Collision Repair & Refinish

Collision Glue Pull Repair Tools

Keco is proud to announce new, collision repair focused glue pull repair (GPR) kits. We've listened to our customers and built new kits that include more of the tools that you want, new items that we've released in the past year, as well as a cart and organizer to keep all of your tabs and tools organized in your shop. Our tool kits work on steel or aluminum and eliminate the need for invasive stud welders. There's no need to grind off paint to make pulls because the adhesives and tabs are designed to work on the clear coat. This means that repairs are completed with more OEM coatings on both the front AND back of the panel.

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How TuxMat is Trendsetting with Their Ultimate Car Mat

TuxMat’s Advanced Utility and Elevated Luxury Redefines the Necessary Vehicle Accessory

The Toronto based company, TuxMat Inc., manufactures their custom car mats, and are always adding products for the latest vehicle models to their product list. Standard universal fit mats allow everyday elements to destroy your car floor, and their constant shifting about can be a potential driving hazard. TuxMat has the technology to take a thorough laser scan of your vehicle floor in order to make mats that fit your car like a second skin. Additionally, TuxMat uses a unique design component that matches your TuxMat to the interior panel texture of your vehicle for a consistent look, and sleek finish.

Manatec launches - JUMBO 3D SUPER 6A World's 1st 3D wheel aligner for Heavy duty Multi-Axle vehicles (Buses, Trucks and Trailers)

Jumbo 3D Super is an innovative product, using 3D technology for Wheel Alignment of Heavy duty Multi-Axle vehicles (Buses, Trucks and Trailers) capable of measuring wheel alignment angles up to 6 axles simultaneously.

The product uses 3D Digital Image Processing technology. Four High resolution Digital Imaging cameras, two on each side, is used for seamless data acquisition of ten image plates fitted on to the wheels, simultaneously.

First time ever in Wheel Alignment such simultaneous data acquisition and processing for SIX Axles and covering a Wheel base length of 16.0 Meters is done.

Present Wheel Alignment methods for Multi Axles:

• Wheel Alignment of Multi Axle Vehicles are done one by one, sequentially, for each axle.
• This requires the sensor heads or image plates to be removed and re fixed along with the wheel Brackets one by one for the number of axles.


CHICAGO, IL - With the growing amount of electronic demands put on vehicles (even when parked), keeping the battery fully charged and operational is imperative. The demand on chargers capable of providing powerful battery support when diagnostic and flash programming work is being conducted is ever increasing.

Recent research from CTEK, a leading global brand in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries, has identified that 1 in 3 vehicles has a battery that requires attention*. This alarming figure, that places millions of vehicles at risk of battery failure during a standard vehicle service, is something that can severely affect workshop efficiency, reputation and profit. Celebrates 20 Years of Race and Performance Classifieds With New Features, New Partners Celebrates 20 Years of Race and Performance Classifieds With New Features, New Partners

(North Adams, MA -- July 31, 2019) Founded in 1999, celebrates 20 years as the #1 online race and performance classifieds by continuing to give racers and auto enthusiasts what they want -- dream cars, parts and real people on the end of the line (even when it’s a T1 line). With 2 million+ visitors a month, RacingJunk is an active part of the grassroots race and performance community.

BOSS Audio Systems Features New Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Car Multimedia Head Unit at 2019 SEMA Show

OXNARD, Calif., Aug. 1, 2019 - BOSS Audio Systems (, a leader and innovator in 12 Volt aftermarket audio and video products, is proud to announce that it will feature the new BVCP9685A double-DIN head unit with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto during the 2019 SEMA Show, held in Las Vegas, Nev. from Nov. 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth N11769.

Now available online and at nationwide retailers, the BVCP9865A comes with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a sharp, responsive 6.75 capacitive touchscreen. This MECH-LESS multimedia player lets drivers enjoy on-screen navigation, phone calls, messages, and a wide range of music and phone apps. BOSS Audio will also feature numerous other new products for cars, truck, powersports, motorcycles, and marine applications during the 2019 SEMA Show.

Shifting Gears – Fuji Spray® in the Automotive Industry

TORONTO, ON, August 2, 2019— After years of meticulous dedication, Fuji Spray is proud to introduce their compressor spray guns to the automotive industry, starting with the U.S- based SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, located at 3150 Paradise Road from November 5th to 8th.

"We will be introducing an exciting innovation that targets the changing needs of our industry," said Mark Rosin, President of Fuji Spray. "Our intention is to meet the needs of both professionals and entrepreneurs by providing tailored solutions to help them achieve the same finish as competitors at a fraction of the cost. We're very excited about showcasing our spray guns at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada."

In addition, Fuji Spray’s Operations and Sales Manager, Jim Larin, will be on-site to discuss the specifications of the spray guns and how they are designed to deliver the best atomization and speed.

A Tool to assist with lifting wheels and tires

TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart is a tool that assists with the lifting of wheels and tires while removing them from the vehicle during a service. The cart carries the weight of the wheel/tire assembly. The technician therefore does not need to use their back, avoiding an injury.

Off road shops benefit greatly while using the cart due to the larger size of the tires that most jeeps and trucks use. Servicing brakes, building axles, suspension cycles, tire rotations, and countless other services are easily done while utilizing the carts capabilities. Even lining up European wheels that use lug bolts is a breeze while using the TRAC tire rotation assistance cart.


DJ Products, Inc. will be giving away a free CarCaddy Car Pusher ($4,000 value) at this year’s SEMA show!

How to enter: at the SEMA show, simply stop by booth 51101 and drop off your business card to be entered into the raffle! Note: The SEMA show is a trade-only event and is not open to the general public. To qualify to win, you must be at least 16 years-old.

CarCaddy Car Pusher and Puller units from DJ Products, Inc. take the hassle out of moving cars and trucks in crowded lots or tightly-confined work spaces. Forget manually pushing heavy vehicles! Electric and battery-powered CarCaddy Car Pusher and Pullers ensure a single person can safely move a vehicle from point A to point B more efficiently.
The CarCaddy is an ideal solution for car dealerships, auto mechanic shops, assembly lines, manufacturing plants, or any business in which transporting vehicles is required on a regular basis.

• The CarCaddy Car Pusher pushes vehicles up to 20k lbs. (10k lbs. on a 3% grade)

The Original Hoffman MiniLift

The Original Hoffman MiniLift, proudly offered to the North American market by Hoffman Services Inc.
Since 2011, the Original Hoffman MiniLift has been demonstrating its single-column, fully electric mobile lifting capabilities; capable of lifting a 5,000 lb vehicle.
The Hoffman Mini-Lift is European designed, engineered and manufactured by IME Autolift.
Complete with 120 volt electric, there is no need to run any additional electric, the Original Hoffman MiniLift ships, fully-assembled to each end user from Newark, NJ.
Over the last five years, the Original Hoffman MiniLift has become a popular addition within the facilities of both major automotive industry leaders as well as mechanical repair shops, bodywork companies, collectors and the like.
This versatile lift can be used in shops or home garages of any size, reducing strain on vehicles and providing ergonomic design benefits.

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