Air Design Releases Full Body Kit for Toyota Hilux, Global Ranger, and Nissan NP300


Air Design USA introduces its off-road series body kit for the 2019 Toyota Hilux, 2019 Global Ranger, and 2019 Nissan NP300, complete with Front Bumper Guard, DRL Roof Pods, Fender Flares, Rocker Panels, Door Moldings, Hood Scoop, Rear Tailgate Spoiler and Appliqué. Each piece is precision-engineered as part of a sophisticated digital workflow that includes 3D CAD modeling and full-scale CAM and CNC prototyping for a custom-crafted fit. Furthermore, it is backed by Air Design USA’s longstanding history of continued innovation, superior design, and easy installation.

“As an American-based designer, it’s very exciting to work with such renowned international vehicles that I normally wouldn’t have access to,” says Billy Longfellow, VP of Design and Engineering at Air Design USA. “The Global Ranger, Nissan NP300, and especially the Toyota Hilux are such highly-coveted vehicles, both for their off-road performance and styling. Having the opportunity to offer international customers the same design flare that they would see on USA trucks is very rewarding.”

Each model has received tailored upgrades for 2019, improving upon the mid-size pickups’ established reliability, rugged styling, and off-road capability. The 2019 Nissan NP300 saw an extensive overhaul, gaining a revised chassis, new six-speed manual gearbox, higher torque engine, and improved brakes, as well as an updated, more car-like interior with better safety and infotainment technologies. The 2019 Global Ranger now has a new suite of EcoBlue engines, a new 10-speed automatic gearbox, and a host of available high-end, high-tech features like autonomous emergency braking (AEB), active noise-cancelling, on-board WiFi, keyless entry, and automatic parking. The 2019 Toyota Hilux saw only minor updates, but among these was a front-end facelift, more welcoming interior with modern technology, and a considerable safety system upgrade that sees standard inclusion of AEB and related driver assistance features across the entire Hilux range.

“Customers are sure to be impressed with the way our new off-road series full body kits complement both the updated styling cues of these models and the existing brand cachet that they already carry,” says Longfellow. “Furthermore, our global partners will want these kits in their shops, as a way to offer enthusiasts a unique alternative to OE designs.”

Air Design currently exports to more than 30 countries worldwide. Both businesses & retailers can purchase these truck accessories from their distributors or online from ADMX. The company’s USA division distributes its product line exclusively through Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. To learn more about Air Design products, visit the company website at and make sure to follow on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.