Griot's Garage Foaming Metal Detailer


Griot’s Garage Foaming Metal Detailer is a fast-acting, foam-and-wipe detailer that removes surface blemishes while enhancing the shine of metal parts. Foaming Metal Detailer makes quick work of fingerprints, water spots, grease, and more while leaving behind a protective film that resists re-soiling. Griot’s Garage formulated Foaming Metal Detailer to cling to the surface, preventing drips and ensuring neat, even application. Use Foaming Metal Detailer on bare, painted, or powder coated metal or stainless steel. It will save a ton of time between cumbersome metal polishing sessions by maintaining the luster you’ve worked so hard to attain. Beyond your vehicle, Foaming Metal Detailer can be used on toolboxes, metal workbenches, stainless steel kitchen appliances, BBQ grills, and stove tops. Check out to find out more about this Foaming Metal Detailer and where to buy it, or call Griot’s Garage at (800) 345-5789.