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Trusted from Raceways to Driveways – BorgWarner Debuts New Products at 2018 SEMA Show

• New super-cores for BorgWarner’s Airwerks® and Engineered for Racing (EFR™) lines of turbochargers make their show debut at SEMA
• James Deane’s BorgWarner-boosted Formula Drift 2018 Championship car will be on display, Deane and teammate Piotr Więcek will be in the booth from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 30th
• The company’s booth showcases its comprehensive portfolio of EFR™ and AirWerks® Series turbochargers

Auburn Hills, Michigan, October 26, 2018 – Designed for ultimate performance, BorgWarner’s advanced performance aftermarket turbochargers are trusted by motorsport and performance enthusiasts as well as everyday drivers seeking improved engine output. At this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, 2018, the company will showcase its extensive lineup of Engineered For Racing (EFR™) and AirWerks® Series turbochargers, including new, higher-power offerings, at booth 25125.

Lingenfelter debuts 1000 HP street package on the 2018 Lingenfelter Continental Tire Camaro at The SEMA Show

Lingenfelter debuts 1000 HP street package on the 2018 Lingenfelter Continental Tire Camaro at The SEMA Show

October 23rd 2019

Winning Performance Through Innovative Engineering has been the name of the game for over 45 years at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. Always pushing for more, Lingenfelter released a 1000 HP Street Package for the LT4 engine which runs on 93 Octane pump gas late summer of 2018. Our goal is to offer performance upgrades, which can be tracked, yet remain very reliable and well street-mannered.

In an effort to push the ZL1 to an unknown territory, the Lingenfelter “Eliminator Series” was born. The Eliminator Series encapsulates our newest generation of performance parts and packages. The ZL1 was the development vehicle for the components, however, it’s not limited to the Camaro. The Eliminator Series of performance parts will be applicable across all or our platforms car and truck.

Holley Releases Fabricated Dual Plenum Intake Manifolds for LS1/2/3/6 Engines

Holley is pleased to announce the release of their Dual Plenum Intake Manifolds for LS1/2/6 and LS3/L92 engines. The unique look of this intake will surely stand out from the crowd! Additionally, the use of two plenums solves increases airflow into the engine and creates even dispersion of air into the intake ports.

The use of one tapered plenum for each bank of cylinders allows the entire volume of incoming air to be distributed to that specific bank. The tapered shape of the plenum also helps increase air velocity directed to each of the intake runner ports.

The dual plenum design features extremely long 12-3/4” runners to develop low-end torque making this intake an ideal “street” intake. The intakes are finished in silver and black anodized finishes for durability and good looks. A 3/8” fuel rail kit include a laser engraved Sniper logo and are capable of supporting 750+ horsepower.

Holley Releases Single Plane Split-Design Race Intake Manifolds

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of Single Plane Split-Design Race Intake Manifolds, which have been developed specifically for high-performance and race Gen III LS engines with cathedral port heads and 4150-style square-bore flanged carburetors or throttle bodies. Their special two-piece split configuration allows easy disassembly for direct access to internal plenum and port surfaces and makes custom porting and matching a snap – a feature usually found only on the most expensive race intakes.

Lighter and less than half the price of other split race manifolds, Holley Single Plane Split-Design Race Intake Manifolds are ideal for 5.3L to 6.2L+ displacement applications and rock-solid up to 7000 rpm. The single-plane design provides extra hood clearance and optimal performance across the entire RPM band, and captured O-ring seals at the split and all eight head ports make reassembly simple and precise.

Holley Releases Sniper EFI Systems For Quadrajet Applications

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of Sniper EFI Systems for Quadrajet applications, which eliminate the need to continually rebuild 50-plus-year-old Quadrajet carburetors on classic Chevys, Pontiacs, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, and GMCs. Able to support up to 500 naturally aspirated horsepower with four 100 pound-per-hour injectors, it's the first bolt-on spread-bore electronic fuel-injected throttle-body system that doesn't require additional adapters, sealing plates, or intake manifold swaps.

OPTIMA® Batteries Unveils Collection of New Battery Accessories

OPTIMA® Batteries, the global leader in high-performance automotive and marine batteries and digital battery chargers, is debuting a collection of new battery accessories at the 2018 SEMA show. This new offering will allow enthusiasts to install an OPTIMA battery tray or case in their vehicle for more protection and further customization. The new OPTIMA accessories will be available on the OPTIMA Batteries website and in retail locations in 2019.

Vibration and impact shock can significantly affect performance in extreme applications and the new OPTIMA battery accessories provide superior impact shock reduction and vibration isolation. They can be used in a wide range of applications, including off road, drag racing, street rods, boating and more.

Stars of Bitchin’ Rides to Make Celebrity Appearance at Race Ramps SEMA Show Booth

ESCANABA, MI – Oct. 25, 2018 – Race Ramps announces that Dave Kindig and Kevin “KevDogg” Schiele, stars of Velocity’s Bitchin’ Rides, will be making a celebrity appearance in the Race Ramps booth in Central Hall #21201 on Friday, Nov. 2nd , 11:00-12:00. Kindig and Schiele will be available for a meet and greet and autographs.

“Dave, Kevin and the entire Kindig-it Design crew are great ambassadors for our products,” said Rich Heinz, owner of Race Ramps. “What’s better than to close out the SEMA Show on Friday with the Kindig-it duo.”

The Kindig-it Design shop is outfitted with a variety of Race Ramps products to help the crew work on various car projects. “I like Race Ramps because they are light weight, stow away easy and look great under a Bitchin’ Ride,” said Dave Kindig.

BorgWarner Releases New High-performance Turbochargers Catalog

• BorgWarner’s new aftermarket turbocharger catalog provides customers detailed product information and useful tips

• The catalog outlines range of EFR™ and AirWerks® Series products for upgrading engines with improved boosting, reliability and durability

• Highlights the company’s global expertise and long history of advancement in turbocharging solutions

Race Ramps Booth to Feature Bitchin’ Rides 1967 Chevelle by Kindig-it Design (Central #21201)

ESCANABA, MI – Oct. 25, 2018 – Race Ramps is set to feature a 1967 Chevelle by Kindig-it Design in their Central Hall Booth #21201 at the SEMA Show. The Chevelle, named Caldera, is featured on an episode of the current season of Bitchin’ Rides. The SEMA Show display is the first show appearance for the Chevelle since its transformation.

The ’67 Chevelle features the Kindig-it Design crew’s touch from top to bottom, inside and out. It is equipped with a 376 LSX Twin Turbo, new sleek black paint, new wheels, tires and brakes package, new suspension, and an interior design upgrade.

The car will be featured atop Race Ramps’ full lift Restyler Ramps for an elevated view. “The Kindig-it Design crew creates works of art and we’re excited to be one of the exhibitors at the SEMA Show to display one of their new projects,” said Rich Heinz, owner of Race Ramps.

Visit the Race Ramps booth to see the Chevelle along with several new products that will debut at the show.

Cup Holder Hero Attends The 2018 SEMA Show; On a Mission To Change The Way Cars Are Cleaned & Stylized

Cup Holder Hero, a producer of custom fit cup holder and console liners, will be attending the 2018 SEMA show to showcase their current and upcoming product line of interior protectant liners. Supporting over 50 models, Cup Holder Hero liners are the easiest way to maintain the resale value and customize the interior of your vehicle. The liners are one of the top selling automotive interior accessories on with thousands of 5 star customer reviews.

What are Cup Holder Heros: Cup Holder Hero liners are like custom fit floor mats that fit commonly used small storage areas of your car. These liners protect your center console, cup holders, door pockets, cargo pockets, glove box, and more from spills and crumbs. Choose from up to 10 different colors to add a splash of color to your interior.

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