SEMA Show 2012 Mobile Electronics Seminars


Modern Style and Technology for Every Car

If you’ve ever seen top caliber, award winning show vehicles you can’t miss a few key things that differentiate them from DIY builds. First, the interiors are styled to provide a palette for updated materials and flowing lines that seem as if the concept vehicle designers envisioned that interior. Second, the electronic technology in engine management, creature comforts and audio entertainment are all highly functional and integrated to deliver new vehicle expectations with the style and panache of a classic hot rod, muscle car or customized one-off ride. The modern flair is tastefully combined with a classic vehicle. The difference in building these vehicles is that the budgets and clientele are much more rewarding, but the expectations are also much higher. It’s all about offering something only you can deliver instead of ‘off the shelf’ solutions. If you’ve ever been wrestling with how to break into this higher caliber vehicle customizing bracket, you don’t want to miss any of the Mobile Electronics Track Education Sessions taking place on Tuesday October 30 and Wednesday October 31.

Here’s a look at a couple of ‘can’t miss’ sessions:

Interior and Trim Panel Fabrication Techniques
Presented by: Bryan Schmitt, President at Mobile Solutions
Tuesday October 30, 3:00pm-4:00pm (Room N257, Upstairs in North Hall)

Bryan Schmitt is a world-renowned fabricator of visionary interiors using his company’s cutting-edge fabrication techniques. In this live demonstration training session, you’ll see how Bryan uses duplication techniques and innovative design tools to provide the basis for fast and detailed interior panel fabrication that returns highly profitable results. Bryan will show you how to integrate multiple materials including leather, vinyl, carpet, aluminum, wood grain, textured plastics and LED lighting. Impress your car build customers with a level of interior fit and finish unobtainable by sending everything out or simply recovering with ‘interior kits.’ By keeping some of these interior fabrication and upholstery processes in house, you’ll increase profits and expand design capabilities to integrate interior shapes and materials with the overall themes of the car. At other events this training session is standing room only so get to Room N257 early to get a seat!

Modernize Electronics in Hotrods, Classics and Muscle Cars
Presented by: Tony Candela, CE Auto Electric Supply & Author of Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems and Automotive Electrical Performance Projects
Tuesday October 30, 9:30am-10:30am (Room N257, Upstairs in North Hall)

Tony Candela is a car guy who knows the challenges of modernizing the electronics in classics, hot rods and muscle cars. Tony is such an expert on the topic, he’s written books about it. One of the things you’ll enjoy about attending this seminar is Tony’s easy to follow style and practicality of conveying the step-by-step processes involved with modernizing the electrical system in older vehicles. Tony discusses many of the common upgrades that should be done to support the modern electronics many customers desire and provides a sensible, yet highly reliable value proposition that allows you to provide these upgrades to your car build clientele. Stop outsourcing auto electrical upgrades and troubleshooting. Sell and install power windows, door locks, audio system upgrades, HID headlamps, high energy ignition systems and many other electrically driven conveniences with the confidence that keeps your customers coming back. Fix things right the first time. Keep electrical systems healthy and dependable. It’ll be one of the most important areas of your business in the coming years and attending Tony’s seminar ensures you’ll be ready! 

Adding Luxury Features to Upgrade Vehicle Enjoyment
Presented by: Jeff Varick, Brandmotion; Pete Kallgren, Rostra
Wednesday October 31, 3:00pm-4:00pm (Room N257, Upstairs in North Hall)

Jeff and Pete provide an insight into many of the new car features like back-up cameras, cruise control, seat heaters, parking assist systems and more. While these may traditionally be considered only candidates for newer cars, why not attend this session to uncover hidden opportunities for restoration and customization of hot rods, muscle cars and classics? Parking assist systems and back up cameras can help avoid another curb rash on the wheels when parking. Heated seats really provide more comfort on those chilly morning or evening car cruises. The clientele who customizes their classic vehicle is already used to these features in their daily driver vehicles, so learning about how you can offer those same luxury features to classic and customized cars is an excellent profit opportunity to add to your business. Don’t miss this dynamic and informative session!

Don’t forget to come meet Andy Wehmeyer of Harman Consumer Group in person at the SEMA Show for exciting audio demonstrations in his session entitled Car Audio Mythbusters, which will take place Tuesday October 30 at 9:30am in room N257. There will be live audio demonstrations in this session that show the differences between various levels of compressed digital audio. Can you hear the difference?

Check out all the Mobile Electronics Track sessions:


Tuesday October 30 (Room N257, Upstairs in North Hall)

Car Audio Mythbusters; presented by Andy Wehmeyer

Adding Integrated Electronics to Today’s Dashboard; presented by Derek Schmiedl

Interior and Trim Panel Fabrication Techniques; presented by Bryan Schmitt


Wednesday October 31 (Room N257, Upstairs in North Hall)

Modernize Electronics in Hotrods, Classics and Muscle Cars; presented by Tony Candela

Adding Luxury Features to Upgrade Vehicle Enjoyment; presented by Jeff Varick and Pete Kallgren