mat

TuxMat’s Advanced Utility and Elevated Luxury Redefines the Necessary Vehicle Accessory

The Toronto based company, TuxMat Inc., manufactures their custom car mats, and are always adding products for the latest vehicle models to their product list. Standard universal fit mats allow everyday elements to destroy your car floor, and their constant shifting about can be a potential driving hazard. TuxMat has the technology to take a thorough laser scan of your vehicle floor in order to make mats that fit your car like a second skin. Additionally, TuxMat uses a unique design component that matches your TuxMat to the interior panel texture of your vehicle for a consistent look, and sleek finish.

Muscle Car Crate Rear-ends from Currie Enterprises Make Swaps Simple

Currie Enterprises announces a new, streamlined way of ordering a bolt-in 9-inch rear-end for Ford, GM or Mopar muscle cars. This "smart" part number system of over 16,000 new numbers enable customers to order complete rear setups with a single part number. These crate assemblies can be purchased with a variety of options such as big brakes, gear ratios and differential types. Whether you have a 1950s Tri-Five, 60s muscle machine or a late-model Mustang or Camaro, Currie has you covered.
Please find the file attachment on this press release for a complete list! Now Offers Printed Seat Belt Webbing

(405) 736-0088 Now Offers Printed Seat Belt Webbing

Customize Your Seatbelts to Match Your Style

Oklahoma City, OK, August 2019 – SeatbeltPlanet is excited to announce the latest in custom seatbelts: printed webbing. In response to a growing demand to one of a kind, bespoke seat belts, SeatbeltPlanet has spent much time and effort in determining the best methods for printing onto seatbelt webbing.

Now, if you can dream it, they can print it. Whether you want camouflage, a totally unique color, or your own unique design, SeatbeltPlanet is ready to print it. Your one of a kind ride just became that much more unique. SeatbeltPlanet will work with your design and their design team to make sure the print will look great and exceed your expectations.

No more boring seat belts! The time for custom printed webbing is now.

About Celebrates 20 Years of Race and Performance Classifieds With New Features, New Partners Celebrates 20 Years of Race and Performance Classifieds With New Features, New Partners

(North Adams, MA -- July 31, 2019) Founded in 1999, celebrates 20 years as the #1 online race and performance classifieds by continuing to give racers and auto enthusiasts what they want -- dream cars, parts and real people on the end of the line (even when it’s a T1 line). With 2 million+ visitors a month, RacingJunk is an active part of the grassroots race and performance community.

RetroSound featuring the "Grasshopper" 1965 Ford Econolone One-Of-A-Kind, Seen On TV Creation.

Retro Manufacturing is please to announce that booth #23889 will be featuring a specialty vehicle 1965 Ford Econoline van conversion known as the "Grasshopper". This vehicle is a one-of-a-kind dragster that has been featured on Season 1 of Restoration Garage and covered by Truckin' Magazine. It features a mid-engine 460ci V8 and is air-bag suspension. The vehicle is fully customized include frame, body, paint and interior. This unique creation will be featuring a full RetroMod audio system from RetroSound on display.

About Retro Manufacturing, Henderson NV – Retro Manufacturing is the industry leader in audio and custom seatbelt solutions for the classic vehicle restoration market. Founded in 2007, Retro Manufacturing has cultivated a reputation for offering the highest quality radios and audio components and currently holds 4 U.S. Patents. Retro Manufacturing is also a producer of OEM replacement seatbelts for the classic vehicle restoration market.

A Tool to assist with lifting wheels and tires

TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart is a tool that assists with the lifting of wheels and tires while removing them from the vehicle during a service. The cart carries the weight of the wheel/tire assembly. The technician therefore does not need to use their back, avoiding an injury.

Off road shops benefit greatly while using the cart due to the larger size of the tires that most jeeps and trucks use. Servicing brakes, building axles, suspension cycles, tire rotations, and countless other services are easily done while utilizing the carts capabilities. Even lining up European wheels that use lug bolts is a breeze while using the TRAC tire rotation assistance cart.

The Original Hoffman MiniLift

The Original Hoffman MiniLift, proudly offered to the North American market by Hoffman Services Inc.
Since 2011, the Original Hoffman MiniLift has been demonstrating its single-column, fully electric mobile lifting capabilities; capable of lifting a 5,000 lb vehicle.
The Hoffman Mini-Lift is European designed, engineered and manufactured by IME Autolift.
Complete with 120 volt electric, there is no need to run any additional electric, the Original Hoffman MiniLift ships, fully-assembled to each end user from Newark, NJ.
Over the last five years, the Original Hoffman MiniLift has become a popular addition within the facilities of both major automotive industry leaders as well as mechanical repair shops, bodywork companies, collectors and the like.
This versatile lift can be used in shops or home garages of any size, reducing strain on vehicles and providing ergonomic design benefits.

Pedal Car

MOdern DriveLine has pedals fitted for your Ford Mustang, Cougar, Fairlane, Galaxie, Falcon, Comet, Torino Ranchero. Whether you are replacing or installing a Manual for the first time we have a clutch pedal for your vehicle. They provide an OEM look and will mount easily into stock position.
These pedals are made to mount in stock position for that factory look. They feature a removable pin for easy mounting. Engineered and carefully crafted laser cut from quality materials featuring CNC bends 100% made in the USA 208-453-9800

GM Hydraulic Clutch

Modern DriveLine is celebrated for its Ford application but we also have many GM Hydraulic solutions too.
These are not just a bunch of parts that work together they are engineered, tested & proven solutions for Camaro/Firebird, Chevelle/GTO, Corvette, Nova, Impala, Tri-Five’s, C-10. & many more. Offering a light pedal feel and precise actuation these GM specific designed kits are finally the answer for your Project.
If this is just as an addition to your stock set-up or part of our complete drive line solutions are the painless way to what our customers call “the best upgrade they have done to their vehicle.” 208-453-9800

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