What is the weapon policy at the SEMA Show?

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Fireworks, firearms, explosives, and weapons of all kinds are prohibited in all premises of the AAPEX and the SEMA Shows. This prohibition applies to interior and exterior Show facilities, including parking areas and also prohibits weapons in or on any vehicles or displays. Violations of this policy can result in the violator being banned from the Shows and Show facilities.

I am Exhibiting Media. How will I receive my badge?

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Exhibiting media (EXM) personnel badges will not be mailed. All exhibiting media badges must be picked up in the Media Center in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Room S229. A photo ID will be required to obtain your badge.

Exhibiting media's complimentary badge allotment is based on the company's booth size. Exhibiting media badges have access to the SEMA Show floor during Show hours and two hours early on Show days, as well as during exhibitor move-in and move-out hours.

Media badges are also available at no charge, but media badge applicants may be required to submit qualifying materials. For information on how to qualify for a media badge, please call 909-978-6722 or email

Are Segways, skateboards, skates, or scooters (either motorized or foot-powered) allowed at the SEMA Show?

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The use of the above items are NOT allowed on the Las Vegas Convention Center property. This includes all non-ADA-approved mobility devices.

Are Hoverboards allowed at the SEMA Show?

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The use of hoverboards is prohibited at the SEMA Show. Hoverboards will be confiscated until show end (after the SEMA Cruise).

Are Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles allowed at the SEMA Show?

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Drones/UAVs of any kind are NOT allowed at the SEMA Show or at the Las Vegas Convention Center due to the proximity to McCarran International Airport. Drones/UAVs will be confiscated until show end (after the SEMA Cruise).

Are there exhibits at the Westgate Hotel?

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Yes. Your badge allows you entrance into the Westgate exhibits as well.

What is appropriate attire when attending the SEMA Show?

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The SEMA Show is a business-to-business trade show. Attendees, exhibitors, and media must wear appropriate apparel at all times. Business or business casual attire is suggested. Logos and sayings on apparel must be in good taste. Show management reserves the right to make determinations on appropriate apparel.

How can I obtain information on the new products at the SEMA Show?

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A number of options are available for obtaining new product information. One of the easiest ways is to visit the New Products Showcase at the SEMA Show. At the New Products Showcase, buyers and media have the opportunity to check out a scanner to select the products they are interested in learning more about. You will be able to receive a printout and an e-mail that includes detailed information about the products you selected, as well as links to high-res photos of your scanned products that can be downloaded quickly and easily.

Media can also access press releases from exhibitors at The site is updated regularly and includes show-related news from exhibiting companies.

May I bring my child to the show?

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No one under the age of 16, including infants, is allowed access to the exhibits -- no exceptions. Show management does not provide childcare services on-site. The use of a school-issued ID is not acceptable unless it provides a date of birth.

When is Media Day?

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There is not a designated Media Day at the SEMA Show; media activities take place throughout the course of the event. There is an official press conference schedule, at which time select exhibitors will be making newsworthy announcements. The press conference schedule will be available in mid-September online at and onsite in the Media Center.

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