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Melling Performance announces New High Performance/ Low Volume LS Oil Pump – Part Number 10294

Melling Performance announces New High Performance/ Low Volume LS Oil Pump – Part Number 10294

Melling has engineered this oil pump specifically for the performance aftermarket LS engine blocks with “priority main oiling”. This pump is not meant to support engines with variable valve timing and displacement on demand. This pump eliminates the need to modify a stock pump to reduce its output. All the features that make our performance wet sump oil pumps best in class have been utilized in the new 10294 low volume pump. In comparison the 10294 is a low volume version of the Melling 10295 oil pump.

Features and benefits include:

•Reduced flow output (-15%) as compared to stock oil pump
•Exclusive steel rotors providing reduced flow
•Stock pressure spring installed
•Includes optional +10 psi and +25 psi high pressure springs
•Threaded pressure relief nut
•Hard coat anodized aluminum housing
•Phosphate coated cast iron cover
•Uses 7/8” bolt-on screen

Bray Group HQ Announces New Bray Product lines and its media FAQ

Release Date - May 14, 2018

California, USA - May 4, 2018

With the windshield protection industry steadily growing, more and more consumers are flocking towards the product. From dealers to installers to the everyday customer, people want windshield protection for their vehicles. However, very few individuals understand what it is all about. In an effort to reduce confusion and increase an overall understanding of what our windshield protection products have to offer, Bray Group has created two easily accessible media accounts to address the questions we receive the most ─ the Bray FAQ Instagram and Facebook pages.

Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk and Dodge SUV Performance Header and Exhaust Kits - From Kooks Headers

STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA (2018) – Any OEM car could use better breathing exhaust, even the new 707hp, supercharged Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk. Free up horsepower and awaken the powerful sound of your HEMI with Kooks Headers and Exhaust’s new stainless-steel header and exhaust kits for Jeep and Dodge SUV’s.
Tap into more horses from your Mopar! Complete exhaust is now available for late-model, HEMI-powered Dodge and Jeep SUV’s including: 2012-plus Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 6.4 L, 2018-plus Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk 6.2 L and the 2018-plus Durango SRT 6.4 L.

We’ve taken our proven performance exhaust offered for the SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee, and enhanced it to now fit the Jeep TrackHawk and Dodge SRT Durango. This shared platform helps maintain strong durability and lowers manufacturing costs to keep retail costs low.

BrakeQuip dealers have the adaptability to provide hose assemblies for your custom application.

BrakeQuip Authorized Dealers excel at building custom brake, clutch, and power steering hose assemblies. Hoses are manufactured to your specified length and with the right fittings to give you exactly what you need. Now you can have a DOT-compliant brake, clutch, or power steering system that’s perfect for your:

- performance upgrade
- tuning alteration
- restoration project
- suspension lift or lowering
- stylized look

Dealers have a product line that extends to bent tube assemblies as well as hard-to-find unique hardware.

TUFF MUDDER High Amp Alternators for Jeep Wrangler

Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories is pleased to announce the availability of Tuff Mudder HIGH OUTPUT Jeep Wrangler alternators, direct fit for JK Chassis.

Our Tuff Mudder alternators provide up to 50% more amperage than the stock alternator, yet they retain the OE form factor. Add-on winches, high power stereos and auxiliary lights can easily overwhelm the OE alternator. These new Tuff Mudder alternators can handle nearly any load with output up to 210 amps at idle!

The huge copper windings, giant diodes and premium quality ball bearings assure maximum output and extreme dependability. They incorporate a large internal cooling fan that prevents overheating. Tuff Mudder alternators are available in either Army Green or Black Wrinkle finishes, all include a black 6-groove pulley. We are offering these Tuff Mudder alternators in both 175 amp & 250 amp versions.

Direct Fit Applications Include:
• 2007-2011 Jeep Wrangler (JK Chassis) with the 3.8L V6


City of Industry, CA (June 1, 2018) – Anderson Composites has stepped up the game and now offers a carbon fiber OE hood for the 2018 Dodge Demon. This carbon fiber hood is an aftermarket replacement component that was molded from an original Demon hood to ensure proper fit and functionality.
The aggressive, wide front hood scoop is dimensionally the same as the factory hood and allows air to enter the “Air Grabber” air box located in the engine compartment. The hood is made of high quality 3k, 2x2 carbon fiber twill cloth and high-grade marine resin with UV inhibitor and mounts to the factory hinges with the OE hardware. This hood will fit 2008-14 Dodge Challenger with minor windshield washer modifications and also 2015-18 Challenger and Hellcat. The carbon fiber hood weighs less than the factory version and has great show quality looks with its high-luster finish.
• Fits 2018 Dodge Demon
• Also fits 2008-18 Dodge Challenger and Hellcat

0% APR

Nitroheat has announced the launch of a new zero-percent APR program for Q3 of 2018.

According to the company, the demand for Nitromax and Nitroweld systems has allowed it to implement this new deal for customers.

With immediate effect, customers can now have their equipment financed at a 0% APR. All new clients will also receive a Nitro Stat Gun for every Nitromax system purchased during Q3 of 2018. This offer will end on Sept. 30, 2018. The program is structured to benefit the end user to offset the repayments with the financial benefits derived from material savings and improved productivity, according to the company.

Derek Naidoo CEO of Nitroheat states: “We realize the challenges of purchasing capital equipment and its impact on cash flow, therefore, through our leasing partnerships, we are now able to assist our clients by amortizing the cost of the equipment without incurring any interest on capital.”

Mubea Motorsports

Mubea is a global market leader with over $2.5 billion in sales and growing.  What we offer:

We create innovative solutions for future vehicle generations. We specialize in the development and manufacturing of automobile products with unique features that reduce vehicle weights and emissions

Vertical intergration from raw material to finished product.  Mubea also has the target to remain a "lean" company, eliminating waste throughout the entire value-adding chain. This way we will be able to maintain our position among the best.

Our customers can find Mubea in 36 locations worldwide. North America operations in Florence, KY.  

Brands: Suspension Coil Springs , Stabilizer Bars , Engine Valve Springs , Transmission Disc Springs , Conventional Disc Springs ,

Rugged, Reliable On-Board Pressure Sensor

With the growing need for reliable vehicle performance data, the Ashcroft® G2 pressure transducer is now available with electrical and pressure connections specific for the performance racing industry. Deutsch DT and DTM along with the AMP Superseal 1.5 connections provide moisture resistance along with proven latch designs that prevent inadvertent disconnection. New pressure ports include the SAE O-ring connection in various sizes and the SAE UNJF-3A 37° flare cone fitting in 3/8”-24. The rugged G2 transducer offers exceptional stability along with 1% TEB accuracy over a broad temperature range.

Turbo Billet Compressor Wheel

KTS Turbobillet X (KTS) is a specialty manufacturer of high performance Machined-From-Solid (MFS) Compressor wheel, also known as Billet Impeller.

We take pride in our work. Our value proposition is eXcitement - all that we do revolves around offering you technology, performance, selection, delivery and lowest risk. KTS billets are proven around the world and insisted by a discerning customer base consisting over 600 turbo specialists, turbo manufacturers, tuners and race teams.

What they, and we, have in common is a dedication to building a high performance turbo on which eXcitement will be celebrated.

With close to 3000p/n, our aspiration today is to produce them on time and ahead of time, with the same consistent quality befitting the eXcitement proposal. KTS subscribes to Industry 4.0 and is investing significantly in technologies, robotics and processes to delight our customers.

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