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SURLY Soap is literally cleaning up

SURLY Soap is not only providing the world with new ways of cleaning up but there are also literally cleaning up in the awards department. Just getting back from the 2018 NHS,"National Hardware Show" SURLY was nominated and took home awards for Reatailers chioce "Best New Product", and DIY network "Packaging and Merchandising". Way to go SURLY Soap. Be on the lookout for SURLY Soap at SEMA in the New products showcase as well.

SURLY Soap liquid magic

Apparently, people like liquid soap!! If SURLY bars don't tickle your fancy, then maybe there liquid will? Designed for the person who likes to get dirty and leave work behind. Special formula to cut grease, and grime. Not only does it provide cutting agents that work with our cosmic abrasives but will also come with their traditional SURLY scrubber to get in those hard to reach places. Be on the lookout for SURLY's HEAVY-DUTY HAND CLEANER. Hand Soap with Attitude.

SURLY Soap introduces liquid to its lineup!!

The maker of SURLY Soap will be introducing its liquid based cleaner at SEMA. Because our bars provide a twist to how the traditional soap bar works, it only makes sense to make our liquid the same way. Be on the look out for SURLY liquid magic. Swing by our booth to experience how SURLY you are! Our liquid works, .....But don't think we are getting soft.

Delta Kits Inc. Cuts the Cord with the Elite Plus UV-LED Curing Lamp

EUGENE, OR – September 27, 2018 - Delta Kits, Inc., the leader in windshield repair and headlight restoration equipment and supplies for over 32 years, is pleased to announce the launch of the Elite Plus, a cordless UV-LED curing light for windshield repair technicians. Like the original Elite, the advanced UV-LED technology of the Elite Plus guarantees a large 2.5 inch by 5.5 inch area with its 7 inline – 8W high-power Light Emitting Diodes (LED). The Elite Plus produces uniform, high-intensity light at a 365 nm wavelength that is optimal for curing windshield repair resin. The irradiance is an astounding 40,000 µW=cm², which far exceeds industry standards for corded and cordless UV lights.

The Perfect Solution for Mobile Windshield Repair Technicians

Transform Plastic Parts into Carbon Fiber with Water Transfer Printing

Are you tired of looking at the same plain old material that lacks design? Good news, we have got you covered! Customize engine covers, motorcycle parts, wheels, interior trim and more with the ultimate surface decorating process for the automotive industry!
TWN Industries is the leading pioneer in Water Transfer Printing technology with over 25 years of experience. Our proven process of water transfer printing will allow you to create a realistic carbon fiber weave onto any 3-dimensional object with ease!
This year we will be at SEMA and want to see you there! Our booth number is #12365. Visit our Booth to get a behind the scenes look at the water transfer printing process. Water transfer print any part whether it is a metal, wood, aluminum, steel, plastic and/or glass. Our customization opportunities are endless with over 400 + patterns to choose from. Visit to discover all of our latest designs. We look forward to seeing you at SEMA 2018!

Voted #1: ALLDATA Wins Industry Innovation Awards for its New Diagnostic Scan Tool and Collision Repair Software

ELK GROVE, Calif. – Sept. 24, 2018 – PTEN (Professional Tool & Equipment News) magazine recently announced that ALLDATA, an AutoZone company, had won two 2018 PTEN Innovation Awards; one for ALLDATA Diagnostics in the Scan Tools category, and one for ALLDATA Collision Advantage in the Computers and Software category.

According to the announcement, the PTEN Innovation Awards recognize the most innovative products introduced in the last year. Evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of technicians and shop owners, the winners are selected for their ability to make vehicle diagnosis and repair easier and more efficient, and to make shops more productive. The publication received a total of 142 product nominations. The top products in 27 categories were recognized.


Shark A7 is a innovative arm designed to speed up and simplify spot welding operations; in the most difficult to access area. Thanks to the patented "large opening" design the end section of the Shark A7 Arm opens 90 degrees by a quick release button. Shark A7 allows access to welding operations impossible to reach with traditional systems.

The Shark A7 is offered Exclusively by Telwin USA and Equip Automotive Systems. Please Visit our Booth 16707 for a full demostration on how this innovative Shark A7 Arm can save you more than time when making safe repairs.

-SURLY Soap- Throws a Curveball in the soap industry

Finally someone is changing how we clean up. Instead of using old pumice based soaps, SURLY is introducing its new scrub technology. A soap formula and mechanical scrubber that does the cleaning for you. Available in 3 different densities, AGGRESSIVE, MEDIUM, and MILD. Choose the right soap for the job!
See what it means to be SURLY @

There finally here!!! SURLY Soap MINIs

After much anticipation and many request SURLY is introducing the MINIs. The baby brother to our full size bars. Designed with the same scrubber for on-the-go or just someone with very tiny hands. Each MINI comes in its own resealable bag for multiple uses. Finally a small bar with a big punch. Remember to get your'Soap with Attitude!"

SURLY Soap "Soap with Attitude!" New Product 2018

SURLY Soap is the most innovative hand soap for removing paint, dirt, and grime. Designed with a built-in finger rail, this powerful hand soap combines a cleansing soap with a powerful infused scrub pad for a refreshing cleanse. This infused soap works from within to penetrate stubborn compounds and reveals itself the more you use it.

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