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Mayhew™ to Host Steve Darnell of WelderUp and “Vegas Rat Rods” at Upcoming SEMA Show

Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. (Mayhew Tools) is excited to share that Steve Darnell, the Discovery Channel’s “Vegas Rat Rods” personality and owner of the renowned WelderUp shop, will be a guest in the Mayhew Tools booth at the upcoming Specialty Automotive Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show, happening November 5-8, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Darnell will be in the Mayhew Tools booth, #10151, from 2-3pm on Tuesday, November 5th.

The Mayhew team invites all media and attendees to stop by their booth #10151 to catch Steve Darnell in action, get an autograph, and to experience the latest products Mayhew Tools has introduced to the market. Newly released tools include the 9 Piece Pneumatic Replaceable Hammer Tip Set, the 6 Piece Non-Turning Pneumatic Tool Set, and an expansion to its popular Dominator® Pry Bar product line.

Pro Spot’s First i4Ever Spot Welder Trade-Up Promotion In Time for SEMA

Carlsbad, CA- This new promotion is the first of its kind in the Collision Repair Industry. Pro Spot is offering their loyal customers who currently have the ever popular i4 Spot Welder, a Trade-In credit to use toward the purchase of a brand new i4s Smart Spot Welder, the most advanced and productive spot welder in the collision industry.
The i4s is a completely new Smart Spot Welder launched in late 2018. Its new adaptive smart technology meets the new OEM repair standards of today and tomorrow, while new features make it easier to use and more productive than ever. The promotion offers a trade-in credit up $5,000 (condition dependent) for the customer’s current i4 when used to purchase the i4s.
An authorized distributor will visit the customer’s shop, evaluate their i4 spot welder arrange the Trade-Up credit on the spot. The distributor handles all of the details and can arrange the delivery of the brand new i4s unit in no time.

NEW Exhibitor John’s 360° Coatings: The Superior Ceramic Coating and Line of Detailing Products

Originally formulated as a ceramic coating for aircraft, you can be assured that with The Avenger two-part activated ceramic coating from John’s 360° Coatings®, your car has the ultimate protection. The Avenger is the toughest and longest-lasting ceramic coating on the market. It’s formulated using nanotechnology to produce a molecular bond that lasts 2-3x longer and is 2x stronger than the competition. The result — a surface that is hydrophobic, oleophobic, UV-protected and heat-resistant.

John’s 360° Coatings protect and preserve automotive, marine and aircraft vehicles with premium detailing products and the strongest, longest-lasting ceramic coating on the market. Learn more at

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NEWPORT BEACH, CA (October 14, 2019) – VeriFacts Automotive, which provides the highest level of collision repair process consulting services across North America, will introduce an expanded offering of coaching, evaluation, verification and OEM certification services at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Today, VeriFacts Automotive provides skilled coaching and verification services for thousands of collision repair facilities across North America. These services help shops adopt advanced technologies, deliver higher quality repairs, showcase their quality with a third-party review process, and ultimately provide higher customer satisfaction. Every year, VeriFacts Automotive provides coaching, verification or OEM certification impacting thousands of collision repair technicians and several million vehicle repairs.

GYSFLASHs, battery chargers/BSUs

The latest addition to the GYS charger/BSU range, the GYSFLASH 50.12 & 121.12 CNT (for connected), have all the connectivity and scalability to meet current and future automotive requirements. The charging of lithium & lead batteries, the recording of each charge and the customisation of the charging curves are key elements. Complemented by additional modules, they offer automotive professionals configurable devices that offer a new level of functionality not seen before.

120 Amps dedicated to diagnostics and vehicles displayed in the showroom

On-board electronics is a crucial issue in automotive design. The multiple integrated devices make it possible to optimise consumption, limit CO2 emissions and improve performance in terms of safety (airbags, driving assistance system, etc.)

GYSPRESS 8T PUSH-PULL, the riveting machine dedicated to modern car bodywork

Following on from the GYSPRESS 8T, GYS is introducing a new version on the market called GYSPRESS 8T PUSH-PULL. This hydropneumatic riveting machine takes up the specificities of its predecessor by integrating a system that facilitates the extraction of the punch after drilling the sheet metal. An essential device to meet the requirements of car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz or Tesla.

An essential tool for assembling new materials

DENTSTATION PREMIUM, the most ergonomic dent pulling workstations

Essential in a carbody workshop, the DENTSTATION PREMIUM workstations designed by GYS represent complehensive solutions. Suitable for all dent pulling operations, they are equipped with the new PREMIUM dent pulling bars for even faster and more efficient straightening.

Reduction of labour costs

AUTOPULSE 220-M3, 3 torch pulse-Mig/Mag system

A unique conception, the AUTOPULSE 220-M3 is part of the new GYS’s pulsed MIG/MAG welding generation Above all designed to provide great flexibility, it has 3 integrated wires feeders to allow the instant use of 3 torches. It can be used for specific materials such as steel, aluminium or brazing. Its fully digital advanced design is in answer to the latest requirements of car manufacturers.

Ergonomic manufacture

3 integrated torch and drive systems enable time saving for the technician. It reduce handling and will switch torche immediately. By simply pressing the trigger the torch is immediately detected by the generator. Its drive system can hold ø200mm diameter wire reel of wire from 0.6 to 1.0mm for the AUTOPULSE 220-M3 (and 1.2mm for aluminium). 3 torches can be stored neatly in the overhead carrier. The Autopulse can also hold 2 gas bottles of 4m3.

GYSPOT EXPERT 200, the high-end dent pulling system

Essential in Car Body workshops, GYS dent pulling systems are known for their performance and efficiency. The GYSPOT EXPERT 200 offers body repairers to offer even more features and a power boost to 5100 A. Two operating modes are available to increase accuracy and optimize welding on thin sheet metal. The new Expert 200 generator manufactured in France imeets the needs of the most demanding car bodywork professionals.

A powerful and precise dent puller

GYSPOT INVERTER BP.LG, the most ergonomic spot welder

GYS spot welding machines, which have been acclaimed by global automotive manufacturers, have become references in the field of collision repair. The GYSPOT INVERTER BP.LG, newly integrated into the French group’s catalogue, pursues this ambition to provide its users with the very best. GYS does not hide its pride in having succeeded in designing a unique C-shaped clamp on the market. Identified by the letter «G» for «Genius», it has a «light» weight and incomparable ergonomics, giving it easy access to the narrowest areas. The improvement made on each detail has also made it possible to double its productivity. The GYSPOT INVERTER BP.LG has all the advantages to assemble the sheets of the different grades of automotive steel and thus become a must.

The clamp at the heart of innovation

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