SEMA Members represent the front line of today's influential enthusiast car culture. When it comes to knowing what trends to follow and which cars will ignite our passion, who better to ask than the thousands of manufacturing members who bet their businesses on recognizing the hottest new trucks, 4x4/SUVs, sedans, coupes, and hatches.


Award Categories

Hottest Truck

Recognizes the “pick up” truck segment, represented by vehicles with an open cargo bed.

Hottest 4x4/SUV

Recognizes four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive utility vehicles, compact through full size, without an open cargo bed.

Hottest Sedan

An all-new award, recognizes four and five door vehicles, excluding trucks and 4x4/SUVs.

Hottest Coupe

An all-new award recognizing two-door fixed-roof and convertible vehicles.

Hottest Hatch

An all-new award recognizing sport compact hatchbacks.


New 2016 and 2017 cars, trucks, 4x4/SUVs and small vehicles.

  • Trophies will be awarded in five categories.

  • OEM exhibitors may participate.

  • The SEMA Award taps into our exhibitor community's unique ability to identify the hottest new vehicles and trends that shape the current and future customized car landscape.

  • Launched in 2010, the SEMA Award has become the SEMA Show's definitive OEM award – shining a light on the hottest vehicles that showcase and launch new aftermarket parts.

  • New for 2016, and to better represent the current car, truck and 4x4/SUV segments, the Hottest Sedan and Coupe Awards will replace the Hottest Car Award. The Hottest Hatch Award will Replace the Hottest Sport Compact Award. The Hottest Truck and 4x4/SUV Awards will remain unchanged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which vehicles are eligible to win the SEMA Award?

The SEMA Award is open to all participating OEMs at the SEMA Show. Eligible vehicles must be current or next model year to be considered. This award is for new vehicles only. Understanding that certain vehicles capture our hearts more than others, a panel of aftermarket industry experts narrows the wide selection of vehicles down to a defined group of popularly accessorized “SEMA Award Nominees.” From this list, the aftermarket community will select the “Hottest” in each of five key categories:

  • Coupe
  • Sedan
  • Hatch
  • 4x4/SUV
  • Truck

How do I cast my vote for the Hottest vehicles?

Each exhibiting manufacturer at the SEMA Show has one vote in each of the five categories. Vote wisely! Vote for the vehicles that represent the greatest opportunity for your business. Vote for the vehicles that best showcase your product potential. Vote for the vehicles that most excite your customers. You will receive an email with an embedded invitation. Only SEMA exhibiting manufacturers may vote. Follow the link, confirm your contact information is correct and simply select your winners in each category. It’s that simple. Voting opens August and concludes October 1st.

When do I find out who won?

In early October, SEMA will announce the top three finalist in each of the five SEMA Award categories. The actual winners will be announced at the Awards Breakfast on the morning of the opening day of the SEMA Show.


Hottest Car
Ford Mustang

Hottest Truck
Ford F-Series

Hottest 4x4/SUV
Jeep Wrangler

Hottest Sport Compact
Ford Focus


Della Domingo
SEMA Public Relations Dept

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