The Detail Guardz Dirt Lock Pad Washer System | Perfectly Cleaned Polishing Pads In Seconds!


The Detail Guardz have released a brand new pad washer attachment! This patented design will rapidly and gently clean your polishing pads within seconds and does not require any external machine or power to operate. Simply place the dirt lock pad washer into your wash bucket, fill with water and attach dirty polishing pads on the hook and loop handle. Plunge the dirty pads onto the pad cleaner attachment and they will be cleaned gently and thoroughly in the blink of an eye! This easy to use, affordable and professional pad washing system is going to be your new best friend! It is 100% designed and manufactured in our own facilities in Canada, see below for the full video demonstration. Stop by our booth #50623 - Performance Pavilion for more information.

Full video demonstration - >